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Customizable customer loyalty program systems with KATASIS

Customer loyalty systems — complexes of instruments, implemented by one or several enterprises (sometimes of different fields of activity) aimed at retention of existing customers and creating more sustainable merchandising relations between the enterprise and its clients.

A typical example of a company’s loyalty program is a discount card, with further purchases using a discount card, additional points can be provided, including on cumulative basis, and there may also be bonus and gift systems. In addition, when one receives such a card, as a rule, a special questionary is filled in, in which the customer gives out his contacts, which makes it possible for the organization to notify the customer of new and potentially interesting for him goods and services.

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customer loyalty systems

For automatized customer behavior analysis and management, CRM systems are used. In a profound analysis of purchases history, made by the client, it is quite possible to identify the potentially appealing goods and services for every particular client. For example, an online store can show an authorized user a list of recommendations — products that might be of interest to him, based on customer past purchases analysis.

The objectives of the implementation of customer loyalty developed systems can be divided into two groups depending on the program category: customer loyalty program systems launched by one company, and cooperative programs. For a single company, the goal is to keep customers and maintain stability of the trading relationships with the client (an increase of customers loyalty).

advantages customer loyalty systems

What a customer loyalty program gives us: a few statistics

A common fact — the existence of discounts and rewards within the loyalty system increases the visits frequency of the clients. Statistics say that coffee lovers visit definite coffee shops more often if they have loyalty programs. For example, if the cafe offers rewards to the customers, who came for the fifth or tenth time, the closer this visit is, the less will the buyer is likely to wait for it. People will be in a hurry to get the reward sooner, as a result, the number of days between the visits will be significantly reduced.

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This way, the introduction of a well thought-through and personalized customer loyalty program system allows the business to earn more even in the shortest time period.

customer loyalty systems development

The main functions of customer loyalty programs

  • Continuous analysis of clients preferences and their wishes

  • Accumulation of discounts and bonuses within promotional deals and holidays

  • Write-off of the accumulated bonus points

  • Controlling the terms of sales expiration

  • Checking the bonuses left

  • The individual system of clients encouragement structure according to the level of certain products popularity, average amounts spent on purchases, ordinary filling the shopping cart

customizable customer loyalty program systems

  • A unique offer for every client or a group

  • Frequent notification and creating awareness through various channels (emails, text messages, newsletters)

  • Creating a convenient online profile for the client and development of his personal customizable customer loyalty program

  • Displaying the personal information about the client on the cashiers screen

  • Automatically printed additional advertisement information on shopping bills

  • System work with different currencies (euro, dollars)

  • Free integration with partner’s software systems

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The company obtains the dynamic and convenient system of encouraging customer loyalty for satisfying their needs, widening the sales circles, advertisement of products and services, as well as a significant increase in profit. Customer loyalty system — is a perfect mechanism for business development, increasing the quality of advertisement and promotion of products and its effectiveness for every single client.

customer loyalty program systems

Types of customer loyalty programs:

  • Loyalty programs, providing moral or psychological rewards.

  • Loyalty programs with fixed and differentiated discounts, depending on product categories. An example can be a card of a large number of retail networks.

  • Specialized loyalty programs, targeting a specific, limited audience.

  • Loyalty programs, created by independent operators and some separate trading companies.

  • Customer loyalty programs based on debit and/or chip cards. These programs are implemented in cooperation of financial institution (nominal organization) and any retail company.

Implementation of the customer loyalty program systems by KATASIS

Customer Loyalty Program Interface

The implementation of the customer loyalty program systems includes the setting of a merchandising network profile with the basic information (constantly in action) settings of buyers rewards.

customer systems of loyalty

Unified database

Implementation of the loyalty program begins with the collection of information about your clients and purchases from all the channels kinds: questionnaires, a website, a mobile application and other sources of data.

Analysis and study of the client base

The concept of the customer loyalty program includes the definition of target audience in conjunction with customer special characteristics. Grouping clients with similar features. Launching on the basis of advertising campaigns analytical data.

Ready-to-use marketing tools

Launching a loyalty program gives unlimited opportunities to conduct one-time sales with auto-notifications, reports on customers activity.

Communication with customers

Ability to launch email and sms campaigns, that are tied to customer’s personal life events. Personalized push notifications.order customer loyalty systems

Product Grid Management

Product grid is compared with the customer’s full portrait, it is possible to launch sales or promo actions together with the manufacturers.

Stages of creating customer loyalty program systems

  1. Development of a program of loyalty’s goals and objectives.

  2. Preliminary customer/buyer research.

  3. Developing several concepts of loyalty programs.

  4. Testing of concepts by the qualitative research method.

customer loyalty systems development

  1. Choosing the most effective concept and elaboration of the program.

  2. Synchronization with computer software.

  3. Launching the program.

  4. Testing efficiency in the field.

  5. Final corrections and ultimate launch of the program.

  6. Development and implementation of the marketing promotion plan of the customer loyalty program.

advantages customer loyalty systems

What do customers of KATASIS get when they order customer loyalty systems development?

  1. Concept. At this stage, you need to study the market carefully, calculate the return term of the initial investment, work out the IT-concept and thoroughly precalculate operational processes, that will help achieve the goals, set before the customer loyalty systems.

  2. Automation. The stage includes the set of processing rules, marketing automatization, as well as integration into the existing IT company’s infrastructure and creating a unified information space for working with clients.

  3. Full support. It is worth reminding, that the success of customer loyalty programs depends on the quality of the project’s support: regular timely monitoring of key performance indicators, the creation of new mechanics, the selection of relevant communication strategy for different target groups and foreseeing and directing the consumer behavior.

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