Usability testing and user acceptance testing

Usability testing services

Usability testing is the testing of the user’s interface convenience done by the target users. Usability testing shows how much the product meets the user’s expectations, detect the issues in the interface, provides an opportunity to take a look at the product with user’s eyes. During the usability testing, the user performs typical tasks on the product.

Usability testing can be carried out at different stages of product development. However, we recommend, that you start it right at the initial stages of developing interfaces, even before they are implemented in the program code. This will let you to make the necessary amendments right away and make the interface more convenient. The sooner you make changes to the interface, the easier, faster, and accordingly cheaper it will be.

Usability Testing Services

You can order usability testing of the product interface for various purposes:

  • Testing the convenience of a single product interface
  • Comparison with competitors’ products
  • Comparison of several versions of one interface
  • Testing product’s convenience on the users from different countries (for multilingual projects)

With us, you can test not only websites but also any other interfaces:

  • Web interfaces
  • Television interfaces
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications (native)
  • Mobile sites
  • Terminals and ATMs with touchscreen or buttons
  • Voice Interfaces and IVR
  • Printed applications and requests
  • Presentations
  • Video advertising
  • Call center operators’ work
  • Business processes
  • Omni-channels of sales and service
  • SMS-sending and information distribution
  • Email
  • Navigation in shopping malls, buildings, railway stations

Usability Check Service

Who needs a usability check service?

This service is useful for the sites, that are already engaged in promotion on the Internet and receive more payback from the site, to expand the client base, to make investments in advertisement more efficient. We have experience in developing different types of resources: online stores; commercial sites; content projects; infobusiness; landings (landing pages).

Usability testing and user acceptance testing benefits:

  1. Analysis of statistics, for example, Yandex Metrics, Google Analytics, Bitrix statistics, etc. Web counters are installed on almost every site, the data is provided free of charge — so this is one of the most affordable options for usability analysis. A comparative analysis of the statistics on similar sites can be carried out, if you have a required access. The main disadvantages of this method comprise the lack of data volume and the lack of deeper conclusions.
  2. Work with visitors reviews. What could be easier than asking the visitor what he likes on the website? Some sites, for this particular purpose, post forms for voting and feedback. If any element of the site will cause user’s negativity, they will not hesitate to express it. To implement the feedback form on the site and to process the received reviews is not complicated, the main thing — to monitor the views of visitors from time to time. The downside of this method is , that only the main errors on the site will be mentioned in the reviews.Usability Testing And User Acceptance Testing
  3. Test the usability of the site. This method is the best suitable if there are doubts about the success of the innovations, introduced on the site. To test pages, you can use a special tool from Google — Website Optimizer — and focus groups. It is necessary to select people and give them a rready-made task to achieve the main goal of the site. The group is divided into two parts, and each works with its own version of the site. The actions of the experiment participants are carefully observed, as a result it will be concluded, which version of the site is most convenient. The advantage of the method can be considered an ideal choice between two variants, statistically verified. The disadvantage is, that you can form and motivate a focus group and you do not receive the general tips on how to change your resource.
  4. Observation of visitors actions. By choosing this method, you can form focus groups, define different tasks for them, and cover any target audiences, including blended ones. You can use the Webvisor tool, presented in Yandex Metrics for monitoring it. Webvisor records all the actions of visitors on the site. There are many advantages of this method: a lot of data for analysis, various options for conclusions, a clearly defined target group, the possibility of free analysis, etc. Disadvantage might be : the lack of observational experience: you need to see what prevents the visitor from reaching the goal and finding the right solutions to the problems.
  5. Conducting an examination. To evaluate the usability of the site you can order expert examination. This service requires payment, but result will be high. The second option is to conduct an evaluation on your own. To accomplish this, you need to have the experience and skills to search the usability errors. We should start from the definition of the main target groups and tasks that the site helps to solve. Then from a fresh perspective you need to follow the main path of the target group, unbiased writing down the errors.

Such an expert examination will be free, but it will be difficult to guarantee its effectiveness.

Choosing a method for evaluating the usability of a site depends on many factors, which can be implemented on your own, it is better not to putt it off.

Usability is mostly based on human psychology habits. Knowing the standards of building websites in the Russian segment of the Internet, you can quickly detect convenience errors in using the resource. Web usability errors can be divided into 3 large blocks: the first relates to technical errors, the second — design, the third — content.

Quality Assurance

Usability testing and user acceptance testing company

In the high competitive niches, it’s not so easy to increase the site’s conversion. KATASIS provide services usability testing and user perception testing.

Therefore, we will use our own innovative approach to solve this problem:

  • Improving your website, so that anyone, even the most inexperienced user, can find what he is looking for and can easily make an order;
  • the development of landing pages for visitors, who are at different stages of decision-making with various degrees of awareness;
  • strengthening the entire marketing, so that every visitor read your unique offer and advantages among the competitors.

User Acceptance Testing

We do not just make the site convenient for the user — we combine usability and strategic marketing to represent your company in the best light, and your unique offer and your product, and help the site to get more sales to as many people as possible.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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