Document management systems

Development of document management systems

Systems of digital documents management assure the process of creating, managing the access and distribution of large amounts of documents in corporate computer networks, as well as providing control over the document flow in the organization. These documents are stored in the special repositories or in the file system hierarchy. Types of files include text and graphic files, images, electronic spreadsheets, audio, video and web documents.

Any mature organization, which has its own staff, makes a documents administration precise, starting from internal orders and to major contracts with partners. Step-by-step accumulation of reports leads to a complicated search of information, required in a particular moment, exactly here electronic document flow will be helpful.

document management systems

After implementation of the documents management system, the process of categorization can fully be automatized, controlled and enables easy search of necessary documents. Digital administration of documentation enables a significant reduce of the time spent on routine operations, in this way it will increase the productivity of the staff members. In addition to the increased speed of processing, it will bring full control over all the editing of internal and external documents, which was done by all the corresponding specialists and guarantees the higher safety and good level of protection for all the corporate documentation.

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Document management systems advantages or arguments in favor of documents flow system implementation:

  • 6% of all paper documents get lost
  • 30% of working time is spent on documents and agreements search
  • every single internal document is copied up to 20 times
  • 90% of all the corporate information is left only on paper
  • the total volume of information will be doubled every 5 years
  • the correlation of paper and digital documents in 10 years will come to 30% to 70% respectively

document management systems for small business

Electronic document management systems benefits:

  • Keeping the record and processing of documents.
  • Storage of digital documents.
  • Managing the document flow.
  • Users authentication and user access rights’ division,
  • Control of executives’ discipline.
  • Integration with external email systems.

document management systems advantages

Advantages of using the system of document flow management:

  • The increase of productivity of the staff members.
  • Reduce of labor and financial resources on working with documentation.
  • Unification of work in an organization with documents and decrease of its dependence on the staff skills in IT sphere.
  • The decrease of time cycles of work with documentation and creating the unified documentary space.
  • Full control over the documents, their flow and the discipline of executives.
  • The growth of customers’ and staff members’ satisfaction level.
  • Increased level of communication and cooperation during work.

document management systems applications

Creating a document management system

The preparation process, which is the next one after making the final rational decision to implement digital document flow in the enterprise, which can be subdivided into several stages.

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Firstly, we will gather all the statistic information about the documents, which are divided into the following categories — internal, external, incoming and outcoming, as well as differentiated by types — bills, reports etc.

a document management system

Secondly, evaluation of volume flow within each category, which will make the approach to structuring the system of documentation management more qualitative, when it comes to choosing the most appropriate variant among the existing ones on the market. The process of formation of the clear vision of the future mechanism of digital documentation management should be conducted after analysis of existing program complexes’ technical potential. As to their features, systems of digital documentation flow management are divided into several lines:

  • Business-process orientation;
  • Corporate systems of DMS;
  • Content-management, which are intended for content management;
  • Informational portals;
  • Systems of image management;
  • Systems of workflow management.

creating a document management system

The most widespread type of DMS, which is often implemented by commercial organizations, is a corporate system, determined for creating, cooperative work and its further publication within the company. Unlike the systems of digital documentation management, which are focused on business-process, corporate DMS represents a bundled software with extended technical implementation, which covers the wide range of activity types.

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Document management systems for small business: buy or create?

Development of company’s own document management system project depends directly on the capabilities of developing the company, which will be responsible for software development, first of all as to the period of time required for it. Similar bundled software requires a profound approach during the structure elaboration, as well as how competent the specialists are if they are capable to accomplish the task according to customer’s requirements in the shortest possible period.

building a document management system

Document management systems company: advantages of individual solutions

Time is the most valuable resource — our task is to automate the processes, which takes much time of a director, staff members and clients.

Individual automatization

Each company has its own working culture, requirements to coworkers, a point of view on the sale process and way of cooperating with the clients. That’s why our individual software product eliminates the questions, which might arise about the ready-made solutions — complications and problems of elaboration, restrictions etc.

create a document management system

Saving money and time

Our aim — to develop products, which increase efficiency and save time. As an example — easy to access analytics for a director, high conversion of leads, clients’ loyalty, increased the productivity of staff members.

Safety and independence

All the development with an open source code, which can be checked by independent specialists. All the data deployed on your hosting/server and you have absolute control over the product. Every line of code complies with the standards of security.

electronic document management systems benefits

Specialists of KATASIS provide the full range of services like development and implementation of digital documentation management:

  • Developing the concept of document flow;
  • Creating the automatized system of records management;
  • Creating the system for digital documentation management, Enterprise Content Management (ECM);
  • Creating archived, information directory systems and data banks;
  • Creating the system of dynamic management of informational content of corporate internet-resources;
  • Integration of the digital document management system into existing infrastructure.

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