Games development for computers and mobile platforms is one of the most profitable business industries. In order to create a popular game program it is not at all necessary to have a huge budget, as a first step, development goals should be determined. For example, the minimal development team can cope with launching a contextual flash game for a website. And if you are planning to create an original gaming simulator, then KATASIS web studio provides you with a personal team of experienced scriptwriters, designers and developers.
Work on any game project in our agency includes a range of services: script writing and dialogue; sketching; create a map of the game world; game programming; writing music and the selection of sounds; dubbing games; game testing; support and work on updates. We will also be happy to advertise a new product on the market. Create your own universes with KATASIS!



Multiplayer games are the fastest growing and most profitable video game development segment. Multiplayer game is a type of video games, which are played by more than one people on the network.

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