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    We have developed a beautiful and bright brand book for Koloro. The brand book includes the development of: basic elements of corporate identity, sign and logo, corporate fonts, brand character, design of corporate letters

  • Klona Klona


    Studio KLONA is a recognized leader of Ukraine in the sphere of industrial design, mold making and small-scale production. Large and small companies order turnkey projects here: the studio has all the resources for developing products from scratch. The customer can come here with an abstract idea and after a few months leave with the finished product. The KATASIS team had the task of creating a site for the KLONA industrial design studio, which would be in line with the company's leadership positions.

  • Circ Taxi Circ Taxi

    Circ Taxi

    Circ is a system of a car ordering for passengers and earnings for drivers. The system will define your location on the map, then you can order by specifying the price and additional options.

  • Up App Up App

    Up App

    Our client, Sheri Jennings, came to us with the idea for an app – called HomeSway – that will change the way you tour homes. Sheri already knew what needed to be done, what features had to be implemented, and had a design for the app. But she was inspired by our portfolio, and chose Yalantis to develop her app according to her requirements

  • Rembek Rembek


    Tasks for promoting the brand Rembek - the second part of the coloro project and LLC "Agromag". At the first stage, we created positioning, a unique trading offer and redesigned packaging in the framework of the project on rebranding the rodenticide Rembek.

  • Beauty Spot Beauty Spot

    Beauty Spot

    Developing a mobile application for a beauty salon, spa or hairdresser will facilitate the work of the administrator. And also bring new clients to your oasis of beauty. Imagine how comfortable it is: a woman needs to urgently have a manicure before a date, or a man urgently needs to arrange a haircut. They enter your application and get all the necessary information with a few touches of the screen.

  • Petgram Petgram


    Petgram App is an application for dating pets and their owners. Do you want to find a pair for your dog? Easy! Together with Petgram App you can make a friend even for yourself. A simple navigation application will make the process of dating even easier

  • ClubMed ClubMed


    The company KATASIS has developed an adaptive site for the travel operator Club Med. With the help of our resource, you can quickly and conveniently choose the tourist route you like, book a ticket or contact for consultation with the manager.

  • Gypsetgirl Gypsetgirl


    Katasis company has developed an online catalog of clothing and accessories for the Gypset Girl store. We have created a convenient and fast website that demonstrates the product in all its glory and gives the user the opportunity to place an order easily and quickly. And the original design of the site will force the user to study it longer.

  • Vodafone Vodafone


    The Vodafone Kids Club is a convenient and colorful application for children and parents. With its help you can watch cartoons, read or listen to books, play interesting games offline. The application makes it easy and interesting for the child to learn. And parents don't have to pay too much for Internet traffic anymore, all data can be saved in the cache of the application. Convenient, bright, interesting.


Создаем дизайн который решает ваши бизнес задачи Создаем дизайн который решает ваши бизнес задачи Создаем дизайн который решает ваши бизнес задачи Создаем дизайн который решает ваши бизнес задачи


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