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Data services in IT help to manage data for customers. Due to the rapid development of data storage systems, information files, on the one hand, have become quite cheap, on the other hand, they contain a whole store of raw information: on the efficiency of business processes, on customer behavior patterns and much more. We develop predictive analytics solutions based on in-depth data analysis and machine learning — artificial intelligence methods. Analytics allows you to extract hidden information from a wide variety of data sources and make predictions of the future. Every day, our solutions increase sales, reduce expenses and help effectively manage the risks of both small businesses and large international corporations.

Data Services Analysis

Advantages of data services analysis

Qualified aid and project support

Data mining is the well-known name of the information technology sub-sector, which is engaged in the detection of unobvious, but practically useful knowledge in the source data. Data mining has a lot of intersections with machine learning. Companies accumulate large amounts of heterogeneous data in storage. Modern data mining technologies in some cases can formalize strategic management decisions, weakening the influence of subjective factors and reducing risks.

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New business paradigm

Building a business at all times was associated with the adoption of strategic management decisions, the exact outcome of which cannot be calculated. For this reason, strategic top management decisions are always risky.

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Data Mining in Marketing

The actual task for most companies is to retain customers and increase their consumer activity. The solution of these problems is the marketing units. Today, there is a massive transition of the marketing community from traditional marketing to an approach based on predictive analytics. The latter is a special case of data mining. The difference between this approach and traditional marketing is the formation of the best offers individually for each client using predictive analysis. The basis of such individualization is a behavioral model construction of each individual client based on its analysis of user actions history.

Prediction of capacity utilization

Data mining is often used to predict an organization’s resource load in the future. The automatic system on the quantitative characteristics of incoming events generates a short-term forecast for capacity utilization, which allows the manager to plan the necessary amount of resources (personnel/equipment/ finance). It is often possible to create an automatic system that in advance redistributes the reserved capacity for services without human intervention.

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The automatic system on the quantitative characteristics of incoming events generates a short-term forecast for capacity utilization, which allows the manager to plan the necessary amount of resources (personnel/equipment/finance).

Data Collection And Analysis Services

Data optimization or effective brand management of companies in social networks

Another rapidly growing area of application the predictive analytics is the computerized analysis of the audience opinions in social networks. The possibility of detecting sharply negative reviews of the company in media opens up broad prospects for improving the effectiveness of SMM and proactively managing the consolidated opinion of the social network audience.

KATASIS services and competencies

KATASIS specialists solve atypical tasks for which the existence of any solution is not known in advance. We are constantly mastering new data processing technologies and creating machine learning systems, working on complex commercial projects from customers from all around the world and various economic sectors. Working with us, you can be sure of getting the best solution for your business.

Data Analysis And Services


Consulting, training, predictive analytics, natural language processing and text analysis.

Math modeling

Machine learning, mathematical optimization, simulation modeling.

Data management

Design and development of corporate data storages (DWH), big data storages (BigData), master data management systems, IT infrastructure

Data Analysis And Consulting Services

Software development

Planning and design UX/UI, mobile and WEB development, the implementation of high-performance computing.

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Data collection and data analysis services: our technological solutions

  1. Recommender system
  2. Fraud Detection
  3. Forecasting and preventing customer outflow
  4. Psychological scoring
  5. Warehouse optimization
  6. Prediction of failure preventive service
  7. Sales prediction
  8. HR analytics
  9. Chat bot and text analysis
  10. Search/knowledge base
  11. Lead generation
  12. Image and video recognition

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