Product design development

What is product design?

The profession of product designer was introduced after the 2000s. It appeared because there were not enough people to analyze problems using statistics and find their solution. The process of product design development is a complex one and it affects all areas of design.

Product design functions deal with both interaction design and research, but they have little concern for user interface design. If you get a product designer, you will have more analysis and solutions to specific problems. A product designer is a theory expert who has a lot of experience in marketing and research.

product design development

Product design development features

No matter what the goal is, the initial task of product designers is to carry out preliminary research and plan the processes. Product designers also set up effective communication with the engineers and developers of the software. The product’s functionality and aesthetics depend on how these specialists communicate with each other. If there is no understanding, it is the user who will be dissatisfied.

Product design cannot be finished on its first version, because it needs constant improvement. After the product launch, errors that were not so obvious before will be found. Feedback from loyal customers will show what you need to work on in terms of functionality and design.

product design development stages

In order for a product to stand out in the market, you need to not only know the trends and be original but also understand your audience. If the designer cares about the user, there will definitely be fewer errors. But even if there will be some, you can still learn from your mistakes. And this is the main secret of good product design.

Product design development stages

  1. Product designers analyze the problem.
  2. Since there may be several solutions, the designer’s task is to quickly find the solution concepts. Although usually sketches are enough, we consider the possibility of creating a real design.
  3. UI designers draw the prototype.
  4. Implementation of the product design.
  5. We choose the best solution by analyzing and testing.

product design & development

Product design defines your brand.

Your marketing team brings you new customers through carefully worded messages, advertisements and communication channels. If your product does not give what the brand promises, all these customers will go to your competitors.

Product design supports the foundation on which the brand is built. Your brand should promise the customer the things your product offers. This means that the product design team should closely cooperate with the marketing team and understand its objectives.

product design and development

Errors in product design that KATASIS avoids

Smart design vs. abstruse design

The so-called “smart design” often becomes too complex, which harms the user experience. Some product design development companies love smart design so much that sometimes make it abstruse. They forget that most consumers are not designers. Not every smart design is effective: if the solution goes against the availability, it is better to refuse it.

Unnecessary animation

Animation is very important in interactive design, but it should be used for a specific purpose. Unnecessary animation is a common mistake. It may only make it harder for the customer to understand the message.

product of design development

Unclear functions and incomprehensible interface

Minimalism is stylish, but a design should not be scanty. A good product design agency removes unnecessary elements, not all elements.

Chasing trends

The product should look relevant, but its functionality is still more important. If the trend element interferes with solving the user’s problem, it is not worth to use it. Otherwise, this can negatively affect the user experience.

process of product design development

Product design services from KATASIS

The design is an important tool for web development and marketing. With the increasing demand for creating websites, web design has received a powerful impetus to development. The purpose of modern web design is to find the balance between aesthetics, style, functionality and logic. It is the design that makes your website unique and expressive and visually conveys the brand’s philosophy to the customer.

We have a passion for our work

We fully immerse ourselves in your business. We dedicate our time and resources to understand you and your business better. We do it for the sake of a new effective project and invaluable knowledge and experience. If you order a website design or a logo from us, we carefully study your business area and find out about the important nuances of your business. The result of this work is a high-quality product of design development.

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We are the most severe critics for ourselves

We are very critical of our result. We are very ambitious and we strive to make each our project a leader in its niche. By setting a high bar, we demand from ourselves the best result possible. At the final design stage, your project will operate and look amazing.

Only creative solutions

We use only our own ideas and tools. Our every project is unique, detailed and often becomes a favorite for its audience.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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