Trends in design for 2019

Design trends 2019

We are following trends and research in design, we want to share with you the article translation concerning the latest news for digital design in 2019, from KATASIS team perspective.

The forecast is prepared relying on observation of the world’s top design companies and winners of prestigious international design competitions.

design trends

Common Trends

Bold colors

In 2018 designers used mostly bright colors, which is bound to continue the next year. Colors will be even more courageous and designers will use exaggerated tones in their work. Pantone has already shown its vision for trendy design in 2019. In short, you would need to stand out in terms of color as well to make your business noticeable.

Asymmetry in design

When most people hear about asymmetry, they think of a lack of balance, but asymmetry is much more. Designers can use it to create the harmony and balance of the entire composition, deliberately avoiding the traditional balance. You can experiment and play with elements that you use, such as typography, geometric shapes or 3d rendering, to create a unique result. Remember that the user's eye will first see a large element and then the rest.

design trends 2019


Small animations on the website, in advertising, or in application design can make people more interact with what you advertise. These types of animations can be integrated to each available environment.


The fusion of ideas from a wide number of sources can have an amazing result. The eclectic approach to design can be quite complicated, however once it is mastered properly, the outcome is above all expectations.

bold colors


We saw a loud gradient return to trendy design features at the end of 2017-2018, the next year this trend will go on. Names such as Apple or Instagram show that this choice is definitely a winner.

Isomerism in design

We have seen isometric design in recent years, but in 2019, in the times when designers cover all the stages of design, isometry is absolutely essential.

asymmetry in design

Augmented reality

AR began to exist in areas such as web design or application design. Many online stores have tried to incorporate the augmented reality into their websites. It is difficult to predict the exact direction this technology will take in design, but in 2019 there definitely will be much more of it.

Natural pictures

The era of staged stock images has largely gone, so designers look for more natural and original photos.

ёanimation on the website

Trends in UI / UX

Mobile interface has taken the first place!

According to Google, mobile versions of websites are the most visited, so it's not surprising that design tilts more and more towards mobile platforms. Everything in design starts from mobile platforms, and only then goes to desktop design.

Negative space

Less is, definitely, more! The growing trend for black spaces in design has encompassed all of its fields.

eclectic approach to design

Implementation of illustrations

As we have already said, this is the main trend that has continued to grow in recent years. Custom illustrations create a hurricane in the web design industry from target pages to entire website.

background video on the website

Illustrational icons

Dynamic linear icons that people naturally associate with services can be used to establish a visual hierarchy and to draw attention to the area you want the user to notice.

Liquid, geometric and asymmetrical figures

Liquid forms are not new, we saw them in 2017 and 2018, but they will be even more relevant in 2019. Smooth shapes mixed with bold colors and intense gradient will be extremely widespread in 2019.

gradient in web design

Background video

Website videos may increase the conversion rate, as research reports say. The video can create user's understanding in a few seconds, it can quickly convey your message and may keep the user for longer on the website.


This year animation is ubiquitous. You can find them on websites, plugins or application design. Smooth switching for buttons or a good parallax effect for partitions can really change the situation.


Micro-interactions are small animations used on mobile platforms to design special visual effects. This year we go further with these micro-interactions. We will find hidden animations for each element of the UI, regardless of its size.

isomerism in design

Bold fonts instead of images

When typography is becoming more popular, many giants, such as Apple, prefer to make a statement using bold typography. In many cases typography replaces images.

3D Illustrations

3D illustrations have produced in recent years a big boom, big brands, use 3D rendering for their products, such as sneakers, sports equipment, packaging design and much more.

Trends in packaging design

Bold colors

In 2019 this trend will only expand to greater lengths and would take place almost everywhere.

augmented reality

Unconventional materials

Design of packaging has evolved dramatically and companies worldwide direct more and more attention to this often overlooked aspect of design. Zero waste, biomaterials, such as bio packaging that decompose in soil, edible packaging, materials that react to music, the packaging of cellulose that grows on you is used by new and innovative brands.

Natural materials

Natural materials such as wood will always be trendy for design of packaging. Leather, wood, thick cardboard or recycled cellulose are some of the natural materials used for design of packages.

trends in UI / UX

Big fonts

As we have already mentioned, a large typography remains essential. Bold text may be what is necessary to provide the appropriate statement. Using a combination of uppercase letters and lowercase letters may be enough for creating really cool packaging.

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