Functional testing services

What are the functional testing web services?

The task of functional testing is to ensure the compliance of the developed software with the initial functional requirements of the customer. It allows you to test the information system’s performance in certain conditions to solve problems of users.

Functional testing is crucial for software quality, and the requirements for software products are not limited by functional specifications. In order to obtain a high-quality software product, you need a number of QA measures, which cover various interdependent characteristics of the application. Functional testing is inseparable from user interface testing, performance testing, as well as security. Therefore, we offer you an integrated approach and software QA service.

functional testing web services

What are the functional testing benefits?

  • Functional testing of applications completely simulates the system’s operation;
  • By finding software errors in time, you can avoid many problems when working with it in the future;
  • Debugging at early software life cycle stages saves your money and reduce risks.

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Functional testing goals:

  • Product functionality
  • Task accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Compliance with development standards
  • Сompatibility with other software or devices
  • Compliance of the final product with the functional requirements
  • Protection from unauthorized use and incorrect actions of users

functional testing web services

Functional testing stages

  1. Program development and methods for testing applications. This stage includes a list of testing scenarios based on documents about the test object: functional and business requirements, technical specifications and project passport.
  2. Testing. Usually, functional testing of software is carried out manually, based on pre-developed test scripts, which records all found errors to the bug tracking system.
  3. Report. At this stage, our specialists develop and agree on test reports with all errors found and recommendations for the system’s optimization.


Functional Testing Web Services Company

Functional testing tools

Use our functional testing experience to reduce the QA operational risks. To create the software QA processes, we follow such modern methodologies: HP QM, RUP, ITIL, COBIT. To build functional testing processes, we use powerful solutions from market leaders: HP Application Lifecycle Management, Rational Quality Manager, MS Team Foundation Server 2010, Jira or Redmine. We offer you functional testing of web services, smoke testing, black box testing etc.

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Functional testing methods

  • Black box testing — verification of software compliance with specifications. We can carry out full testing check the basic functions only;
  • Regression testing – testing product functionality after correcting errors or implementing new functions;
  • Interface testing – testing the processes and functions of interface elements;
  • White box testing – functional testing with the system code access. In the process of white box testing, test cases are created, which are based mainly on the software system code.

KATASIS offers you a full range of testing services (manual/automated; functional testing in Java, Agile) at all stages of the software life cycle. We have a laboratory, qualified specialists and our own tools for conducting tests.

functional testing web services

Why order the functional testing web services from KATASIS?

Fast start

No need to waste your time finding specialists – just contact KATASIS. Our testing engineers will become an integral part of your team and help you to get results right from the start.

Reduce costs

Recruitment is an expensive process that carries significant risks, including staff turnover. Cooperation with KATASIS will allow you to quickly form a professional team for your project.

functional testing web services

Increase efficiency

We will ensure the testing process efficiency, automating and simplifying existing methods. We will form a unified QA for your products.

High-quality practices

KATASIS continuously studies the best international practices and thoroughly creates its own methodologies and procedures to carry out during the testing process.

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functional testing goals

We are professionals

Our testing and quality control engineers have a total profile experience of over 100 years. The flexible team of KATASIS will help you to bring your products to a new level.

Solid team

We offer you a solid team of testers who and are able to proceed to the project immediately. We have already built a solid team for your needs.

functional testing in java

Creative approach

Creative approach helps us to find errors and vulnerabilities in completely unpredictable places. For this, we use functional testing types.

Modern laboratory

KATASIS has its own laboratory of platforms and tools for testing a wide range of programs and electronic devices.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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