ASP.NET development

Determination of ASP.NET

ASP.NET is an individual model for web-app development applying a code per minimum that involves facilities needful to build web apps for business organizations. ASP.NET is part of the NET Framework, accordingly, it affords admission to its classes. ASP.NET application development may be carried out in each CLR language, containing Microsoft Visual Basic, C #, JScript .NET and J #. The above-mentioned machine languages permit developing ASP.NET applications that exploit all possible advantages of CLR, standard safety, heirdom etc.

Asp.Net Development Companies

ASP.NET covers:

  • Platform for Web-page development and control elements
  • ASP.NET compile system
  • Data protection infrastructure
  • Status administration capabilities
  • App-specific configuration
  • Operating data auditing and personalizing
  • Wireless debugging aide
  • XML web services platform
  • Placement under expansion and ALM
  • Extended data structure

Asp.Net Application Development

ASP.NET website development specifics

  • The compilative code is faster in progress, most errors are fixed at engineering and production stage.
  • Expandable set of controls and class libraries, which accelerate development.
  • Cashing the entire page, its parts or data.
  • Separation of the visual part and business logic into various files. It is also possible to select frequently practiced user controls templates, for instance
  • website menu, master pages for defining design templates and AJAX support (ASP.NET AJAX extension).
  • Extended event models, request processing and Web server control.
  • Support of CRUD app when operating in tables via GridView.
  • Possibility to build web applications implementing the Model-View-Controller template.

ASP.NET is quite widespread in an internal corporate software product, although this model is rarely used in web development. Therefore, finding designers for an Internet project is quite difficult.

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Asp.Net Frontend Development


To manage user authentication system on the website, Membership API was implemented, which represents means to log in, hold and manage accounts. Membership API architecture allows you to manage users of various sources: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Active Directory or special storage. In ASP.NET, authentication is carried out using forms or Windows through IIS.

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ASP.NET web development benefits

  • The compilation code is faster in progress, most errors are fixed at engineering and production stage;
  • Prominently upgraded management of faults during the finished program operation through try-catch blocks;
  • User controls permit you selecting frequently used templates, as website menu;
  • Metaphors usage from Windows-based apps, e.g. controls and events;
  • Extended controls and class libraries permit quick app development;
  • ASP.NET draws on the multi-language possibilities, whichever permits page code writing in VB.NET, Delphi.NET, Visual C #, J #;
  • Cashing the entire page or its part for productivity-boosting;
  • Cashing data from on the page;
  • Separation the visual part and business logic into various soft copies (“code-behind”);
  • Extended search processing models;
  • Extended event-based processing models;
  • Extended Web server control model;
  • Master pages existence to set page design templates;
  • Support of CRUD operations during work with tables via GridView;
  • Built-in support AJAX.

Asp.Net Game Development

ASP.NET web development with KATASIS

  • SEO. Website promotion in the Google search engine.
  • Contextual advertising. The fastest methods of customer engagement. Your payment is just for target customers moving to your website.
  • SMM. Promotion and targeted advertising in social networks to attract visitors to your business page.
  • Usability audit. We will conduct a comprehensive usability audit of the website, as well as give recommendations on how to correct errors.

Asp.Net Website Development

Why should you order in KATASIS agency?

This question is asked by many potential customers who wish to create an individual website. To begin with, a resource is not just a beautiful picture with text. The process of web development in ASP.NET involves creativity and professional work of an entire team. KATASIS with its own image and approaches makes each project individually, offering an exclusive style.

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Our web studio differs from other ASP.NET development companies in non-standard solutions and qualitative approach to each stage of development: the website is functional and meets world standards. Advantages of our company:

  1. We analyze the possible target audience, the website is created for. This permits you to correctly define the concept of your future Internet resource.
  2. Comparison of competitive projects, clarification of details with the client, creation of technical specifications, which are discussed at each development stage.
  3. Functionality, adequate website layout. We develop each element of your Web page.
  4. Website conversion: attractive style, easiness in usage.
  5. Creativity: we always create unique designs.

Asp.Net Website Development Cost

If you search non-standard access and plan to construct a functional platform for your business, KATASIS web studio proposes ASP.NET website development services at an attractive price. Our high-quality projects are user-friendly, and they attract the attention of customers with their unique style.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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