Trends for creating mobile apps in 2019

Trends in mobile applications development

New horizons for machine learning and artificial intelligence

The revenue from Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps in global market is steadily rising and will be over the mark of 100 million dollars only in 6 years from now. Based on the variety of researches,200 biggest world’s companies actively use machine learning and are aimed at its further development.

Trends In Mobile Applications Development

Mobile applications can use artificial intelligence to understand the behavior of the user and provide higher level of personalization. Machine learning will automate tasks to avoid mistakes characteristic of people and work with a large array of data with minimal human involvement.

One of the examples of a mobile application based on AI is Lark's fitness application. This is a smart application with a chat bot that tracks physical activity and, with user-entered data about your daily routine and eating habits,gives tips on nutrition and healthy lifestyle based on all the latest information concerning it taken from scientific world.

Ux/Ui Trends In Mobile Applications

Machine learning is very useful in health care, logistics, IT, education — wherever there is a lot of disordered data. But the application development based on AI helps to free the application support team from the routine,as the majority of the most typical request are now dealt with by chat bots.

Instant applications for Android

The idea of instant applications, which Android refused from in 2016, is finally becoming more popular. Its essence lies in the ability of using the app without the need of downloading it. For users, the benefits are obvious: the concept of «try before you buy» will save them time to read reviews, so that they will try out the app by themselves.

Instant Apps For Android

Google Play plans to save memory on smartphones in this way. But one of the problems is that instant apps might not be shown correctly due to huge variations in graphic standards.

Enhanced mobile application protection

In 2017, about 75% of mobile apps could be called as unsafe. Developers then simply were not concerned with checking their app for potential breaches. Mistakes made during the application development can directly affect the reputation and destroy it after launch. The most common problems in mobile security are weak server-side controls and holes in protocols and hardware.

Fitness Application

In 2019, the security of Android and iOS applications will be increased, but alas, there are still plenty of low-quality applications in both app stores. Do not expect to miss it-check the application for security clearance. A list of convenient application verification tools includes ZAP, Micro Focus, Kiuwan and many more.

Main UX/UI trends in mobile applications


Sımplıcıty will remain the main thing a user looks for in an app, without the difficulty of its operation. Minimalism is applied to icons, labels. Each app needs to pick basic colors and structures to grab attention of a user. One of the main trends for the following year would be not to overcomplicate things.

Application Development Based On Ai

Colors and gradients

Moving from web design, the trend for bright color solutions would announce itself even more in the following year. Calm tones are now the thing of the past as bright colors take over with an aim of grabbing user’s attention. Instead of being rather neutral, new design would focus on friendliness of the pallette. The highlighting of functional elements with bright shades were met with enthusiasm by users. Obviously, the trend will further develop in 2019, because, along with the time, clients value optimist and positive ambition.

Rounded edges and reproportion

The trend for «infinity» in smartphones forced designers to find new solutions to suit this new approach towards space distribution. Rounded edges, monobrows should be outplayed, and aspect ratio 18: 9 will get an easy win and more space would be added.

Chat Bot

Negative space

More blank spaces create the impression of lightness. Instead of lots of content and graphics on each page, lots of blank spaces give concentration for the design of a webpage.

Author's illustrations and icons

Yes, personalized and specially designed content is expected to be everywhere. 2019 will show more rigorous requirements for illustrations: more uniqueness, friendliness, integration with the brand. Each idea requires unique and worked through solution, not some half-baked photobank choice.

Dynamic Linear Icons

Dynamic linear icons

In addition to the unique style, such icons serve as a tool for attracting user attention to this or that interface element.


A completely new, but effective way will come in 2019 because of its popularity. Letters (even different fonts), elements and colors, images, illustrations can overlap each other creating the new level of harmony and structure. Owing to that approach, the feel of the design changes and becomes more concentrated.

Image Branding


The trend for moving elements is gaining popularity. Firstly, it's beautiful. Moreover, it catches the eye. Finally,it is the basis for functionality and interface of the app.

Trendy colors

Follow the colors that are in trend. They can be viewed at For example, this year, UV and shades of pink were in fashion. Since the colors for 2019 are not yet available you can use the colors of previous years.

Image branding

Being unique is essential. Everyone hates perfect photos from the Shutterstock. Users want to see the design as the continuation of your brand identity so be brave and try something new to link your apps with your design and brand even on a deeper level.

Mobile Application Protection

Font contrast

Hierarchy in the interface needs to be followed and preserved. Even more attention would be directed to fonts and the way in which their variation can be applied for adding depth towards design. This solution helps to highlight important elements of the design text component, correctly «lead» the user interface, draw the necessary attention for the details which you want to underline.

Trends In The Mobile Applications Design

Game trend

Mixing styles, searching for something new — that's how it will be 2019 year for design. Even more experiments with rather static parts of page interface are expected. Not only a couple of trends need to be taken into consideration everything needs to be considered. The difficulty of the design will increase, along with the possible gains out of it.

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