Chat-bot development for business

What is a chatbot app development and why do you it need?

Chat-bot is a virtual manager who lives in instant messengers and automatically answers messages. You can order pizza, taxi, book tickets or buy a dress without leaving the messenger with the help of a bot. Their use is useful for customers because they can get the information they need or make an order in a simple and convenient way. It is also beneficial for companies that can’t establish contacts, collect information and interact with customers 24/7.

What are the benefits of chatbot development?

Order bot development for business:

  • Developing a chat-bot is much cheaper than creating a mobile application.
  • Bot will take most of the work of employees advising clients in online chats and hotlines.
  • Instant answers at any time of the day. Bots work around the clock without holidays and weekends.
  • You can use data from users to segment the audience and provide targeted content.
  • One of the competitive advantages is the wow effect. Stay up to date!

Chatbot Development

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Bot application development for clients:

  • Convenient communication channel. The client writes in the usual Telegram, Viber, Facebook, Whatsapp.
  • Consultation or order at any time of the day.
  • Chatbots work well even with the slow Internet.

Features that you can use in 10 minutes!

  • Automation of interaction with the client. The chat-bot answers typical customer questions, calculate the cost of goods or services, etc.
  • Content distribution. Notify customers about news, special offers directly by messaging.
  • Online — record. Your customers can get advice or sign up for services using a bot.
  • Placing photos, videos, and text content. Tell the users about your company, show the catalog of goods and services, portfolio, etc.
  • Accepting payments. Making a secure money transfer via Telegram to your account.
  • Statistics and analytics. Analyze the activity of chat-bot users, the history of dialogues.
  • Development of chatbots in Telegram, Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp. Get the first customers within 1 hour after setting up the bot!

Chatbot Development Platforms

How chat-bots make a business profitable, regardless of the field of activity

Expand the functions of instant messengers

Today, even those users who do not use social networks, use messengers to communicate, order goods and services:

  • save time and resources on your mobile device
  • search on request for necessary information
  • translate texts, save images, show weather, exact time, exchange rates
  • notify users about your new publications in social networks and interact with them on behalf of the company

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Attract new customers without advertising

Chatbots are constantly working to expand the client base, attracting your target audience:

  • communicate around the clock with your subscribers, informing them about products and services, sending them useful content (articles, videos) and promotional offers
  • conduct interactive — polls, questionnaires, competitions with prizes

Chatbot Development Company

Increase sales in a short time

  • Various products of online stores, segmenting the audience of customers, sending them promotional offers, make repeated mailings and additional sales
  • Services that solve the problems of your customers: delivery of food to the office, booking of tourist stays, tickets to the cinema or tables in the restaurant, an entry to a hairdresser, a manicure or a cosmetologist
  • Info business services: coaches, psychologists, marketing and financial consultants, info producers. The chat-bot first sends various useful content to customers, and then closes them for sale of paid training, consultations and other info products

Chatbot Development Ideas

Ordering the development of bot in our company, you get:

  • complete automation of the sales process — the chat-bot will perform for you all the routine work, communicate with customers around the clock, sell your products or services and earn money without your participation
  • prompt receipt of applications from customers and processing of payments for a few clicks in the smartphone and carry out transactions
  • constant monitoring and analysis of the client base — the bot will collect information about your potential customers, track their interests, habits and purchases and offer them the necessary products. This information can be used to develop a further content strategy, optimizing it for the needs of the target audience
  • quality assurance of program development — we perform automated testing of all functions using a number of special techniques. This will ensure high quality and uninterrupted operation of the bot, as well as a conversion of 50-100%
  • 24-hour technical support — consultations, answers to your questions, as well as detailed instructions for using the bot

Chat-Bot Application Development

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Natural language processing

Techniques for automatic word processing:

  • NER
  • IBM Watson
  • Apache OpenNLP
  • Elastic Search
  • Google Cloud Natural Language

Problems of classification, clustering, approximation, order relations

  • TenzorFlow
  • Scikit-Learn
  • Feature Engineering
  • Pandas
  • SVM

Image recognition algorithms depend on the task

  • MXNet
  • Neural Networks
  • Image Net
  • OpenCV
  • EBImage

We create chatbots either individually or using tools

  • AIML
  • Facebook Bot Platform
  • LUIS
  • Microsoft Bot Framework

Chatbot App Development

Chatbot development companies: flexible approach

We work on a methodology that is convenient for you: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile. We are not afraid of changes on the go and are ready to provide timely communication and information about the stages of the project.

If desired, we provide access to the Git version control system and the task-tracker. Each client receives a personal, competent project manager who is able to answer most questions. If necessary, a meeting with the participation of specialists and programmers is possible.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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