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What is an ERP system?

An ERP system is a software that allows you to store, process, and manage a large amount of company data. This is realized with the help of modules, each solves its separate important task.

Development and implementation of ERP systems is a requirement of time and nowadays business conditions. By itself, the ERP system automatizes the management of all company’s resources, while CRM works with the databases of contacts and clients. Whatever the data will be, every business finds its own solution to meet its specific needs, since the specifics of the company depend on those modules, ERP business development will include it in ERP.

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The system helps to optimize business processes, keep things organized and keep all information in one well-structured database.

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What is the difference between the ERP system and other systems?

Often, ERP systems are confused with other applied solutions and software products, that help in solving certain business tasks. For example, as to its purpose, ERP is considered an analog of CRM system or an alternative to all accounting and tax inspection record programs. The main difference between EPP is, its ability to manage all resources of an enterprise, rather than its individual parts.

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To differentiate it from other applied solutions, the ERP mobile application development has certain unique characteristics:

  • integrates tasks and databases of all company’s departments;
  • ensures the functionality of a single unified information storage system;
  • helps in solving any tasks enterprise has.

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Why your business needs ERP development services?

The development of ERP systems in a modern world is a must have for businesses, aiming to run a business and make a profit out of it. ERP is used for:

  • cutting unnecessary costs;
  • save of time for making the accounting report;
  • control of raw material costs, materials;
  • replenishment of resources;
  • keeping track of purchases;
  • increased efficiency;
  • the growth of production volumes.

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ERP performs fulfills the following functions:

  • evaluation of necessary materials, goods, raw materials, other things, which needs to be ordered;
  • planning volumes and timelines of deliveries;
  • control of the correct production plan implementation;
  • quantity regulation in order to reduce storage costs;
  • customer service quality analysis;
  • financial accounting (reporting, salary calculation for employees, etc.);
  • order processing (tracking, cooperation with delivery services, reservation, calculation of promotions and discounts);
  • staff management (reports on time efficiency, news publication from the personnel department, card catalog, etc.);
  • documentation storage;
  • customer or partner support, etc.

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How can the development and implementation of ERP systems improve company performance?

What is ERP? This is the optimal solution for businesses, regardless of their size, the amount of branches and their remoteness. The system allows:

  • to accelerate the workflow between the departments significantly;
  • get quick access to information;
  • effectively manage the work of remote departments, affiliates, employees.

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Companies choose ERP business development because of its main advantages of this solution and from a practical viewpoint.

Establishing standards for production processes

This is especially relevant for large enterprises, whose branches are separated from each other (located in different cities or even countries or continents). So, in such branches, various accounting methods and computer systems can be used, and in order not to get confused in all this, the ERP is used. On the Internet, it is easy to gain access to the necessary information, and the multi-currency systems help to reduce the number of staff and simplify accounting processes. Therefore ERP system development can save you lots of resources.

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Accounting and finances management

Optimize and automate financial management with business software solutions, using ERP web application development, which will help to integrate accounting data with sales and purchasing data. You can increase profits, reduce the number of errors and make more profit.

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Customer relationship management

Make potential customers permanent, increase their satisfaction levels, and increase profitability. Our integrated ERP website development tools support all sales, service, and marketing operations — from managing campaigns to monitoring potential opportunities and providing after-sales support.


Storage buildings and manufacture management

Manage inventories in all warehouses in real-time mode and run cost-effective manufacture. Our small business software solutions will help you keep track and revise stock movements, optimize their level, carefully observe delivery times, and also forget about stock shortages.

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Purchasing and supply

Find new opportunities for savings by optimizing the entire procurement process — from planning and creating a purchase order to selecting a supplier, billing and payment transfer.

Reports and analytics

Simple and fast access to intuitive business intelligence (BI) tools, analysis and reporting will allow your employees to receive answers they need in real time.

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What are the advantage of developing your own ERP system at KATASIS

Working with the best ERP development company will bring you significant value. Our systems are developed specifically for your business, taking into account its special features. It makes the customer uniquely win — this is spiral development. With it, you can start with small parts and develop the software elements in series, through iterations, bringing the necessary changes in the process. It reduces instantaneous expenses, as the payment also occurs in circuits. Such a development will allow you to start using separate modules of the system (for example, accounting) earlier, and returning the investment earlier.

Another important advantage of the development of ERP, which is important when working with a remote IT team, is the quality of the code and documentation. So you will have more opportunities to scaling and integrating the new functionality. And so you can feel more freedom in terms of cooperation with any team in the future (including, perhaps, your own) without risking starting from scratch when no one can handle the code.

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