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What should be the design of a Landing Page

We live in a world in which progress does not stand still: it concerns Internet marketing and such a powerful tool as a landing page. What worked yesterday does not have to work today — trends tend to wear out over time, and outdated landing page templates do not give the right conversion. Therefore, you need to constantly be on your toes and follow the novelties of Internet marketing.

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Best landing page design: key trends of landing page design

Web design landing page: material design

If we talk about the design of selling pages, then the undoubted king is the material style, developed and described by Google.

So, in material design, objects have the thickness, shadows, and properties, which allows them to feel their naturalness, to understand the position in space and interaction. Sites, in turn, have become more aesthetic. The main goal of web designers is to make the site pleasing to the eye while maintaining simplicity so that the user can easily navigate without additional navigation. In material design, this goal is implemented to the maximum.

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As for the Internet, we live in the Google universe at present time… It’s silly to deny. Their specialists analyze the psychology of users and on the basis of the data obtained they decide what can be changed so that the global information network becomes more comfortable for us. So if you want a stylish and modern single-page design, then making a choice in favor of material design, you definitely will not go wrong.

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Landing website design: live photos

The second trend, concerning landing page design, is living professional photos that replaced the stock images. The fact is that with the use of images purchased on the exchange, millions of websites have been created, most of which resemble substandard satellites. Therefore, the design of a landing with the use of stock cliches can initially adjust the visitor negatively.

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Instagram played a big role in the popularization of live photos. People like to watch the lives of other people: look at what they do, how they spend their free time, what they have for lunch. Now for a person, it’s normal: we trust this model and, moreover, we like it. Therefore, a good solution would be to use product photos, how the working day passes inside the company, and so on.

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An excellent example of the design of lending using live images is the one-page Grain and Mortal company ( In addition to the fact that the developers of the site used live photos in the design of their site, in their cap they posted a videophone showing the workflow, briefings and joyful employees who clearly love their work.

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Live photos — are a very powerful trend, which serves two main purposes at once: creates the feeling that the user «inside» the life of the brand and adjusts it to a trusting relationship.

Design a landing page: minimalism

Minimalism in recent years has become one of the main ideas in the design of landing pages, and this is not surprising. Cluttering the site leads to a dissipation of the user’s attention, and in our case, the visitor should be focused on the product and on what benefits it can receive. That’s why modern designers recommend removing all distracting elements from the layout.

 great landing page designsThis is especially important when it comes to landing page design, where the potential client must be brought to the target action. A good example of a minimalistic page is the sites of companies such as Dropbox and Mailbox.

Landing website design: product presentation

Text is a good tool for influencing a client, but how does it work? With the help of symbols, from which words are composed, people create in their head certain images. When the text is cool, the reader has a juicy and detailed picture of how the company works, what it offers and why it is valuable. If the image is «correct», this leads to a purchase.

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This verbal magic. But still this approach has one minus — it is impossible to foresee for sure the subjective experience of a person, and to find out how he will perceive a particular word. The picture he draws in his head can be very different from what you really wanted to say. As a result — a misunderstanding and a negative decision.

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To avoid misunderstanding with the client as much as possible, you should carefully work out the target audience and maximize the «packaging» of the text in visual forms. For example, place the infographic on the site: it will make the landing page design more accurate and concise.

If it is a question of an information product, it is possible to tell what path the participant of the program should go through and what goals it will achieve after its completion.

To sell a product or service, the client should communicate in the language of benefits, and infographic is one of the most effective tools for a concise demonstration of the company’s advantages. Of course, you decide, but I would advise using this «chip» in the landing page design.

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Website landing page design: animation

Despite the fact that this trend is more concerned with layout than design, it can’t be ignored.

Static sites look somewhat «dry» and resemble a page in the directory. When there was no java, it was normal, but right now we have the opportunity to add traffic to the site! A person loves dynamics almost at the genetic level: we can endlessly look at how a fire burns, how water flows or how someone works, and we also come up with things like a graphic equalizer to see how the music moves. Therefore, pages with animation elements will always be advantageous to differ from static sites of competitors.

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Of course, there should not be many lively details. You also need to see that they fit the spirit of the company and fit into the overall design of the landing.

Landing page design: hidden menu

The idea of a hidden menu was mentioned last year, but in 2016 this trend is given special attention. The problem with the usual navigational menu is that it distracts the potential client from the target action, which is why the conversion of the landing falls.

One of the variants of hidden navigation is the so-called. «hamburger». This form has long been used successfully for mobile versions of sites, and recently migrated to a landing page

Best landing page design: mobile-friendly

Although this question refers more to the technical part of the design, it’s still about design, and it’s worth talking about. In modern society, everyone has smartphones and most have tablets, i.e. gadgets that are always at hand. Mobile traffic is growing, and an increasing number of your potential customers surf the Internet not only with PCs.

Everything is clear without words: modern design landing page should be adapted for mobile devices. On this depends on the convenience of users. If the site looks crooked or loads for a long time, it will be abandoned. Not an adaptive layout «cuts» more than 40% of traffic. Conversely, if the landing page design is optimized for mobile devices, this enhances the status of your company in the eyes of the visitor.landing page design company

The advantage of mobile optimization of the design of selling pages is that such a site will vary depending on the device from which you visit it. For example, if you go to the previously mentioned from your mobile phone, you can note that the site was adjusted to the width of the screen, and the videophone changed to a static picture, which provided a quick load of the landing.

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