ATM design & software

ATM machine design & software development with KATASIS

The competence of the KATASIS ATM software company is confirmed by many years of successful activity in the banking software development market. Our knowledge of the ATM operational environment and data exchange protocols helped us to automate most of the tasks that bank employees responsible for the ATM networks face every day. We develop software systems for monitoring and managing ATMs, solutions to increase the ATM business profitability, the same as improving the overall security level of self-servicing equipment.

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When creating custom solutions, we use unique knowledge of the software environment and the best-known methods. Each project goes through all the necessary development stages: from the task and design analysis to the final implementation and support in the bank.

Atm Machine Software Development

ATM software design advantages

Banking software allows you to significantly reduce the bank’s operating expenses, namely:

  • rapidly and simply update ATM software;
  • innovative ATM applications development on your own using superior elements;
  • examine and implement advanced services and marketing ideas;
  • make improvements in functionality and safety (if necessary);
  • perform diagnosis, control servicing, remotely monitor the current status of ATMs and the amount of cash in them.

Atm Software Companies

Why do you need the ATM software development service?

With the help of unique banking software, you can fully control each ATM on the network, as well as receive comprehensive information about them.

  1. Unique ATM software helps banking-houses to keep track of each ATM on the network. This approach provides the software with the necessary changeability and permits you to control it remotely, as well as reduce transaction expenses by remote diagnosing ATMs of the whole network and checking their maintenance and cash load statuses.
  2. ATM software increases bank competitiveness. ATM is a key point of interaction with clients. ATM software should include all means required to improve customer service.
  3. Banking software permits users to develop and customize their own applications for ATM. It also allows them to work out and conduct personalized transactions, deliver information, implement targeted marketing and display thirdsman ads.

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  1. Universal software simplifies the process of managing and installing updates of the entire network. You no longer have to bother with the fact that you have various devices and software kits.
  2. In addition to Internet banking, ATMs serve the bank as the most meaningful channel for providing services, since today there are not many reasons for customers to visit its branches. For customer retention and attraction through ATM networks, as well as successful competition with rivals, banking enterprises need to fully control them, as well as have a precise vision of everything that happens in the networks.

Atm Software Company

Basic software requirements for any ATM

  • providing an ATM with a full range of functions that can be changed and expanded if necessary;
  • providing ready-made solutions for remote control of ATM networks, letting you to safely control every element of them;
  • providing a platform for the development of reliable and multifunctional apps for ATMs, a network of kiosks and cash-desk stations located in the branches;
  • presentation of modifying goods for updating old ATMs of your network and extending their operating time.

A universal software solution from KATASIS allows you to create an ATM-based channel to provide services that will meet the requirements of the bank and its clients in the best way possible. Thus, you gain remarkable competing benefits in the form of quicker and cheaper functional improvements, application updates and changes related to security, which improves the quality of customer service through ATMs.

Atm Software Design

ATM machine software design

  1. During the development of our products, we offer different topics depending on the time, customer lifestyle, strategic location or current promotions.
  2. We also provide owners with a choice of ATM background designs. It is labourless to design ATM backgrounds, placing the images of images, videos or banners with a simple drag and drop function.
  3. Our touch devices go beyond the traditional limit of eight buttons and can create user-friendly screens or various forms of buttons.
  4. Our screen design for ATM machine allows it to track personal gadgets and enable navigation, as well as additional user-friendly functions.

Atm Software Design Development

ATM software design development by KATASIS

ATM software

Our agency creates the design of ATM machine with several vendors, integrating it to distinct hardware platforms: driver readers, biometric scanners, credit/debit card readers, card dispensers, banknote weigh hoppers and scanners. We create electronic transactions and cloud solutions to enhance the work of banks.

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ATM management decisions

Our agency works out multiplex content controlled means to spread brands, companies, and goods, as well as integrate the main banking industries with present-day interface solutions of ATM networks, self-instructional kiosks and mobile devices that enhance the user interface, providing personalized transaction services, emplacement, season and peculiar likings.

Atm Machine Software Design

ATM monitoring systems

We develop enterprise software solutions for remote diagnostics and monitoring of ATMs, involving programming of portals and administrative portals. KATASIS work out software for automatically system upgrade placement and security fixes. We suggest you the flexibility to monitor and control internal and international ATM networks with a single self-help network.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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