3D rendering and visualization

3D visualization service

Nowadays, no one will be surprised by the jewelry, structural details or even internal organ models printed on a 3D printer. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are increasingly turning to specialized companies that provide 3D-visualization services. What can be obtained by ordering 3D-modelling, visualization and prototyping services? With their help it is possible to consider in detail the model of any object, to change its details, to estimate functions and ergonomics, to change elements of product design, to create hyper-realistic images and many other things.

3D Visualization

Many companies offer visualization and 3D modeling services. But the customer should be careful when choosing a contractor because not all companies are experienced players in the industry market and just begin to master 3D technology.

Why is it worth working with us? Everything is simple! We have been providing industrial visualization and prototyping services for 4 years already. Over the years we have assembled a team of first-class professionals, so we can assure you that our projects will be of high quality and original.

3D Rendering

Cost of visualization to increase sales

The external attractiveness of the product incomparably affects the fact that the buyer will acquire it, or prefers competitors. For this reason, 3D modeling and visualization of objects are often used in the segment of online commerce: beautiful images of goods stimulate sales. Also, modeling and visualization help manufacturers to see the future product in 3D before the beginning of factory production.

Using 3D visualization

Do you need to demonstrate your product at an exhibition, conference or prepare it for presentation? Take advantage of 3D visualization services! This will allow potential customers to see the final version of the project, original design ideas, invisible phenomena or any abstract ones. 3D visualization is suitable for a visual demonstration of any product from shopping island modeling to innovative gadget prototype.

Visualization And Rendering

3D visualization is also used in such market segments:

  • architectural and construction projects;
  • design industry (interior and exterior);
  • internet commerce (shops, catalogs);
  • light and heavy industry;
  • popular science and educational projects;
  • printing products;
  • media production.

3D Visualization Services

Stages of 3D visualization. 3D rendering

3D visultion is closely related to 3D modeling, because images are built in 3D space on the basis of 3D models. If you do not use your product’s 3D model, 3D visualization software can create an image of the product using graphic editors, than the usual 2D visualization.

Stages of the visualization process:

  • creating the 3D object model;
  • creating an environment scene around the object;
  • texturing;
  • setting up proper lighting;
  • setting up the camera and deciding on a good angle;
  • setting effects;
  • 3D rendering.

3D Modeling

3D rendering service

Rendering is one of the visualization stages. It allows you to get the
finished 3D model image in the “flat” version. Depending on the object’s complexity and the desired quality of the obtained images, rendering can take from several minutes to hours. Moreover, the PC’s power influences the speed. On an old PC, rendering can take a few days to complete. The variety of 3D programs can be used for visualization. Many of them have the rendering function, but for some of them you will have to install an additional program.

3D Creation

Visualization and rendering: how to create photorealistic images?

Today, the 3D rendering services are adapted to aims of almost every organization. For example, interactive presentations of 3D products instead of dull images have a greater influence on the customer’s behavior. This is expressed in the amount of time spent on researching products and the likelihood of purchase.


Graphic frames (low-detail images) are used for the object’s graphic reconstruction: geometry and processes of lighting, shading and texturing. As a result, the rendering of the image ends up being almost indistinguishable from real photos.

Web studio KATASIS embodies the most daring ideas in design. We know how to create successful and innovative solutions for visualization, implement design ideas and improve marketing strategies for promotion.

Extremely realistic images can be created from sketches, photographs and samples given by the client. CAD systems show data in a proper way and generate usable images, but they usually look rather unreal. To make the image photorealistic, the rendering program mathematically generates which is close to reality.

Order The 3D Visualization Service

Software for 3D visualization and rendering

Any program has its positive and negative sides, that is why it is better to choose one which is convenient and easy.

  • 3Delight;
  • V-Ray;
  • YafaRay;
  • 3ds Max;
  • Autodesk Maya
  • AIR;
  • Angel;
  • Blender;
  • Arion Renderer;
  • Caligari Truespace
  • Artlantis Render;
  • AutoCAD;
  • Modo
  • Brazil R/S;
  • Sunflow;
  • Rhinoceros 3D;
  • Turtle.

Advantages of forming a customized 3D visualization with KATASIS

  1. We create professional renderings that reflect your company’s offers and help you to develop the brand.
  2. Visualization helps to improve the online catalog by offering the best products and services to the customer.
  3. Opportunity to see the project from all sides.
  4. Photorealistic projects that are rather lifelike.Best 3D Rendering Services
  5. Best 3D rendering services with a competitive price.
  6. Our team assures the compliance with the original, because as our customer is happy about the outcome, it makes us happy as well.

Do you have an idea for a new design? You have an idea about a product but still have no idea about how to make it appealing to potential customers? Simply order an industrial or studio 3D visualization from KATASIS and our design specialists will fulfil this idea.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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