Motion design and graphics

Motion design and graphics

Video and graphics are needed for both advertising and presentation. We develop scripts, draw, shoot, mount. Also we do what is called a motion design — graphic design, but in action. This service is especially relevant for the web and applications, for corporate video and TV channels. We will create the message that will surely remember your client’s consciousness for each target audience. After all, this is exactly what you need.

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Motion graphics and broadcast design

Animated graphics, also as a motion graphics — it’s a visual design that animates a static image. Internet, media and advertising, television, cinema, mobile applications, video games — none of these spheres can exist without it. Each animated text or image that occurs in everyday life is conceived by a motion. Animation graphics uses just three channels of information: image, text and sound, and the viewer better absorbs the data.

You can visualize specific data and abstract ideas using motion graphics. For this, visual effects, audio, graphic design and various animation methods are used. This turns the static picture into a dynamic one. Animation graphics should be distinguished from regular video and familiar animation. Motion graphics — not a cartoon, it illustrates data or ideas, and does not reveal a full story.

Motion Graphics And Design

Motion graphics and web design

Motion full cycle design

The studio for video design provides full-cycle services for the creation of different types of videos. Motion design is a newfangled trend, the original look of the video clip, which is assembled into one:

  • professional design;
  • experience, skill and talent that a video designer must have;
  • newest innovative computer technologies actively used in the sphere of modeling clips of clips and the subsequent installation of the final product.

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Professionals work

Our studio is a team of like-minded people, professionals who have solid experience in practical activities. Our clients are various companies, organizations and individuals. The team includes the best directors and experienced designers. Workplaces are equipped with all necessary equipment, allowing to perform the most high-quality, original and memorable design.

Essence of the work

Motion video is the work of specialists on the design of the footage. Broadcast designer (he is also a motion designer or video designer) is a real person orchestra on the team. A professional who can fulfill the functions of any narrow specialist alone is just a godsend for a creative studio. And we have such a professional team!

Motion Graphics And Broadcast Design

Choice benefits

Quality, carefully thought out, designed and accurately executed motion design in the KATASIS studio ensures unimpeded transmission of the audience of the very essence of the video. Simultaneously, the information is drawn up as attractively and interestingly as possible and for a long time remains in the memory of potential customers. This is exactly what the manufacturer or service provider is striving for by investing in advertising.

A visual designer in a team with a director and other studio specialists creates a mousen that fully meets all the needs and ambitions of the company’s customers.

Modern approach

To organize interaction and achieve maximum results in the work, we have built in a clear, consistent scheme of interaction with customers. As it was already mentioned, the main clients of the company are customers from all over the world. At the first stage, acquaintance takes place, the client tells us about himself, and we report on the studio’s possibilities, give examples of works, etc. The next step is the development of the main concept of the future video. Further is the development of the script. If the client is satisfied with everything, the process of preparing for shooting and recording a story begins. Motion graphics — is the final (but very important) stage of the order, on which the final result depends directly!

Motion Graphics And Web Design

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Motion graphic design app: the importance of motion

Animation design serves as a separate independent genre, although it is often found in a combination with the video material. The popularization of the Web 2.0 design style led to a rapid improvement in the design of the demonstration technologies, which allows today to create graphics of any complexity.

The main area of application of motion design clips is the Internet due to the rapid development of video production and the daily increase in the number of users of the network. Graphics in motion are applicable to the creation of a video product of any subject, thereby gradually acquiring its place in the video services market.

Motion design is an original genre

It can either be combined with video fragments or complement it, and be completely independent. It is used in part in movies and clips: for creating intro images, captions, character signatures, etc. It is more often used in a music video; many clips are created on 100% in the given genre. World motion design has many successful companies that set the tone for most studios and designers around the world.

Motion Graphics Design Agency

Motion design has a lot of advantages over classic videos:

  • informative (movement along with audio accompaniment improves visual perception);
  • modernity (motion design being actively developed, penetrating into new spheres);
  • relevance (video production technologies are in constant improvement);
  • efficiency (motion design is irreplaceable for presentations and announcements, trailers for films, etc.);
  • laconism (submission of basic information and the format of abstracts).

Work with KATASIS 

We work on a methodology that is convenient for you: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile. We are not afraid of changes on the go and are ready to provide timely communication and information about the stages of the project. If desired, we provide access to the Git version control system and the task-tracker. Each client receives a personal, competent project manager who is able to answer most questions. If necessary, a meeting with the participation of specialists and programmers is possible.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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