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Corporate design development

Corporate design involves brand assets that make your company unique and distinguished from opponents. Corporate identity design is reproduced in the graphical representation of its logo, name, slogan, uniform, facilities, trademarks and much more.

The main goal of corporate design is to distinguish the company from others and create a recognizable positive image. For this purpose, we develop a set of rules and principles of visual display that are united by one idea.

The result of corporate design development is shown in a guideline, which is a special document of standards. Guideline is a set of rules and principles for the use of signs, logos, corporate characters, fonts and coloring of corporate identity elements, as well as for the correct placing of these elements on advertising media. A guideline can be a separate document or a part of a brand book.

Corporate Identity Development

What is corporate design used for?

A finished corporate design has a complex structure and produces a number of effective marketing products:

  • advertising card, forms and souvenirs, which represent the company;
  • trademark as a key element of advertising campaigns and promotions;
  • logo as a symbol of the enterprise, which appears in outdoor and display advertising;
  • branded merchandise as part of online advertising.

A corporate identity developed by amateurs is unlikely to attract attention of would-be users. That is why you should decorate face of your brand with a unique and attractive style developed by professionals.

Corporate Identity Design Development

Why is corporate identity so meaningful?

In rapidly growing and competitive world where consumers have countless opportunities, companies need a strategy, ensuring their reliable position in the market. A proper corporate identity helps to reach this business goal. This is why every company should consider ordering corporate identity services.

Sequential corporate identity development pursuant to purposes, morality expressing, principles and future aspiration of the organization makes its customers loyal.

First-hand experience with a corporate identity affects buying decision of customers. A corporate identity with a strong and positive influence creates affirmative business image in the customer’s mind. A strategically planned identity gains good results in terms of referrals and repeat business.

  • Connection. Maintaining a coherent corporate brand identity guarantees that each member in the organization represents it equally when interacting with actual and would-be users and stakeholders.
  • Reliability. Carefully thought-out corporate identity assesses to standardize the visual representation of your brand for all channels.
  • Recognizability. Powerful corporate identity distinguish from your competitors and makes your brand easily recognizable through design, communication and actions.

Corporate Identity Design

Corporate design elements

  • Naming and corporate colors (color design)
  • Graphic visualization of the concept for positioning
  • Vector logo design
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead design
  • Development of a folder for documents and letter templates, email signatures
  • Design of brochures, fliers, booklets and notebooks
  • Souvenirs with the visualization of new ideas
  • Development of packaging and labels with 3D visualization
  • Branding of sales outlets, company clothes and transport
  • Elements for online activities: websites, banners, brand backgrounds, etc.

Order A Corporate Identity Design

Why is corporate design development effective?

  • forms an image;
  • fully corresponds to the company’s philosophy and concept;
  • corporate design elements are individual and unique;
  • helps to quickly recognize your brand and makes it outstanding among competitors;
  • strengthens a positive attitude towards your products or services;
  • creates a sense of trust among consumers and business partners.

Corporate design services by KATASIS guarantee the recognizability of your company

The professional corporate identity development from KATASIS consists of the following steps:

Marketing analysis

The brand marketing research allows you easily identify the most promising forms and elements for your corporate identity.

This can be called the corporate style ideology development. At this stage, we conduct analysis or corporate identities, brands and market leaders in your field and formulate the corporate identity goals.

Order Corporate Identity Design Development

Logo design

It is a crucial element of the company’s image and the starting point for the development of an ideal corporate identity.

To design a corporate logo, we choose graphic symbols and signs, work on a unique font and typography and offer color solutions. This creates a foundation for the future brand book.

Corporate character

For some businesses, we recommend creating a corporate character who will be associated with the brand by the client.

This character becomes an integral part of the whole brand package and is used according to the guideline.

Brand elements

We work on brand elements: business cards, envelopes, packaging for products, etc.

Depending on the business, we stylize the brand’s clothing and work on the concept of its sales outlets or exhibition pavilions, as well as the concept of using the corporate identity in interior design, etc.

Corporate Design


This is a representation of a corporate identity. In this document, the project developers provide recommendations on the proper use of all developed elements.

If you use this guide properly, you will successfully implement the marketing ideas reflected in graphic materials and elements of the corporate identity.

Order a corporate identity design from KATASIS and you will certainly notice how the improved appearance of your company can bring high results.


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Мы весьма радужно проводим наши корпоративы. Особенно, если это годовщина существования нашей любимой студии!

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