AI is the key to changing the entire movie industry: Top 5 remarkable ways of using Artificial intelligence in movie-making

Movie-making is expensive, and it’s much easier to adapt a few already successful scripts against creating something new. The industry is closed to young and unknown creators. Luckily, algorithms have been invented.

AI in movie-making

George Lucas took the first steps in automating film production, developing visual effects for Star Wars. Mark Zuckerberg’s team is developing a text-to-video platform. An ordinary writer would create an entire movie using only his imagination and keyboard in a few years. Modern AI movies are still a concept; the results are acceptable but could be better. Relying on the plot of Suspring (a short movie), created in 2016 by AI tools, the understanding of machines about what people want from them is reduced to one thought: “I don’t know”,” What are you talking about?”.

Screenshot from Suspring, 2016. Its script was created by AI.

 In 2020 the product was much better. The short movie Solicitors has a plot thread and an unpredictable dynamic. Because of the talented actors’ interpretation, it even seems thoughtful and meaningful.

Screenshot from Solicitors, 2020.

Artificial Intelligence is not only about perfect pictures but the answer to the majority of questions, such as movie production, promotion, creating soundtracks, etc. Let’s take a look at the benefits.

Ai predictions

We can develop tools that will not only calculate the success of your product but also provide more specific information, such as the likely age group of interest. It allows movie-makers to set a more specific promotion to potentially interested viewers. Such tools help to carry out fairly accurate calculations even at the stage of script development. Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox have already used this kind of program. After all, it is simpler for the creators to assure investors of the potential profitability of the film if they have calculations made based on a large number of successful works.

Artificial landscapes

AI-based animation tools are excellent at creating stunning visuals and landscapes that traditional methods could not form. 

Using programs like MidJourney, Fabian Stelzer creates unusual settings that surprise with their futuristic nature.

Created By AI. Requests: alien plants, mining planet, tense background
To get the background for his films, he inputs various requests like rare alien plants, sci-fi atmosphere, and tense atmosphere. The program processes words and creates amazing effects in seconds. Fabian publishes his work on Twitter. He is not a professional movie-maker, but acceptable software allows him to express his feelings. 

AI Sounds

Artificial sounds are not limited to character voices. When working on voice acting, an artist can rely on AI in the following matters:

  • Vocal remover. LALA.AI can extract voice and music from audio tracks without loss of quality.
  • Music creator. SongStarter generates ideas for music. To do this, one needs to enter a text of up to 50 characters, based on which the program forms three ringtones.
Screenshot of SongStarter interface
  • Sound effects. Streams like Free For Video provide thousands of free royalty tracks.

Need sounds for your project? You can order a neural network that will create audio ranging from voices with different emotions to the sounds of alien fauna.

AI characters

Characters created exclusively by artificial intelligence tools, do not yet exist in mass films. Even robots in science fiction films are voiced and played by people.

This field is up-and-coming. Independent creators often use computer vision to imitate sci-fi films from the 80s and 90s. Some of them look like Alien, The Outer World. At this stage, AI is very useful in character concept development. 

The character, created by Ofir Liberman in Midjourney

Such programs like Midjourney and Runaway allow artists to generate AI fake faces.  

Expanding the freedom of creators and the ability to give any desired shape to the character makes artificial intelligence an integral part of creating a high-quality movie. Even the dubbing of films for foreign distribution generates by artificial intelligence. Synthesia-type programs are used to synchronize the movements of the actor’s lips with the lines.

An actor’s rejuvenation

Created by the Disney network named FRAN can re-age the actor almost immediately. This tool resolves casting problems. The same person can play a character in his younger and older version being in middle age. Companies had already used this AI software in filmmaking before FRAN appeared. Kurt Russell was rejuvenated in Guardians of the Galaxy, as were his colleagues Michelle Pfeiffer in The Ant-Man, and Mark Hamel in Star Wars. Thanks to CGI, humanity knows what John Lennon, Princess Diana, Heath Ledger, and Kurt Cobain could look like in old age, whose pictures have been processed by photographer Alper Yesiltars.

An actor re-aged by FRAN

Reviving of characters

Machine vision can bring back to the screens those who have been gone for a long time. So, thanks to artificial intelligence, it was possible to shoot the scenes of Paul Walker in the movie Fast and Furious.

Walker’s character continues living

The actor tragically died in a car accident while filming the seventh part of the saga. A few years later, filmmakers are already discussing his character’s return in the following releases of Fast and Furious, using computer graphics. So, with the development of this technology, more and more film legends will return to the screen. Not all actors take it well. Robin Williams, who died in 2014, banned reproducing his image through computer graphics and holograms for 25 years.

Ai Promotion

Artificial intelligence can be used for many advertising solutions, starting with idea generation and ending with programs that analyze the audience. Based on the collected data, a targeted strategy in social networks is configured. Subscribers of actors performing roles are likelier to be shown an ad for a new movie with their idol. The creation of the advertisement itself can also be entrusted to various services. Some will help generate bright pictures for banners, others — the text of the announcement. 

Artificial intelligence has huge abilities

Celebrity deepfake

There are many deepfakes, such as dancing Keanu Reeves on TikTok, singing and playing the guitar Tom Cruise. They are just a joke compared with the achievements of companies who have taken them seriously. Bollywood uses deep fakes for advertising products on TV. Shah Rukh Khan didn’t need to waste time posing for commercials, and his face appeared on the screens because of computer graphics.

Jonny Depp and Heard’s faces instead of Robert Dawney JR and Gwyneth Paltrow’s

South Korean newsreader Kim Joo-Ha’s deepfake was sharing the news with viewers during the pandemic. Publicity had known about replacing, and the change made enough noise. People at the same time were worried and amazed by the realistic view.

AI goes to democratize movie-making

The YouTube channel Netflix is ​​a joke has published several videos created by bots. Among them are stand-ups generated by, A tale of Taylors, The first holiday film. This resource is not amateur; it has the full support of Netflix. 

Mikc from the channel Mikcmumplitz represents the category of independent creators who thought of experimenting with artificial intelligence art. Being a visual artist, he decided to create an animation based solely on computer vision. He used the following programs:

  • Script generator — Mick used GPT 3, but this resource is unavailable for many regions. Instead, there are a large number of different websites which can expand an idea in a plot. For example, Rytr not only formulates inspiration for a script but also provides an opportunity to generate AI text for advertising, a concept for a video, and a business. It is also available to choose a passionate, thoughtful, informal, or casual writing style.
Screenshot of Rytr interface
  • Voice — replica studious. The artificial intelligence generator is designed for dubbing animations, games, and videos. The website offers different types of voices depending on the needs. There are female and male voices; tense, emotional, and angry. Synthesis is also a good analog. A wide selection of languages ​​will allow a creator to adapt any business to different markets.
Replica studious interface
  • Characters and sets — Midjourney and Crayon. These sites generate elements of AI art on request. To create a character or a background, an artist must consider desirable content and write it down in the input line. The awaited result may not be achieved the first time, so it is recommended to experiment for a while. Jason M. Allen, the president of Incarnate Games, received an award in the category «Digital Art» for the picture Théâtre D’opéra Spatial. He worked in the Midjourney program. Another competing platform is Dall-E, which works on a similar algorithm and is a derivative of the OpenAI platform, which combines many resources, including GPT 3. To make things easier, you can order from us machine learning algorithms for converting text into video.
Théâtre D’opéra Spatial created by Jason M. Allen
  • 3D models — depth map generators irreplaceable ai software in movie-making. A user must add. A photo in JPG or PNG format to the site. It takes a few seconds to process. For the result to be satisfactory, it’s necessary to repeat the attempt several times. A better version of the algorithm is presented on the Kaedim website. The processed figure can be changed as wanted (add some elements, remove them by drawing items on the picture or writing them with keywords). It’s also possible to remove the background during editing. 
  • Animation  — is Mixamo. An uploaded character can dance hip-hop and be good at joyful jumping.
Creating 3D animation of characters in Mixamo

An artist mustn’t have a team of visual creators and screenwriters to create a short cartoon. Artificial intelligence online instruments do not replace humans in film production. But a person using it can try his hand at a new field without expecting a pass to the desired industry.

The possibilities of artificial intelligence are limitless. Order the development of the needed AI generator in our company.

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