BSS/OSS replacement

What is BSS/OSS?

OSS/BSS (Operation Support System / Business Support System) is a common name for the category of application software for the internal business processes of telecom operators.

The primary purpose of these systems is to protect telecom operators from unauthorized access. However, OSS / BSS solutions also improve the efficiency of the company’s business as a whole.


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What problems do operation support systems solve?

The OSS solutions (Operation support system) refer to the software for interacting with the telecommunications environment: telecommunication networks, commutation equipment, communication support hardware systems. This software is designed to support the operation of telecommunications systems.

The main OSS functions solve the problems of accounting, telecommunication resources planning, management of service provision, management of indicators and the level of service quality. The functional tasks of OSS are also related to managing telecommunications data fraud, forecasting and ensuring the demand for services.

development of OSS/BSS

Purpose of BSS

The BSS solutions (Business support system) include application software for supporting business processes of telecom software companies: interaction with subscribers, billing and CRM (subscriber information management). The ERP systems are used by telecommunication companies to support the processes of financial management, accounting and personnel management.

integration of OSS/BSS

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Advantages of the solution for your business

  • Timely response to market needs.
  • Improved quality of services for network subscribers.
  • Improved network operation.
  • Reduced total cost of network infrastructure ownership.
  • Integration of technical services and maintenance.
  • Prompt introduction of new services.

integration with a CRM system

Why do telecom operators need OSS/BSS?

The development of new high-quality services is the most important factor for increasing the revenues of telecom operators. The level of income directly depends on the efficiency of network operation and the capability to meet ever-changing demands in time.

Operator support systems (OSS / BSS) allow you to automate the operation processes and complement the existing network infrastructure with management tools, integrating various applications into a single information and operational space.

telecom software companies

Fault management

KATASIS offers telecom software solutions for developing systems that allow you to effectively manage your troubleshooting processes. These systems automate the detection and troubleshooting, collecting emergency events from different network elements.

Performance management

This system is capable of collecting data on the performance of network elements, calculating metrics, consolidating the results in a central repository and providing them through web portals as reports.

telecom software solutions

Configuration management

KATASIS optimizes and consolidates network management operations, as well as provides automated and consistent configuration management.

Technical accounting systems

These systems provide a complete and accurate representation of subscriber services, logical and physical resources of the operator’s network. Technical accounting systems allow you to manage the life cycle of any network resource, starting with commissioning and ending with its removal from the operation.

telecom software development

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Service activation systems

They are designed to fully automate the process of activating, deactivating and configuring subscriber services directly from the device. The KATASIS solutions provide a quick launch of new services and a ready-to-use configuration for activating a set of services on a specific network device.

Fraud prevention and revenue preservation system

The system automatically tracks millions of events a day, stopping any online fraud attempts. It analyzes suspicious events and builds behavioral models of each subscriber.

IT service management

The complex of IT service management systems ensures a smooth automation process. These systems combine support service, incident management, problem management, device lifecycle management, service level management, configuration management database and technology platform that includes a single data model and user interface.

oss solutions

BSS/OSS replacement from KATASIS

For telecommunications companies, KATASIS offers a range of services: the development of new OSS/BSS and the optimization of existing ones.

We offer the following services:

  • Collection and storage of information from your hardware.
  • Reports on network disruptions.
  • Management of user accounts and their integration with a CRM system and a billing system.
  • Collection of information on the structure, status, loading and errors of network hardware in real time.
  • Reports on errors and violations of user work with the network.
  • Development of billing solutions, statistics collection.


bss solutions

  • The opportunity for the user to independently manage the package of services received, access the administration and management rights.
  • Integration with the VAS services.
  • Integration with CRM solutions.
  • Customer support.

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