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Landing page (a targeted landing page) is a web page, designed to make the user take a certain action: to subscribe to the newsletter, to buy the product, to download the software.

Usually, going to a landing page is concluded via email, social networking, advertisement links in a search engine. The main task of such a page is to keep the user’s attention on a particular message and user’s turning into the client.

unique landing page

Important characteristics of a landing page:

  • Target or landing page is a narrow-tagged website designed for converting the visitors;
  • Landing pages are an extension of an advertising campaign, not a website;
  • Landing pages work with various types of advertisement traffic (PPC, CPM, CPA, PPV media, videos, etc.);
  • Landing pages means high conversion;
  • Landing page is NOT the main page of the site.

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Advantages of a unique landing page

A unique landing page or a target page is an extremely important part of any company’s online marketing strategy. It’s main target is to summarize briefly the essence of the trading offer to the potential consumer. However, thanks to its objective features, the cool landing page allows not only to communicate with visitors but as well to collect the important data — email addresses, phone numbers, places of residence etc. In the future, this information will be essential to establish contacts with potential clients and encourage them to buy a product.

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It implies, that a landing page web development is an effective tool for promoting the product on the market and for increasing the conversion of your advertisements.

landing page for web development company

Compared to the ordinary internal pages of the site, the unique landing page has the following advantages:

  • user’s the concentration of on a single action (goal);
  • differentiation of the audience for the future clients’ segmentation of and establishing targeted communication with the client;
  • increase in the potential consumers’ number;
  • peak stimulation of the user to take the targeted action;
  • increasing the advertisement campaign effectiveness of (increase in conversion to 10-15%);
  • relatively low development cost.

unique landing page design

Create a unique landing page: the benefits offered

You can convince the website visitors to take some action on the landing page, by offering them something valuable or beneficial. Regardless of what your stimulus is, you should clearly describe the benefits the user is receiving.

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Before you create a landing page design, you should think about the message to the user, you are posting, it should stand out. There are several ways to reach this aim:

  • Catching an eye graphic – is probably the very first element, that your visitors will notice. For example, if you sell a book, then it makes perfect sense to place the cover of its electronic version on your landing page.
  • Creating a clear headline – after attention is drawn, you need to show the goods, which are being offered. For example, a 20% discount on equipment should be right in the header, so that users know, what they can get on this page;

unique landing page ideas

  • Providing a unique trading offer – your unique trading offer is, what distinguishes you from the others. You want to make it clear, why someone should choose your product or service and not the one from your competitors. It can be conveyed in the header or in the slogan of the landing page;
  • The precise slogan of the landing page's – if you want your unique landing page to answer questions rather than generate new ones. Your slogan should be brief, precise and contain the essence. Think about, what questions the clients might arise and give the answer to them in the slogan;
  • A list of advantages – you can make the cool landing page be more noticeable by giving a list of the key benefits that you offer.

unique landing page

Types of landing pages

In marketing, the following types of unique Landing pages are highlighted:

1.         Inclusive – is a single-page website with expanded promotional information. The task of such a landing is to instantly provoke to action by clicking on the button "buy", "order", "subscribe", etc.

2.        Independent (microsite) – a separate resource with multiple pages, describing a product or service.

3.         Segmented – is developed based on one domain and includes several single unique landing pages. It has a high conversion rate, but inconvenient for SEO promotion.

4.        Built-in – is one of the main company's website pages of the. Has a low efficiency, as it is lost in the design of the main resource.

unique landing pages

Depending on the main purpose, unique landing pages are divided into the following types:

  • Click-through Page;

  • Lead-capture Page;

  • Squeeze Page;
  • Promoting;
  • Viral

Click-through page

The easiest page, since here the user is offered to perform an action in just one click. Its purpose – is to awaken such the visitor's interest in the product, that he will instantly press the STA button. Special features of unique landing page ideas:

  • list of advantages, benefits of goods/services;
  • information on how to use the product;
  • an absence of a lead-form;
  • call to action in the shape of an attractive button.

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Lead-capture page

Aimed to generate leads, therefore, stands out with more elaborated design and high-quality content. The purpose of such landing is to collect user contacts, therefore the main detail is the form of the capture (lead-form). The content, as on a single-click page, should awaken the visitor's interest and make the user press the STA button.

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Squeeze Page

Designed for collecting email addresses. Here user gives his contact information in exchange to certain information (book, checklist, webinar). Such a page is particularly popular among marketers since it allows to increase the number of subscribers virtually without any investments.

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Promoting (selling) page

Created for the sale of a specific product or service. Its main purpose is to give detailed information about the product and to show the maximum benefits number, that a consumer can get from the application. Usually, a page contains a large amount of text, graphics, video content and two buttons, which call for action.

Viral page

Meant to gently strengthen the trust in the brand, through hidden advertising of the product. It is perceived as entertainment and is distributed through social networks, chats, email newsletters.

landing page web development

Creating A Unique Landing Page and Its Cost

The terms and landing page development cost of in the KATASIS studio depends on the complexity of the customer's requirements, the number of Unique design elements of the landing, the number of concepts. Our professional team of programmers and designers will create your unique tool for sales for 2 weeks.

What do we offer?

  1. Design and text that sell
  2. Analysis of competitors
  3. Call to action
  4. Increase in the conversion from 12%
  5. Mobile optimization
  6. High quality and fast HTML5
  7. Technical support

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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