Technology consulting

What is a technical audit?

Technical audit includes:

  • Diagnostics of back end interface problems, error notifications, repositories and integrated extensions.
  • Check for timely security updates and required patches.
  • Analysis of the website tree structure, optimization in accordance with the standards and professional use of TypoScript.
  • Control of updating used extensions, analysis for conflict of versions during upgrades and associated problems.
  • Audit of the SEO mechanisms’ implementation and compliance with the work of the back end and front end.
  • Optimization of the front end loading speed according to the Google Page Speed requirements.

Technology Consulting Services

Why do you need technical consulting for websites?

When choosing a developer for a website or another system, the customer very often wants to see a portfolio. Why? A lot of people would say that they want to see how good the developer is. In reality, a portfolio will say you nothing about the developer. An average customer will not be able to determine the quality of the program code and layout, website’s commercial effectiveness and whether it performs the tasks assigned to it.

In this situation, you can only tell whether you like the design or not. But considering that you do not know its task and budget, this will not give you any information about the developer. Unfortunately, customers have no opportunity to objectively evaluate and select a developer. This can only be done by a professional.

Technical consulting is a service in which we can act as an independent expert to help you choose a developer or a technical platform (CMS, CRM, ERP systems), analyze your website for usability errors or security problems, give recommendations for adding functions or correcting errors in the existing ones.

We can also infiltrate your enterprise for a certain period, conduct an audit of your processes and provide a plan for their automation or a technical task for creating specific systems.

Technology Consulting Agency

Properly configured web analytics allows you to:

  • estimate the quantity and quality of the website traffic
  • identify stable traffic sources and pick out the most efficient and cost-effective ones
  • identify problem areas of the website

Auditing and technology consulting services

  1. Consulting on contextual advertising. Professional recommendations for contextual advertising in a convenient format.
  2. Audit of contextual advertising. An audit of advertising campaigns in Google AdWords systems.
  3. Detailed web analytics consulting. Professional recommendations for web analytics in a convenient format.
  4. Audit of the web analytics settings. Audit of the web analytics settings in the Google Analytics systems.
  5. SEO website audit. A website audit in terms of its external and internal optimization.
  6. SEO consulting. Professional recommendations for promoting your website in search engines.
  7. Writing technical specifications for the website development. Technical specifications are the key to successful website creation.
  8. Google Shopping customization. Create and customize Google AdWords product ads.

Technology Consulting Costs

KATASIS technology consulting agency offers the following web analytics services:

Technical services

  • installing Google Analytics code and checking the code’s availability on all pages of your website;
  • setting up special profiles to access statistics;
  • setting goals and funnels;
  • making changes to the statistics and analytics counters’ codes in accordance with new tasks and goals (if necessary);
  • connecting Google Analytics with the AdWords contextual advertising service;
  • setting up reports to track and analyze the work of other contextual advertising systems;
  • creating new and changing existing advertising campaigns, as well as analyzing them in the website’s general statistics (effectiveness of attracting the target audience to the website, increasing the website’s sales, etc.);
  • programming landing pages;
  • setting up subdomain tracking;
  • setting up e-commerce;
  • setting up the dashboard according to the predefined web project KPI.

Technology Consulting Firms

Analytical Services

  • organizing user reports, including regular and complex ones (using the relationship of 4 key website metrics over time);
  • event tracking and setting the necessary filters in accordance with the web project goals;
  • analysis of the internal search, movement and clicks of visitors on the website;
  • identification of web project’s problem pages, including those affecting the website traffic decline;
  • setting up and creating special website reports;
  • guaranteed monitoring and regular reports on website’s statistics and achievement of goals.

One-time SEO audit

In most cases, it is enough to conduct one audit, after which we give a package of recommendations so that you can successfully follow them for a long-term result.

It includes:

  • basic technical website audit (code, response speed, etc.);
  • indexing test by major search engines;
  • website’s current position in search engines (checking indexed pages of the website, analysis of confidence indicators, presence in large directories, etc.);
  • proposal for specific resource development opportunities.

Technology Consulting Websites

Continuous SEO audit

If you have a complex (or specific) advertising campaign that needs to be constantly checked and optimized, it is better to arrange constant cooperation.

PPC audit (contextual advertising audit)

Our technology consulting case studies show that we often reduce the costs of client’s advertising, making them from 2 to 10 times lower. Meanwhile, the efficiency of attracting orders remained the same (or higher). As a result, technology consulting costs are quite small, considering how much profit you make.

CRO audit (audit of the website marketing qualities)

CRO audit is a comprehensive audit that shows the possibilities for improving the selling qualities of a website and increasing the number of orders through it. You will receive an analysis of your offer in comparison with your competitors, basic portrait of your target audience, usability audit and hypotheses for A/B testing. By moving some blocks, changing the text and making the basket more convenient, you can increase the average conversion for websites by twice or more.

Technology Consulting Case Studies

Audit competitors in search engines

Marketing methods can usually be viewed without the help of technology consulting companies: what articles does the competitor write, what promotion events does he launch. But it is not easy to see SEO methods for the website’s promotion without the help of specialists, which is a crucial factor.

Technology consulting for a website

Consultation helps you to understand how to start and where to go. We can advise you on any subject: what kind of advertising suits for you, what exactly to do and what budget you will need for this.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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