News website development

News website development proposal

The news website is a powerful informational resource, dedicated to news from various spheres of life. These can be news on politics, science, culture or sport, as well as news about IT, fashion and even cooking recipes.

Essentially, the news website is similar to a newscast on TV. Its main goal – is to convey the information to the reader in the shortest possible time, that’s why the news must be constantly renewed, in otherwise their main purpose won’t be fulfilled.

news website development proposal

News website – is also a powerful advertising tool, which is located in a global area network. Under good administration, due to its advertisements on the website, it can bring its owner a remarkable profit.

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The size of a news website is always big. Due to continuously renewed content, such a website can grow up to hundreds, sometimes even thousands of pages.

news portal website development

The structure of a news website in most cases is complicated. As a rule, such websites contain several sections and subsections, complex multilevel menu, many components and modules, and can have a forum. Graphic design of a news website mustn’t contain any unnecessaries. Traditionally it must be very simple.

News portal website development: the structure of a news website

  1. Website design
  2. The administration system of the website (WordPress, MODx, HostCMS, Joomla, DataLife Engine DLE);
  3. Additional modules.
  4. Instructions to the functionality of the administration system.

proposal for news website development


  • News
  • Articles
  • Comments
  • The system of authorization and registration
  • Connecting the social medial
  • Prescription to news mailing
  • Sending out the information to the registered users
  • Website map
  • Statistics system
  • Website search
  • Query
  • Polling
  • Form for writing a feedback

website development

Web development a news website: stages of a news website development

In this case the subject matter is not hard to select, as constantly new information and frequent events of various scope take place regulatory almost in every field, moreover many events take place frequently. Important is to check the level of competition. However, you can find a sure way by taking already popular and gaining traffic topics, such as politics, celebrities, movies etc.

web development a news website

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In order to awaken user’s interest and to keep him reading further, use such methods as:

  1. On the second stage of creating news website, we should determine the territorial coverage. If you have opportunities and resources, you can even compete with capital city players. But in a case, if you understand, that accomplishing a project requires more time and financial resources than you have, you can occupy the niche in a promising field or launch a regional project.
  2. Development of a news website for business has certain requirements to the structure, in particular, you should wisely pick up the sections and spread the content among them, for the user not to get confused searching for the necessary information. In order to systematize all the publications without creating hundreds of categories, you can use a system of tags.develop news website
  3. According to the way the content is added, news portals can be divided into auto-filled (with the help of special script), moderated by editors, and the ones with user-generated content. In the last case a moderator check is required, without it the quality of the content will drop.

    In order to awaken user’s interest and to keep him reading further, use such methods as:

  • adding relevant pictures;
  • formatting and structuring the content;
  • implementing the capability to interact with social media;
  • additional amusing clocks on the page;
  • and some other pleasant features;
  1. As to content, news websites have the same requirements as the rest of the resources – it must be qualitative, unique and satisfy the users requests.

develop news aggregator web

Development of a news website includes:

  1. Search and information processing;
  2. Development of a projects structure;
  3. Development of the unique design for the website (if you have a ready design, you can provide us with it for the layout and programming);
  4. Layout of prototypes in HTML and CSS.
  5. Setting the system of a website administration and programming of ready prototypes into a website administration system.
  6. Connecting and setting up the necessary modules; 
  7. The content of the site;
  8. Testing of the site;
  9. Registration of the domain name and site hosting on the server;
  10. Installing attendance counters.

news website development for business

Develop news website: programming tools

To create a modern news website, the following tools are used:

  1. HTML — is used for the text marking and the structure of the website.
  2. CSS – is used for design (colors, fonts, tables, indents, layouts, etc.) pages
  3. JavaScript is used to create dynamic pages and interaction with the user
  4. PHP (hypertext preprocessor) -is used to create programs, working on the server, to dynamically generate pages and to connect with the database
  5. MySQL is a relational database, used to store news content and users’ data

With the help of HTML and CSS, the website pages made up. JavaScript is used to create interactive elements on the website. PHP code in conjunction with MySQL will allow you to create a program for displaying news.

news website development companies

A functional news portal from the KATASIS agency

The development of modern technologies enables instant transfer of new information to a great amount of users through the Internet. If you manage the "News" portal right, the platform will be popular among a wide range of users.

We offer the development of news websites, ready to use blogs together with developed creative and individual design. While developing our websites, we use modern and convenient control systems — WordPress, MODx, HostCMS, Datalife Engine (DLE) or Joomla, which allow the owner to simply work with the contents of the site, using an intuitive interface and is SEO-oriented.

news website development advantages

To make the website or news blog functional, our specialists carry out the following tasks:

  • create a beautiful design
  • come up with a domain
  • register the domain
  • place a logo, banners
  • add unique news, articles
  • promote the resource on the Internet

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News website development benefits: what is the customer receiving?

  • Absolutely individually created solution, which matches the customer’s requirements
  • Customized unique site design
  • Optimization for a high load
  • Design, aimed either for the reading convenience of the material or for the maximum conversion of advertising banners. Most frequently, we choose the optimal balance between these two components.
  • An effective content management system, in which many authors can work simultaneously.
  • A record of authors’ work with automatically generated reports on the number of written materials
  • Content proofreading system
  • Adaptive (or mobile) version of the site
  • Photo-video gallery, author's blogs
  • Almost any necessary module for the website at the customer’s request
  • Guaranteed support for the developed resource

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