Racing apps development

A race — is a competition, that involves the simultaneous start of a group of several (two or more) participants and recording the order of the of each participant’s finish. Special kind of races are tournaments when only two opponents participate in the competitions at the same time.

Racing — is one of the genres, which is considered by many people to be the best on the console or PC, however, many developers use this genre to launch game projects on mobile devices.

racing apps development

The development process of racing apps from the KATASIS studio

Why are companies ordering mobile games development at our web studio? The answer is simple: this is one of the best ways to increase your brand’s popularity. Moreover, a broad audience of users guarantees the payoff of such a project. Good games are spread among users like a virus, bringing your company to a new recognition level.

To achieve significant success, coherent teamwork of professionals is needed at every stage of development. KATASIS has been developing mobile applications for 8 years, that is why our specialists understand how to develop a customized game for each platform, which will not be only popular but will also fulfill the tasks, set by the customer before the start of the development process.

racing game mobile apps

Racing simulators

A significant part of the population has a dream to drive a real racing car. Racing simulators can make these fantasies true. Therefore, racing game mobile applications is a rather popular category of games.

Nowadays the market has a huge number of games to offer, starting with 2D races and ending with heavy simulators. The journey of the player in each game is different: someone passes all the race tracks, without hitting a single pillar, someone knocks out all the competitors and rides in a proud solitude, and someone just knocks down people. There are enormous opportunities for creating fully functional and colorful 3D races these days, which would have superior apps for android

If the leaders among simulators and arcade races became clear quite quickly, then non-standard races is a completely different matter. In this field, there is a great number of various racing games, and developers in their pursuit to create something new begin experimenting with the genre, receiving absolutely impossible combinations in the output.

Features of racing games:

  • Wide camera overview, view from the first-person
  • A variety of vehicles with unique pumping capacity (motorcycles, trucks, jeeps, tanks, etc.).
  • Realistic sounds, better if it was recorded from the real cars
  • Detailed graphics – day- and night-time options
  • Numerous stages with various game levels
  • Career mode with 70+ missions
  • Leaderboard and achievement boards
  • The possibility to share your results with friends, for example, using screenshots
  • Adaptive graphics for devices with both low and high resolution (including tablets).
  • Multilingualism

racing apps for iphone

Examples of tips variations for users

  • The higher the speed, the more points you get
  • Outrun other cars with up to 100 km / h to get bonuses and extra points
  • Double-click the brakes at any moment to turn around and effectively outrun other racers.
  • If you drive on the opposite way of the road in two-line traffic, you can get additional points and scores, etc.

What do you need for the development of an interesting racing app?

  • a creative idea to stand out among competitors;
  • well considered physics of motion, which is responsible for the realistic of the racing vehicles;
  • modes traces and design variations;
  • personalization of the game, to make a gaming process more exciting, developers must come up with interesting and variable playing.

racing apps for windows

But to become successful, any mobile game application must meet four basic requirements:

Bright and beautiful graphics. Graphics is the foundation for any application for entertainment and game. At first it draws attention to the user at a launch. The designers of our company know how to create beautiful graphics, that will be looking harmonic with the general style and gameplay itself, causing a «wow-effect» at each launch of the application. At the same time, we are capable to find a balance between aesthetics and system requirements in the game development process in order for the application to be used by as many users as possible. This is especially relevant when developing racing apps for android.

Fascinating gameplay. After a good first impression, it is important to draw attention and «keep» the user by bringing the gameplay to perfection. At this stage, we are developing an interesting plot and a unique gaming mechanics, which is able to surpass all the rivals on the market.

The convenience of interfaces. When developing a game mobile app, it is very important to combine interesting mechanics with a simple and intuitive control system, so that any person can in a few seconds understand how to run the character and interact with the environment.

racing apps ios

Technological perfection. The programmers at KATASIS Studio demonstrate all their skills to provide the best gaming experience without any frustrations and negativity to the constantly «flying out» application.

The main steps in creating games for mobile devices in our web studio are:

Preparation. We conduct research of the target audience, define the model of monetization, develop a concept, discuss the maintenance and choose a platform (iOS, Android or WP). This is, of course, the most crucial stage, which defines the success of the finished product.

Realization. To develop a good mobile racing game, you need a team of highly skilled coworkers. Art director, designer, and programmer do the best, they can. It allows fulfilling the idea, by developing a game of the highest possible quality.

vr racing apps

Launching. The application launch strategy must be prepared before its start. Press releases, promotion, video clips, and reviews — are just a small part of the work of a successful project release.

Support. The released product needs support, communicating with the audience allows you to improve the evaluation and to increase the number of installations. Our company knows that the abandoned application will never reach the TOP. If you are looking for a professional team, who has significant experience in developing customized mobile racing games and applications — feel free to contact the KATASIS web studio.

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