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Why your business needs trading software?

The newest information technologies embrace practically all the spheres of life. Thereby, in some fields, they became objectively obligatory on the way to increase the efficiency of any business activity. One of the brightest examples is a trading sphere, where automatization doesn’t only simplify business management but also makes a profit much higher. Trading software development gives a unique opportunity to avoid additional expenses and work through a centralized database.

Automated trading software development guarantees:

  • improved service speed: eliminates queues and dissatisfied customers;

  • effective work positions cuts;

  • professional development of staff members through trainings on working with specialized trading hardware and software;

trading software development

  • protection from dishonest employees and clients;

  • reducing the number of errors done by staff and improving the quality of customer service;

  • perfect order in the records and reports;

  • a system, that at any moment will provide the necessary, relevant information about your business.

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Possibilities of trading software

The majority of trading companies of large, medium and small scale businesses realized the necessity and efficiency of trade process automated trading software development. The only problem is, that not each one can make the right choice of the system, which would suit perfectly the company’s size and specialization. When choosing an automated trading system software for a retail store, it’s worth considering the following factors.

trading software development company


Trading platform software development is quite complicated and must perform a number of functions and operations: manage a range of products, price determination, stocks, accounting with partners and clients, monitor bonus rewards systems, and as well as to implement the overall organization of the shop’s everyday operations.

Convenience in use

The software should be user-friendly, and, by the way, the employees of commerce and trading usually have no technical background and it is not really easy for them to deal with complicated systems. And as long as the store employees do not know exactly how to work with automated trading software and how it operates, no good result is possible to achieve. As much as all the benefits of the implementation of advanced technologies will be of no use. Therefore, when selecting trading software development companies, the particular attention of the developers should be paid to the simplified usability and administration of the system.

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Supports the ability to work in the retailing network

Often the owners have several stores, offices. Full accounting for all of them is quite complicated and problematic. There is a need for trading platform software developed to solve those problems at once. In order for one to work in a local store network or even offline to serve all the trading points of the shopping chain of a set of stores.

Support bookkeeping and accounting

For bookkeeping records, in correlation with the laws of the country, which need to be used in large retail chains, it is commonly large spaces (back offices), which, however, are not always suitable to create salesmen’s workplaces there at the same. The trading system software development must either independently provide the option of accounting, or make it is easy to upload and download platform software development

Types of trading platforms software

Development of Stocks Trading Software

Programs to work on the trading stocks markets are a subject to strict requirements for reliability and high performance. The special feature of any exchange program is, that starting from the moment of starting the trading in the system, there is a constant movement — it’s a living organism, which contains great degree of uncertainty. It results in a higher cost of trading software development.

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Our significant advantage is a deep understanding of the subject area, we quickly find a common language with the customer, which allows foreseeing all the possible «pitfalls», even at the stage of drafting a contract, and make an early stage relevant changes to the technical assignment.

trading system software development

Automated trading software development

Often, when the company is working according to its own, smoothly running business rules, these rules are individual and work for every team member. A wish to bring trading system software development to a certain this area of activity, the company can address third-party developers. Developers, having the experience of introducing typical solutions, try to make out of the customer’s business model a typical one, referring to the fact, that the model is more correct and has proved its work in the course of long time period and has been tested for years. As a result, your familiar business processes obtain a completely different look, and in addition to automation, it is necessary to retrain employees, and at the result is slightly different.

Our approach to automated trading software development the opposite. By interacting with the customer, we take a deep look at his specific model, rather than trying to impose our own. Our customers do not need to adapt their business processes to typical solutions.

automated trading software development

R-keeper software

In the users world, this software is known for its reliability and ease of use. Using it will help restaurateurs can keep track of their sales, track manufacturing, organize a customer loyalty system for guests (discount system), generate reports and perform a wide spectrum of operations for and accounting managing in the organization.

Software for data collection terminals

Devices such as data acquisition terminals are irreplaceable in the field of trade and warehousing. With their help keep track of income, expenses, and return of goods, acceptance and registration of orders for suppliers, inventory and labeling of products are carried out. And in order to ensure its efficient operation, a powerful trading system software development is required. As a solution to this problem, our company offers a variety of universal software solutions, that are suitable for production and trading enterprises processes automatization, as well as transport companies, warehouses, medical establishments and public food services.

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Stages of trading system software development

The development of software in the KATASIS web studio involves the following steps:

  1. We discuss the task.
  2. Calculate the approximate cost.
  3. We sign a contract.
  4. We receive prepayment.
  5. We collect and analyze the requirements. We plan the resources for the project.
  6. We write a technical assignment.
  7. We finally evaluate the cost of work.
  8. We design the system.
  9. We do UI / UX design.
  10. We program.
  11. We test.
  12. We are updating and implement development.
  13. Support and develop the project.

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Advantages of working with KATASIS

  • KATASIS provides a full range of services from pre-inspection to the implementation and maintenance of final products.
  • Own staff of highly skilled specialists (more than 20 people), able to provide the solution of any complication level of tasks in due time.
  • The specialists of the company have a successful experience in implementing projects of varying degrees of complexity for customers, who are especially demanding in protecting their information: banks, insurance and investment companies.
  • KATASIS has proven to be a provider of effective software solutions and a  partner with a great reputation, based on the experience, gained in implementing projects at various scale enterprises and industries.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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