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Why order an iOS application?

iOS is an operating system for smartphones, tablets, players, which was developed in 2007 by Apple. Its special UI feature is direct manipulation using Multi-Touch gestures. The iOS mobile app development has influenced the design of other operating systems, which soon switched to the Multi-Touch system in their applications.

The platform has several advantages: an ergonomic interface, a convenient file system, enhanced security, functionality for people with disabilities, constant optimization, and user support. The benefits also include a wide choice of applications — their number has already exceeded 2 billion.

ios application development cost

Why create iOS apps?

iOS is one of the most popular platforms in the world. Only in the third quarter of 2016, Apple sold over 40.4 million devices with revenues of 42.4 billion dollars.

Apple has reached a record number of 1 billion smartphones sold. This means that every eighth person on the planet could have an Apple smartphone. This is a huge target audience that may be interested in your application.

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ios application development

According to statistics:

  • 53% use applications that have downloaded;
  • 52% visit websites using mobile phones;
  • 38% use smartphones for social networks.

iOS application development cost depends on:

  • its type and functions;
  • the order’s urgency;
  • the terms of the post-release support.

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iOS mobile application development: distribution areas

You need to create a mobile application for iOS if you:

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We specialize in creating the following application types:

  • communication (responsible for user contacts on social networks, Jabber, ICQ, as well as for user communication via phone);

  • entertaining (video and audio players, games, applications for viewing e-books and images);

  • applied (calculators, organizers, notebooks, diaries, and other text and media programs);

  • navigation (GPS systems, electronic maps, etc.);

  • reference (databases, reference books, encyclopedias, etc., which give the opportunity to quickly find the necessary information);

  • business and e-commerce.

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iOS mobile application development: what you need to consider?

Quick navigation is a crucial factor in creating a search app. The user will search for a house, street or restaurant in a hurry or even on the go. This is why you need to consider that the address will be typed out with one hand. Therefore, the input line and text buttons must be large enough so that the user could conveniently type the text in a hurry. The application should be as optimized as possible and load fast, and its routes and information blocks should be simple and clear.

Online stores, business applications need to have an aesthetic design, as high-quality pictures are visually more pleasant to people. This approach is popular among restaurant and brand applications.

Ios application development cost

iOS mobile apps from coffee shops use a different approach — they offer a quick order service. Easy menu navigation, product making time and even payment allow you to manage your time on the way to work.

Financial applications are especially popular, as they allow the user to pay bills, purchase products and book tickets with ease. This ensures safe transactions and also saves time.

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KATASIS specialists are constantly researching the app market to analyze and test their own products. Our experts create iOS applications with high ratings and download amounts. Want to make your dream come true? No need to waste your time, contact KATASIS.

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Approach for iOS program development:

  • Analysis. We thoroughly study and analyze popular applications by different criteria (convenience, functionality, design, compliance with user requirements and search queries).
  • Prototyping. We carefully develop all interface elements to ensure high application usability. We take into account whether the app will be an independent product or an addition to a website.
  • Design. We come up with a bright and practical design. It is important for an application to look equally attractive on the screens of different devices.
  • Development. We create applications in small stages, which makes it easier for the customer to closely monitor the development process.
  • Testing. The application goes through long and comprehensive testing. It is published on the market only if we are 100% confident in its performance and quality.
  • Publishing. We moderate the app for it to meet the requirements of stores.
  • Support. We provide debugging and technical support services for the application to work correctly on all devices.

Order An Ios Application

Order the iOS development from KATASIS

  • More than 50 implemented iOS applications. We develop different types of applications: from corporate applications to social networks and games, from automation applications to banking clients.
  • Team of experts. We have a well-coordinated team of top-level programmers who have developed a large number of projects together.
  • Customer orientation. Our main task is to help our customers solve their problems. We approach each project individually and create applications that help our customers to achieve their goals.
  • Experience and reliability. We have extensive experience in promoting products in the AppStore’s TOP. We cooperate with numerous famous brands — order the iOS application development services from KATASIS to become one of them!

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