Business website development

Business website development

If we want to talk about business website development in details, you should keep in mind, it is an automated information system. This system presents the function of collecting, processing, storing and presenting information. From a technical viewpoint, business websites are a combination of technical equipment, software, and certain technological processes, that are meant to implement entrusted to a particular information system functions.

Differences in the business website development from other types of websites

Websites development for business is much different from creating other types of sites. The development process is time-consuming and consists of a number of small components. The main part in the business website development is setting up an easy and convenient content management system. The task for the developers is to create a resource for future simple and quick updating the information on the website, filling the content and modification of the price lists.

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business website development

The main differences between business website development from other website types are:

  • Beautiful presentation of the  company

  • Easy navigation

  • Ease of the website usage

  • Functionality fulfilling all the tasks

What is website for business developed for?

Let's look closer at the main purpose of business websites and try to find out what it should be like:

  • Customer support. Partially work with clients, which is mostly conducted in the office, can very often be done remotely via the Internet, without lowering the quality of certain services. There are many areas, in which you can build the most effective client work with using business web applications, developed for the particular business purpose.

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  • Advertisement of products and services. Website development for business gives an opportunity to distribute information about it using various resources: social networks, mailing campaign (Email newsletters) and by displaying business web pages of the in search engines. There is a variety of advertising forms on the Internet.

  • Selling services and goods. By offering products or services on the Internet, you can achieve more significant business efficiency. Our studio can offer website development for business, that will have all the necessary features for sales through the Internet.

  • Branding. It is an obvious notion, that successful sales and business activities require recognizability and brand credibility among people. For this purpose, business websites provide the opportunity to update the information about the company's activities regularly, and to create a positive impression of the company itself.

business web app development

Who needs a business website?

A business, that is just starting its developing process

A website developed for business gives a unique opportunity to widespread information about a new project and attract customers at a minimal cost. Nowadays, the website is not only an information resource but also a powerful advertising tool. Therefore, the properly developed business website will be a great tool for early stage project development.

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Experienced businesses on the market

Investments in business website development are also relevant for experienced business owners. The website development is constantly in progress, new features are appearing every day, so a website needs constant work, updates, modernization, optimization. This will give you the possibility not only to solve a lot of business tasks through the website but also to maintain your status and shape the image of the company, keeping up with the time.

business web application development

Small business

Individual entrepreneurs and small companies often do not have an enormous advertising budget. But a personal internet resource can be a good advertising tool, able to save significant costs since the cost of a business website development is much lower than other ways of promotion, and the effect of quickly pays off the cost of its development.

Big business

A corporate website is another opportunity for your brand formation. Even if your company is well-known, give your customers the opportunity to get to know you better. And investing in a business website development is a small price for raising the recognisability, as the information on the Internet is available to the widest range of people possible.

A business operating in almost every field

Nowadays, probably, there are almost no aspects of business life, that do not need a representation online. Accordingly, the website is equally relevant for the companies, operating in absolutely any business field.

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The optimal set of features for a business site

1. Reviews. Setting up a guestbook template, where customers can leave feedback about their personal experience with your company's services.

2. Comments. Installing a template, allowing the users to comment on articles and news of the website.

3. Search. The module for searching for information within the website by keyword.

4. Connection to social media networks. Installing the group widget on your company's social network, as well as setting up the "Like" and "Share" buttons on the pages of Services and News.

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5. Slideshow banners. Installing the slides rotation module. It is mainly placed on the main page, in the lay slides of basic services, current sales, and important news.

6. Module «Latest news/articles». Installing a module, that shows the latest published news/ articles, it usually shows the last 3-5 publications together with a link to the full article.

website development for business

7. Blog (News, Articles, Posts). A section, that gives the opportunity to post relevant news about the company, articles on the various subject, as well as a lot of useful information for your clients.

8. Multilingualism. Installing a module, that allows the user to switch the content of the site to a preferred language.

9. An adaptive version of the site. Development of an adaptive version of the site for all possible user's screen sizes.

10. The administrative website board. Setting up a Site Management System (CMS), through which text and graphics information on the website pages is edited.

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Stages of business website development with KATASIS company

  • Research of Business Case Studies and analysis of Competitive Advantages.

  • Development of the website structure.

  • Business website design development according to the customer’s wishes and the latest trends in the web design.

  • Installment and configuration of the software modules, necessary for the correct and optimized work of the website.

  • Adding the content of the website with updated information about the company's activity.

  • Testing the site in all the browsers, eliminating possible small issues.

  • Promotion and technical support.

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