Rebranding and website development for B2B studios
of industrial design KLONA

Who was the customer?

Studio KLONA is a recognized leader of Ukraine in the sphere of industrial design, mold making and small-scale production. Large and small companies order turnkey projects here: the studio has all the resources for developing products from scratch. The customer can come here with an abstract idea and after a few months leave with the finished product. The KATASIS team had the task of creating a site for the KLONA industrial design studio, which would be in line with the company's leadership positions.

Market research

Before starting to create a site for a design studio, we studied its target audience. Obviously, the main group of visitors to the corporate resource are customers. They come to the site with a specific purpose — to familiarize themselves with the terms of cooperation or to order a service, whether it is 3D-modeling or making molds. In the course of the study, we identified another target group — geeks. They are men from 25 to 35 years old, who are interested in modern technologies.

Building a strategy

One of the main hobbies geeks — video games. This thought was the starting point for the creation of a corporate character. Marketers studied dozens of game universes and settled on Fallout. The character-mascot named Vault Boy from the popular series of games became a reference for the development of the corporate character — lamb KLON.

Legend, values and mission

According to the plan, the re-branding of the industrial design studio site should reflect the company's values and mission. Values are placed on the main page of the site and are based on ensuring high-quality service:

  • operational (the answer to the client's question within four hours);
  • confidential;
  • professional (well-coordinated work of marketers, designers and modelers);
  • innovative (each project is unique and has no analogues in the country).

The mission of the company is to become a robotics leader in Ukraine and abroad.

Forming the Semantic Core

Rebranding the site was not limited to updating the design and structure, we also started filling out the pages. To begin with, the SEO specialist developed a semantic core. This is an important step, because it directly affects the position of the site in the issue. Now KLONA.UA is in the top ten on the request of “industrial design” in Google and Yandex.

Redesign of corporate style

The yellow-blue color scheme is chosen not casually: it is a continuation of the image-reference Vault Boy and the corporate character KLONA, who wear blue suits with yellow stripes. The main color is blue. Yellow is used to visually highlight important elements (for example, buttons and calls).

Character Modeling

KLONA lamb is an active and active character. For the pages of the site, the artists created illustrations on which the lamb gets into different situations. For example, in one image, he repairs the robot and on the other one runs away from the terrible shadow.

Why did we choose lamb? The name of the studio evokes associations with cloning. And who is the most famous cloned animal? Undoubtedly, this is Dolly the sheep. So the idea arose to “dress up” a funny sheep in a Vault Boy costume from Fallout.

Corporate site development: prototyping

When creating a complex multi-page site, you can not do without a prototype. This stage allows you to speed up the development process, avoid mistakes and numerous edits already at the initial stages of work. We created a highly detailed prototype using the Axure Pro.


Transfer of corporate identity to the prototype

The corporate style and prototype were approved, so the transfer did not take much time. After correcting the small inaccuracies that occurred during the transfer, the site was ready. The lamb expected visitors at the address KLONA.UA on the screens of computers, tablets and smartphones.

Drawing pages and forms on the site

Drawing 150 pages and forms took a lot of time and effort of designers. The goal was to create a convenient, useful and beautiful site — and what else could be the site of the leading studio promdesign? Accurate block layout looks good on any device thanks to a thoughtful adaptive design.

Back-end on the Laravel framework

The server part of the site is developed on the Laravel framework. We chose this platform, because it is functional and scalable. Also on the basis of Laravel you can develop a flexible admin panel. In addition, the framework is updated regularly.

Transferring a new site to a domain

The next stage was the transfer of the finished site from the test domain to the main one. During the transfer there were some difficulties, but the programmers quickly corrected the bugs. After the final edits the site became available to the audience.

How is the site filled

Website development for the design studio did not end even after its transfer to the main domain. We gave exhaustive recommendations regarding the filling of the pages.

The sections “Services”, “Portfolio” and “Blog” should be regularly filled with SEO-optimized texts and original visual content. In addition, we should not forget about the benefits of materials. They should be of interest to both potential customers and geeks who read them for fun. These simple rules will ensure good attendance and high ranking of the site in the search engines.

Some statistics

Due to the regular filling of useful materials and the expansion of the list of services, the site's attendance grows every month — this is indicated by the indicators in Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica services. Accordingly, the studio promdesign receives more orders.

Thus, ordering the development of a corporate website is necessary for those who wish to effectively develop and promote their business. You can order this service in KATASIS Web Studio.


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