Brand Promotion


Development of promotion strategy

Tasks for promoting the brand Rembek — the second part of the coloro project and LLC «Agromag». At the first stage, we created positioning, a unique trading offer and redesigned packaging in the framework of the project on rebranding the rodenticide Rembek.

Tasks for brand promotion

  1. Develop a strategy for promoting the rodenticide and breakdown of the advertising budget, building a media plan.
  2. Create a landing page for Rembek. The work on the Landing included design, layout, assembly and layout of the site, writing all texts and several calls to action.
  3. Create an advertising text for audio for radio stations.
  4. Setting up contextual advertising in search engines.
  5. Writing advertising texts for thematic resources.



The target audience is 45+ people, men and women who live outside the city permanently or own dachas, as well as farmers. All of them are looking for a safe and working remedy. Usually they trust in choosing the advice of friends and acquaintances, advertising is in second place. Information on existing proposals is sought out for themselves, they are often asked to help relatives: children and grandchildren. This is one of the reasons why we paid special attention to Internet promotion.


We had 2 directions of promotion: offline and online. For the first was the advertisement on the radio, for which our copywriters composed several versions of the texts. The online campaign was ramified. We launched a classic landing page, set up the context, created a presentation that sales managers need, and found resources for partner publications.

Under each direction, we prepared a media plan and indicative budgets. To do this, we selected the necessary radio stations and contacted them to clarify the rates, found the profile resources of gardener amateurs with good statistics of visiting sites, picked up keywords for contextual advertising.


Advertising jingle

We needed a 30-second video that would inform potential consumers about Rembek and inspire confidence in the brand. We wrote more than 10 variants, but four presentations were selected for presentation: three author’s versions and one finalized version of the customer. Among 4 the customer chose a rhymed quatrain.

All time slots are suitable for broadcasting the video, since pensioners who listen to the radio usually do not turn it off. Also in the video there should be a recognizable sound, for example, a crash of a crushed beetle, which is heard at the beginning and at the end of the audio.


Global Options

Audio logo

Global Options


Landing page








PF Din Text Comp Pro Regular

PF DIN Text Comp Pro Med


Create Landing page

Key Elements:

  • favicon
  • unique trade proposal
  • unit with the advantages of the product
  • instructions for use
  • feedback block
  • Call to action button


The designer created the design of the Landing in Photoshop, and later the front-end developer assembled the layout in the Axure RP. It provided two CTA buttons, pages with the benefits of the facility and an objection page.


The designer did not forget to create a favicon. This is the title letter of the title, taken in a rectangle of dark red color.

bg-imac imac faviicon

rembek-final-maket form


image-for-notebook-1 image-for-notebook-2 notebook


Email presentation

The last part of the work was the creation of an advertising presentation. In it we placed advertising texts, told about the advantages of the brand. With the help of the presentation, sales managers can better demonstrate the benefits of the brand and encourage stores to take Rembek into the implementation.




Link Building

The project marketer selected appropriate thematic resources with good visitor statistics and the necessary regional characteristics. Then we contacted the administration and agreed on the texts for these resources with references to Rembek and references to lending. Several options were eliminated, as the cost was unreasonably high. The rest we entered into the media plan.

Setting up contextual advertising

Configure the context was staffed SEO specialist. We picked up over 300 keywords, of which 50 commercial ones were chosen. Contextual ads, we set up to maximize the target audience.

Features of writing texts

The main task was to carefully enter the keywords that the SEO specialist picked up. To ensure that the site does not go down in the issuance, entries must be accurate, but organic. The target audience of sites and tools should not understand that this is an advertising text.


We chose 8 target resources and agreed on an acceptable price for one material with a link. The formats were 3: small notes up to 500 characters, medium texts for 2000 characters and several large texts.



Internet promotion works well with offline methods. You can order the development of a promotion strategy in the branding agency KOLORO: we will offer an effective solution for your company.


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