Payment terminals design & software

What are the payment terminals?

Payment terminals are devices that allow you to perform cash and non-cash payments for the provision of various services. Such systems are a combination of various hardware and software solutions and can consist of the following components:

  • POS terminal equipment
  • system software
  • server software managing terminal networks
  • fiscal registrars
  • bill acceptors
  • coin acceptors
  • cash boxes
  • barcode scanners
  • fiscal printers
  • label printers
  • magnetic, RFID and chip card readers


Pos terminal software

Touch-based stalls designed for operational settlement operations and simplifying the procedure for accepting payments are one of the attributes of any modern city. Self-service terminals are installed in banks, supermarkets, airports, gas stations and in any places where there is a need for quick payment for services. Payment terminals can have both receivers for banknotes and embedded card readers that read information from plastic cards (smart cards).

Payment terminals are compact touch-based stalls equipped with software and servicing clients in automatic mode.

Pos Terminal Software Development

Why does business need payment terminals software development?

The market of payment terminals and the self-service terminal is constantly evolving. On their basis, you can create an information system of any complexity to solve a wide range of business problems.

For a long time, KATASIS Company has been successfully developing software for payment, gaming and information terminals. The company employs highly qualified programmers who implement bold ideas with ease.

Pos terminal software development on a by-order basis in general for self service class systems is one of the main activities of our company. We offer specialized solutions for the functioning and operation of terminals, adapted to the specific tasks of the client. The developed software fully meets the specified requirements and allows you to maximize the functionality of the payment terminal. For example, for some projects, we offer authorization on smart cards for using the services of terminals, as well as the use of fiscal registrars, designed to record all payments in the terminal’s memory.

Pos Terminal Management Software

Development technologies

Client-server software is a classic technological base for the operation of a network of modern payment terminals. The terminal software developed by our company will make it possible to maximally secure the transfer of information related to financial transactions and provide remote maintenance of touch-screen kiosks.

We offer the most advanced programming technologies (Microsoft .NET, WPF and others) and database management systems — Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and others. In the customized payment terminals software development, one of the key roles is assigned to the design of the graphical interface, since errors in graphic design and a difficult-to-understand interface can cause a reduction in the customers number. Our company performs graphic design on special order depending on the sphere of payment terminal usage and the features of its operation.

Payment Terminals Design Development

Payment terminals design development

Developing payment terminal interface design is a long and laborious process that is associated with finding the most “comfortable” solutions in terms of navigation, menus and an optimal set of color solutions, including unique animated transitions and colorful 3D images.

Before we start payment terminals design developing, we study the habits and preferences of its users by asking the following questions:

  • Who is the user?
  • What does the user want? Why is this important?
  • What are its limitations?
  • How can a payment terminal interface help him?

For the user, the speed of making a payment, the intuitive interface design and the guarantee of cash inflow or their return in case of any errors in the process of required information entering or a failure will always be important.

Pos Terminal Software Development

Features of touch screen interaction

It is also very important to work out the user interaction with the touch screen (touch panel), this procedure is especially difficult for people who have reached old age. The size of each button must be sufficient for confident pressing even with your thumb (at least 2.5 sq. Cm), and when you press the button, you must respond by giving a vibrating signal or signaling that the light indication of the frame is pressed (vibration or light indication).

It’s no good to forget about the volume of figures, the interface terminal design is developed for people, complex 3D graphics and animation will not be superfluous, the main thing is not to overdo it with the effects.

Pos terminal software company


Very often, payment terminal users refuse to make a payment simply because they cannot find their service or are confused in the payment procedure itself. It is important that there are such sections in navigation as: “menu”, “back”, “exit”, “search”, “operator selection”, as well as a convenient input menu and quick access to the most popular communication service providers.

When developing navigation and user interface design, we always rely on already existing types of payment systems. As a rule, users are driven by habits, well-known sections with more colorful design and simplified secondary sections — these are the names of the golden mean that must be found in the process of creating navigation.

Payment Terminals Design Costs

Main payment terminals software services:

  • Printing checks, in the absence of a check tape, the terminal must report this in advance, or suggest alternative ways to send information about the payment.
  • Information block with contact information of the company (the owner of the terminal and a simple block in the menu with the most asked questions regarding various problems).
  • Displaying the actual commission from the entered amount.

Payment terminals software service

A team of KATASIS advertising agency designers offers interface design services for payment terminals and other systems for corporate use or public computer systems.

Pos terminal design development by KATASIS

In years to come, the demand for touch based stalls will only grow and this market will require the most advanced software. Our company has all the capabilities to meet the increased demand for the payment terminals software development and is ready to fulfill individual orders in full compliance with the requirements.

Payment Terminals Design Service

Becoming our client, you are guaranteed to get:

  • Quality product that works smoothly
  • Free detailed analytics of the company’s business processes, which resulted in our experts offer the most efficient solution to your problems.
  • Professional assistance in the selection of equipment: we work with leading suppliers of kiosks and terminals
  • Support, support, and advice from our experts

The knowledge and accumulated experience of KATASIS specialists can reduce the payment terminals software costs while maintaining its high quality.

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