About us

KATASIS is an international full-cycle IT company with more than 5 offices in 3 countries of the world. Due to the affiliation with the holding KOLORO we are comprehensively engaged in the creation of new software, and its promotion in the market. The multi-vector approach allows us to see more opportunities for the victory of our customers. It also provides an opportunity to save money and time looking for marketing or design companies. The staff of our specialists will conduct your project from concept to thousands of profits and popularity.


Our goal — is to innovate. We create and develop software products that will bring benefits — not only for business, but also on a global scale.

Client’s success — is a personal victory for us.

Conquer new galaxies with KATASIS!


Management Company. Team management and investment expert.

The founding company responsible for the complex creation and brands promotion.

Is engaged in the development of websites, mobile applications, and games, as well as their full design and promotion.

2D and 3D animation studio that creates videos of any subject and level of complexity.

Engaged in 3D visualization, modeling, and industrial design.

Whole game creation game art outsourcing.


KATASIS — a full-cycle company providing services from the creation of a software product idea to its final promotion in social networks. The team consists of:

Studio KATASIS adheres to the principle of rational use of resources. We always find ways to save the customer money and provide the best solution without sacrificing product quality.

our skills

KATASIS is ready to take on a task of any complexity. More than 30 specialists included in the staff will cope with tasks of a different plan.

The skill level of the team is distributed as follows:

25% employees — is Junior specialists.

50% employees — is Middle specialists.

35% employees — is Senior specialists.

This distribution of resources allows you to work effectively and achieve better results!

Our history

2010 — Our first and managing company KOLORO.ua was created, specializing in the creation and promotion of brands.

2014 — projects created by us bring profit to our client. Then we decided to create brands for ourselves — the first company was klona.ua — industrial design and software for the internet of things. This project is a leader in the CIS market due to memorability and successful positioning. We are very proud of this project.

2015 — part of the 3D animation team is separated into a separate project due to the high workload kinesko.com — this is our third brand.

2015 — the start of our journey and the creation of the KATASIS IT brand. We started with recruiting — we assembled a team of programmers and after six months we rented a new office.

2016 — year of systematization and formation in the market. The team has grown to 20 people in the office, and the KATASIS brand has been nominated in the IT Discovery of the Year category.

2017 — new items in the portfolio. More than 10 applications of our development are available for download on Google Play and the App Store, we have created our own CRM and more than 50 adaptive websites for our customers.

2018 — a year of optimizing workflows and expanding the team almost doubled. At the time of 2018, the company has more than 120 successfully implemented IT projects and plans for the further development of the brand!

2019 — a large number of character development projects are pushing us to create a new direction kREONIT.com specializes in the creation of games and outsourcing for games.

Today we continue to develop and take on new projects with great interest. Check out our portfolio, to see it!


analytics and automation

It is a detailed study of the market and the target audience of the future product that allows us to create popular programs and applications. Work-based on deep analytics is our trump card!

Integrity policy

Prices for services are the same for all clients and are in the public domain. We do not overestimate the cost of work and do not charge a commission for brand awareness.


Extensive experience in creating a startup from scratch to a profitable business.


Employees are selected to the team solely on the basis of their skills and abilities. We are responsible for the quality of work and are constantly improving!

We offer a solution for your businessе that will help introduce new products to the market or breathe new life into old ones, as well as open up new markets. Together with us, a cosmos of new opportunities will open before you!

Start an exciting journey