Directory website development

A directory website is an excellent solution for companies that have hundreds of printed pages of products and services. We will help you to create an electronic catalog and place it on the Internet. An electronic catalog structurally resembles an online store. A convenient website management system (CMS) will allow the user to easily update text and photo materials on his own. Order the creation of a site directory right now!

directory website development

Disadvantages of business without a directory website

Managers search for customers, calling potential clients from different companies, but they often find few truly worthwhile ones.

Managers spend a lot of time on outgoing calls and sometimes can miss the client who wants to buy their company’s products.

In order to familiarize the potential customer with the list of products or services, it is necessary to print the price and send it to the client by fax or mail.

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Companies that do not have a directory website should look for potential customers on their own.

In the result, the success of the business depends on the managers’ luck and how efficiently the list of telephone numbers has been selected. Even if your employees find a person interested in your products, you still need to explain to him how they look and what features they have.

Advantages of a directory website

Starting a directory website will change the situation completely:

  • buyers will contact you on their own;

  • the costs of printing paper catalogs will be significantly reduced;

directory website development price

  • your managers will be able to work on more important tasks for the company;

  • potential customers will be able to see the advantages of products on the website.

Advantages of a directory website

Unlimited number of pages

The website has no restrictions on the number of pages and the customer can always expand and complement its content.

News feed

The website has the opportunity to maintain a news feed. Articles can be grouped under headings, displayed in summary form and on different parts of the website creation


You can search for various information on the website.

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Road map

You can connect an interactive, scalable Google map to display directions to the customer’s office.

Contact form

Allows customers to send messages from the website, for example, to order a service or clarify the availability of products.

Slide rotator

Interactive image slider is very convenient and practical for presentations of special offers, services and activities of the company.

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Photo gallery

Allows you to organize photo storage in the most convenient form for the user.

Mail connection

Connection of the corporate mail processing interface to the website’s domain. Unlimited number of boxes and space for letters; web interface, mobile device operation.

Questions and answers

Allows website visitors to ask questions. The website administrator can answer them or simply create a FAQ.

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Allows visitors to write comments on the website. All comments are moderated before they are posted on the website.

Online consultant

The implementation of online consultants on the website to support customers in real time.

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Product catalogue

Allows you to create a catalogue of products on the website and group them into categories.

Product tabs

Allows you to create a set of tabs with descriptions, features, photos and videos, reviews, etc.

Product labels

Allows you to assign labels to products: hit, novelty, top, etc.

Watermark for photos

Allows you to automatically put watermarks on all photos of products for copyright protection.

Ask a question about the product

Allows the customer to quickly ask a question about the product he is interested in.

Last viewed items

Allows you to display on the website the latest viewed products by the create directory

Product slider

Allows you to organize a very beautiful product slider from the catalogue. It can be used as an element of marketing for the sale of unsold products or to acquaint customers with new products or top sellers.

Product order

Allows the customer to order a product or service in one click by filling out the form fields.

Difference between running a directory website and an online store

The directory website development from KATASIS gives you the system, which will contain the information about each product, although they will not be available for purchase through the website basket.

As in the case of online stores, you can infinitely expand the product catalogue, edit the data and add images to each service or product.

The only difference is the way of purchase. The user cannot purchase the product he is interested in online, as there are no payment modules and no basket on the directory website.

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After the user has selected the product, he should fill in several fields and send the form to the website owner. The resource administrator communicates with the customer, clarifies additional details and draws up the transaction.

Stages of the directory website development

  1. We collect information about the specifics of the customer's business, the target audience and the closest competitors.

  2. We specify the functions and calculate the potential capabilities of the website with the customer. Development of the technical specifications for the project’s graphic prototype.

  3. Development of the website structure, navigation features and usability elements. Designing user interface and portal management system.

  4. Selection of color palette and development of layouts for each functional page. Design a directory website with KATASIS for the most striking result.

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  1. Front end web development and programming. We use programming language to develop the layout approved by customer. After that, we transfer it to a reliable hosting.

  2. We conduct testing and set up analytics services to monitor the website performance.

Why choose KATASIS?

If you create a directory website with the KATASIS web studio, we will help you take your company to the next level. We have extensive experience in developing projects and advertising them on the Internet.

The directory website creation from us means:

  • meeting deadlines. We perfectly understand the value of time in the modern world and therefore set realistic deadlines to provide the finished product in time;

  • convenient interface. Users will be comfortable on your website, because we will do everything to simplify navigation on the resource, make an effective search and ensure the scalability of your products’ photos;

  • management training. We will show you how to add or edit services and products on the website;

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  • customized turnkey solution. We develop websites from prototyping, analysis and implementation to the professional promotion and technical support at each stage of the project;

  • payoff in 2-3 months. As long as there is a comprehensive promotion through the most optimal advertising channels, the directory website will quickly pay off. We will promote the project on the most popular websites.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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