Comprehensive audit of online store

What is a comprehensive audit of online store necessary for?

If you are an online store owner or head of an online sales department in a large company, you need to regularly conduct a comprehensive audit of online sales at least once a year. It is a comprehensive audit covering all the processes of which your sales are built on the Internet, and not just the SEO audit of an online store or an assessment of the economic return of advertising costs.

It seems to you that the online store works fine, doesn’t it? You do not even know where and how many potential customers you lose. Inconvenient search, long page load, complicated registration, lack of photos and descriptions of goods — people leave the website without making a purchase. KATASIS will help fix this.

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Marketing Audit Of Online Store

Store audit is simply necessary if:

  • you are a shop owner and want to increase sales;
  • you are an expert and need arguments for leadership;
  • you have a lot of ideas, but they need to be realized;
  • you are looking for new ideas to increase conversion and sales.

As a result of a comprehensive audit, you will receive

Basic Document:

  • analytics systems analysis
  • SEO optimization check
  • traffic analysis
  • e-mail newsletter analysis
  • usability audit

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Seo Audit Of Online Store

Internet Sales Audit Plan

Technical audit of the online store

Technical website indicators are analyzed, as well as their possible impact on the sales process. Among the main indicators that need to be considered in this section, we can mention such as page loading speed, indexing of pages, the absence of duplicates, redirects setting up, correct handling of 404 status for nonexistent pages and more.

Usability audit of the online store

Usability audit should answer one basic question — how convenient it is for visitors of your site to make purchases.

Marketing audit of the online store

In this section, you need to consider all the advertising channels that are used to promote products, evaluate their effectiveness, as well as consider the possibility of connecting new advertising channels.

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Contextual Advertising Audit

Sales audit

Sales system refers to the processing of customer requests in the online store. The work of the online store managers needs to be analyzed, who should try to turn an incoming call or any other appeal to the online store in salesmanship.

Audit assortment and supply

This section involves determining the most sold and profitable product groups, identifying opportunities to obtain optimal conditions for the supply of these goods, as well as the development of proposals for expanding the product range.

Logistics audit

In this section, you need to consider how effective the existing methods of goods delivery from the online store to the final customer, as well as consider the possibility of optimizing these processes.

Competitive environment audit

It involves identifying key players in your market, and how your store place is relative to them. Immediately, an analysis of their promotion methods is carried out, and your competitive advantages are determined, with the help of which you could gain a greater market share.

Usability Audit Of Online Store

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Comprehensive approach audit of the online store from KATASIS

If you are just launching an online store or want to raise sales from an existing site, our specialists are ready to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your project. All you need is a desire to grow your business, and the rest of the experts of KATASIS will do for you. Contact comprehensive approach audit of online store company for advice in any way convenient for you.

Why choose us?

  1. Our audit removes obstacles. We consider the website and online store of the company as a tool for the development of its business. And this attitude predetermines the appropriate approach to work — this tool must be effective and bring profit. In addition, the website should not just sell — it should at the same time be user-friendly! The comprehensive approach audit of online storage services allow you to eliminate obstacles that hinder effective promotion, and increase the level of conversion by increasing the site’s convenience for visitors. A satisfied customer is a customer who will continue to make purchases from you. Moreover, he will recommend your site to other people, and this is the most valuable asset.Comprehensive Audit Of Online Store
  2. Work process and reporting. The comprehensive website audit begins with an analysis of general issues, such as compliance of the project’s appearance with its theme, visibility of key components that influence the decision to purchase, analysis of the structure of individual pages. In the course of work, our specialists will analyze important technical indicators, the quality of optimization, texts, the speed of the site and other components. We will check the website usability by the visitor, go through the chain of order processing transactions if we are talking about an online store. Following the test, you will receive recommendations for eliminating errors, improving search engine optimization, functionality and layout, as well as other tips that will help you increase profits. An audit of the website and online store at KATASIS will help you increase the return on your efforts to promote the project, ensure its stable development and sales growth.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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