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We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. A team of 50 intellectuals, among whom developers, designers and marketers combine knowledge and experience in solutions that profit companies and benefit clients.

Site, mobile application, digital marketing and design are tools that will build a profitable company with a constant and predictable flow of customers from the Internet.



Comprehensive solution

A wide range of services from IT development to customer acquisition and processing. You do not need to look for contractors additionally.


We do not work with unpromising projects. All our clients are successful, happy and receive high stable profits from their businesses.

Atomic goal

To create a world in which there are more cool companies and millionaires. Are you with us?


We are focused on long-term cooperation, therefore we make the maximum contribution to your development and prosperity. Otherwise, why do 80% percent of our customers come to us again?


All the specialists you need are already gathered in one place - KATASIS. This minimizes your expectation of the final result.

Flexibility and adaptability

We constantly analyze events in the global and local markets. We will tell you where the "gold mine" awaits you.

Keeping up with the times

Only cutting-edge technologies for your business

Experience and responsibility

For more than 10 years we have been helping our clients achieve super results.

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