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How to easily win your buyer’s heart? How to turn a product into a brand without investing a lot of money? The perfect solution is mobile gaming development! This is the best way of non-intrusive and easy advertising, which allows you to achieve high results in a relatively short time.

KATASIS develops games for tablets and phones that work on the iOS and Android operating systems. All our projects are not only interesting and immersive games but also quality marketing tools that allow our customers to promote any product.

RPG Apps Development


Development of mobile games for a new product includes many following advantages. This type of games:

  • expand the target audience;
  • form a positive attitude to the product;
  • are a powerful competitive advantage.

Creating a high-quality mobile game is the first step of attracting users and making them your regular customers. While developing the application, it is necessary to consider all the aspects of the client’s business. The KATASIS team tries to reflect the company’s specific features inside the game, which acts as hidden advertising.

RPG Apps Development Service

What is RPG?

Role-playing game, aka RPG, is a category of video games based on the gameplay elements of classic desktop role-playing games. In a role-playing game, single or multiple characters, who are described by a set of numerical characteristics, which can change during the game, are controlled by the player. One of the characteristic gameplay elements is to increase the capabilities of the character by improving their parameters and learning new abilities.

Usually, the user controls one or more main characters (party) and wins after accomplishing assignments (quests), participating in tactical combat and reaching the ending of the plot. A key attribute of RPG is that the characters become stronger and gain new capabilities, which are often controlled by the player.

RPG Apps Development Company

RPG’s usually rely on an interesting plot and detailed graphics. The gameplay is generally divided into multiple tasks («quests»). The user appoints the character orders, which he performs in accordance with the numerical indicators relating to this order. When the character earns a specific number of experience points, he gets to the next level, which makes these indicators increase.

Necessary components for the RPG app development

Role system

It describes how to design, alter and develop characters in order to make them more effective in the game.

Required components:

  • The user controls single (incarnation, avatar) or multiple (group, party) particular characters. This is a must for all RPG’s. Unlike strategies, these characters ought to be exclusive and have names.
  • Player gradually improves characteristics and skills (via in-game values, most often experience points obtained for finishing tasks and exploring the map).
  • In the walkthrough, the player’s character has to make checks of his characteristics, abilities, and skills.
  • Characters can improve their characteristics, capabilities, and skills with equipment elements. It is potentially possible to create a video RPG without equipment. The absence of equipment items can serve as an identifying sign of adventure games, which often use the supply exclusively for items that are used for solving puzzles.

RPG Game Development


It is the description of the character’s movement around the game world, everything he can find, see and what he can interact with. For example, game areas, items and other objects.

Required elements:

  • User character is allowed to interact with the game zone and find new game areas.
  • User character has the ability to find items and store those items in the inventory. It is potentially possible to create a computer RPG that does not have the inventory.
  • User character is capable of finding data sources. Finding the data source is a must for role-playing games.

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It includes all components of the story, such as the game world, its history, characters, dialogues, tasks, descriptions, storylines and how these components interact.

Required elements:

  • User character benefits from data sources (receive hints, goals, tasks, skills, spells, training). This component has a close relation to the third essential element of the Research category. After the source is found, you need to receive its information.
  • User character can finish quests (at least one plot quest is available).
  • User character moves up the chain of related events and plays a role in them.

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Combat system

It explains the impact of the role system, exploration and plot on the outcome of a battle or other conflict.

Important elements:

  • Effectiveness in battle depends on the character’s abilities and skills (the amount of damage, the chance of hitting, the possibility of using certain types of weapons and so on). A combat system that is not related to the character’s abilities and skills means the game relies solely on the player’s skills.
  • In combat, there is an element of randomness (rolls of in-game dice). Virtually all computer role-playing games have virtual dice rolls and probabilistic functions.

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RPG game development stages

The high-quality application development requires attention to details. A good game can quickly spread among users, which makes the client achieve the desired result without significant financial costs.

RPG mobile app development has the following stages:

  • preparation;
  • implementation;
  • release;
  • after-sales support.

The preparatory stage of the mobile game development takes a lot of time. It includes the target audience research, monetization model specification, concept development, platform choice and discussion of the game mechanics with the client. Its result is technical specifications, on the basis of which the RPG app development for Android or iOS is carried out. After technical specifications are written, the final price of the work is determined.

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The implementation of the project is the longest stage. It requires a careful approach. After the game is finished and tested, it is placed in the store. In addition, its launch involves the development of a promotion strategy. KATASIS is the RPG app development company that can solve the following problems for you.

For several months, the KATASIS team monitors how the game runs and corrects possible errors. When you order the RPG app development service from us, you order an interesting and profitable application. We create RPG apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Our customers are provided with recommendations that allow them to increase the number of downloads.

What other games can we offer you?

We will develop for you desktop and mobile games of various genres and styles.

  • Action
  • Stealth action
  • First person or third person shooter
  • Shoot ’em up
  • Fighting

RPG Apps Ios

  1. Strategy
  • Real-time or turn-based
  • Tower Defense
  • Real-time tactics
  • Artillery
  1. RPG
  • Tactical
  • Japanese
  • Action
  • Hack and slash


  • Driving
  • Vehicular combat
  • Flight
  • Space flight


  1. Adventure
  • Action-adventure
  • Interactive fiction
  • Puzzle

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