Banking software solutions


KATASIS provides high-tech software development services aimed at automating unique processes and solving the integration problems of disparate IT systems, basing on many years of experience working with leading world banks and financial organizations, as well as in-depth knowledge of banking industry technologies.

For whom?

Banking software solutions development is carried out for commercial and investment banks, electronic trading platforms, insurance companies, organizations engaged in financial operations, as well as companies developing products for the banking and financial markets.

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banking software solutions

So, our customers are:

  • Banks

  • Financial Services Companies

  • Brokerage offices

  • Electronic trading platforms

  • Companies developing products for the banking and financial market (ISV)

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What do we offer?

KATASIS specialists are comprehensively competent in the field of bank business processes organization, which allows them to provide an integrated approach to solving problems of any complexity.

Among the services provided:

  • business process analysis;

  • development and integration of specialized software;

  • development e-banking solution software

  • refactoring and reengineering of existing systems;

  • software testing;

  • support and refinement of systems;

  • IT outsourcing specialists.

banking software solutions companies

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What systems do we work with?

KATASIS offers its customers full-cycle banking software solutions services for any type of activity, as well as business support solutions (EDMS, CRM, etc.).The company provides its customers with support and integration of IT solutions for the following systems:

1. Retail banking sector

  • Lending process automation

  • Loyalty systems

  • Internet bank

  • Mobile Bank

  • Plastic cards

         2. Corporate and investment banking sector

  • Factoring systems

  • Currency control

  • Suspicious transaction tracking

  • Investment trading platforms

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  • Front Office Systems

  • Crediting (recording requests, scoring, underwriting, product calculation)

  • Decision-making systems

  • Analytical systems

  • Internet bank

  • Mobile Bank

3. Back office systems

  • Unified reporting

  • Analytical reporting

  • Management of risks

  • Transaction Automation

  • Corporate Data Warehouse

  • Document Automation

  • ATM monitoring and service systems

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Banking software solutions services: the functionality of our programs

Electronic service channels

Remote banking — remote access to financial institution services. Bills payment, funds transfer, card statement — standard banking transactions are available anywhere in the world where there is the Internet. The client promptly sends his orders to the bank via secure electronic channels and receives the information he needs. Remote banking saves time and allows customers to choose a convenient interaction format.

KATASIS Company offers several electronic service channels: from applications on a smartphone for personal use to products for automating business processes.

CRM systems

KATASIS Studio specializes in the development of CRM-systems for the bank — integrated products designed for sales management, customer service and marketing campaign management.banking software solutions services

Cash and Securities Management

The introduction of accounting systems with securities and the use of funds allows monitoring all transactions and improving the efficiency of the relevant departments. A number of KATASIS systems allow you to automate and manage operations with securities and cash assets.

BI systems

Analytics systems for banks play a key role in organizing and planning work. Analytical platforms help chiefs make informed management decisions based on available information. Thanks to our developments, banks will be able to solve several key tasks at once, ranging from online access to information and ending with modeling of key performance indicators.

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Automated Banking System

The introduction of automated banking systems allows you to reduce bank costs and at the same time improve the speed and quality of services provided to customers. In addition, automation helps to integrate the main business processes of the bank in a single managed system.

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Risk management

The main function of risk management systems is to detect and evaluate various types of risks, taking early measures to prevent losses for the company. KATASIS software products will allow not only to save assets, but also to multiply them.

Accounting and Reporting

The accounting automation program is able to become a reliable assistant to the chief accountant, while at the same time increasing the quality of analytics and the efficiency of the process. Its implementation allows to reduce the cost of data processing, reduce the number of errors and, most importantly, to obtain accurate data on the performance of the entire organization. Information is protected from loss or leakage, and its safety is guaranteed by archive copies.


Development banking software solutions: what will the customer get?

  • Automation of internal regulatory and administrative workflow, office;

  • Creating archives of client cases and operations, archives of normative and reference information;

  • Automation of retail lending, lending for small and medium-sized businesses, large corporate businesses;

  • Automation of loan administration processes;

  • Automation of the activities of currency control units;

  • Automation of payment order processing;

  • Automation of internal project activities of banks (project portals, portals for managing project portfolios);

  • Automation of economic activities of banks — systems for consideration of IT applications, applications for repairs, management of contractual and contractual activities;

banking software solutions companies

  • Ability to customize arbitrary strategies for selling and servicing products (graphical interface);

  • Ability to use multi-factor sales strategies within the same product, taking into account the ranges of responsibility for bid amounts and other factors;

  • Reduction of labor costs and risks due to the possible use of blacklists databases with the ability to integrate client verification by data sources;

  • The automated process of motion of the application between the services of the bank in the decision-making process, support for the approval of applications by several services

  • Ability to configure additional details and attach files at all stages of decision making;

  • Access to historical information when working with a specific client — the history of requests made;

  • Access to current products of the current customer;

  • No need to work in the transaction system to create transactions.

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Why should you contact KATASIS?

Our agency offers development, integration and banking software solutions companies, insurance industry and financial organizations. Together with our customers, we solve the issues of streamlining processes, increasing business efficiency and creating a single integrated workspace. Our main goal is to increase the competitiveness of your business by creating effective IT solutions in the banking and financial sector.

The proposed banking software solutions are easily configured, have typical configurations, which reduces the cost and implementation time, while having high functionality, scalability and development capabilities.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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