Performance testing services

What are performance testing services used for?

Every modern user knows that the majority of online applications are focused on mass use.

The use of software involves the simultaneous operation of many users, and in such situations there is a need for performance testing under heavy loads (load testing).

Load testing is an imitation of the work of a certain number of users on a shared resource. The primary goal of this type of software testing is to confirm that the system is able to successfully withstand the loads to which it will be exposed during actual operation.

If you want to add new functionality, adjust the hardware configuration, fear that the system will not be able to serve the business due to the growth of the user base, then you need to evaluate the current capabilities of your system. To understand whether the system can withstand the required load, load testing is carried out. This type of testing allows you to analyze in advance possible problems related to application performance and fix them in a timely manner.

Load Testing

Load testing will help to find a solution to the following tasks:

  • Determine what the system performance is under normal operating conditions and planned load
  • Check the behavior of the application in critical conditions and in conditions of prolonged use
  • Find out how performance changes with increasing number of users, changing work intensity, changing hardware platform

Lack of IT performance can lead to the following consequences:

  • Colossal financial losses due to complete system failure and shutdown
  • Loss of existing and potential customers
  • Profit loss due to limited software operation
  • Loss of reputation that has been developed over the years
  • Inefficient staff performance due to unavailability and system “brakes”

Website Testing

Often, an understanding of the need for testing comes only after major disruptions related to the performance of IT resources, namely:

  • ATMs are not serviced
  • Cashiers cannot ship goods
  • Warehouse workers can not take delivery
  • Inadmissibly long system response time to requests
  • Lack of access to the database of remote employees
  • Slow operation of the operator’s billing system
  • Internet portal collapsed under the influx of visitors

Software Testing

You need load testing if you:

  1. You are going to put into operation a new IT system with which a large number of users will work.
  2. You want to understand the capabilities of the existing system, find out the maximum permissible load.
  3. You are expecting a season of high sales or prepare the launch of a large-scale advertising campaign, which will cause a sharp increase in the load on the system.
  4. You are planning to launch new services that will increase the current load.
  5. You plan to change the architecture or make significant changes to the functionality of a high-load system.
  6. You do not know what equipment is needed to host a new IT system.
  7. You doubt that a software update will lead to performance degradation.
  8. You plan to open new branches and connect them to a single system.
  9. You are going to centralize multiple systems.

Software Testing Outsourcing

Test results

Performance testing allows you to answer the following questions:

  • How does the product handle the expected load?
  • Do you have enough hardware resources to handle the expected traffic? An analysis of computing capability is held.
  • How fast does the server respond to user requests? Speed of operations is analyzed. Low speed and failures under load reduce the efficiency of the application, block its work and increase the risk of losing customers.
  • Is scaling required for computing power?
  • Does the site have resource-intensive operations that need optimization?

Stress Testing System

The two performance testing benefits

Providing smooth performance:

  • Technical analysis
  • Software Architecture Planning
  • Performance defects removal
  • Evaluation of computing power
  • Determining the level of system fault tolerance

Reducing the cost of ownership software:

  • Assessing software’s ability to handle predicted load
  • Optimize your hardware investment
  • Reduced maintenance and support costs
  • Reduced recovery time
  • Effective monitoring

Stress Testing

Load testing in stages

KATASIS specialists thoroughly study each project and perform testing based on its unique needs and limitations.


  1. Studying the object and context of testing. During load testing, much depends on the expected load on the resource and the functionality that will be under load. A comprehensive analysis of constraints and requirements allows you to develop an effective testing methodology.
  2. Planning and preparation. At this stage, the testing methodology, load profile is developed.
  3. Setting the test environment. Load testing of servers requires preliminary preparation of data, setting up parameters of work of load generators, monitoring systems and other elements.
  4. Testing scripts development. Conducted with the business requirements for the product.
  5. Performance tests launching. During testing, the application is analyzed in different conditions, defects are detected.
  6. Data analysis, the reports development.

Performance Testing

What guarantees cooperation with KATASIS?

Professionally performance

We offer a full range of quality control services, including consulting on software quality, planning and conducting testing, improving the software development process.

Missing documentation?

Performance testing service offerings by KATASIS, even if you do not have enough detailed project documentation and time for its preparation.

Step by step

We have a certain sequence according to which testing is carried out, which allows for a complete check of the application in various aspects.

Under stress

Using software involves the simultaneous operation of many users, and in such situations there is a need for stress testing performance.

Performance Testing Services

Is your website safe?

KATASIS offers a full cycle of website testing to ensure that the information system protects the data in the right direction and supports the functionality.

Failures in product performance can adversely affect your business. Software testing is the ability to prevent failures in its work and ensure stable operation of all components. We will identify current problems and identify hidden defects that may adversely affect the operation of the software.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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