Landing page template

What is a landing page template?

A landing page is a special page on your website that will help you increase sales. Now you will learn about the most important design elements of an ideal landing page. It is a separate page different from your main website, which is designed for a specific purpose.

The landing pages for advertising or promotion of specific products are aimed at one goal, which visitors pursued by clicking on the ad leading to the website. Landing pages improve your website’s efficiency because they have one clear goal.

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Why do you need a landing page template?

Now it is extremely profitable to create the landing page templates for mobile apps, as the competition of contextual and display advertising in the mobile segment is still not that great. The cost of attracting leads is much cheaper than on the “big” Internet. It means that the landing pages for mobile apps are created specifically for efficient mobile traffic conversion.

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The ready-made landing page templates allow you to speed up the sales process. You can set up the redirect from the main landing page and carry out the conversion into the mobile traffic leads in 2 clicks. Due to a good landing page template design, a company can also receive calls directly from the landing page (Click To Call).

landing page template

AIDA landing page template structure

AIDA is an abbreviation that contains four simple words:

А – attention:

I – interest;

D – desire;

A – action.

This model is used in all advertising campaigns. The goal of the strategy is to attract the visitor’s attention, keep him and push him to action.landing page templates

If you want to create a landing page template, you need to determine your target audience, which dictates its own rules and tells you how you should build your landing page. To imagine the potential buyer’s profile more clearly, we find solutions on the following issues:

  • Purpose of visiting the landing page;

  • Purpose of the purchase;

  • Primary and secondary factors of decision-making;

  • Possible objections;

  • Your advantages.

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After the responses are gathered, you get an understanding of the AIDA concept. Now it is very important to formulate the idea correctly. 90% of success depends on the meaning of the sentences, headlines, their value and motivation. If the headlines or the structure of the landing page text is not motivating, do not expect a good result. Our copywriters and marketers will help you to build effective communication with the client, and our designers and developers will launch a fully functional landing page.

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Template features

  1. Adaptive design. Nowadays, adaptability is absolutely necessary. It ensures that the content of your website will be fully displayed on any device, whether it is a smartphone or a PC. All the main elements of landing page templates, such as a slider, a contact form and a menu, are 100% adapted to perfectly display on screens of different resolutions.

  2. Cross-platform compatibility. Given the endless number of modern and outdated browsers that are used, it is our duty to ensure the correct template functioning in various browsers.

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  1. Documentation. Each template is accompanied by fully-fledged documentation that will help you to install it in the shortest time possible, as well as provide you with valuable tips on its editing.

  2. Bootstrap grid. The Bootstrap grid gives you advanced features and makes editing your template’s appearance easy. It is also accompanied by SASS files for CSS, so you can easily change colors, fonts, etc.

  3. Vector icons and web font integration. Each template contains a set of icons that are ideal for any website. Font icons are scalable vector icons, which color and size is easy to change without losing quality. Make sure you get high-quality icons that will be perfectly displayed on various platforms.

the best landing page templates

  1. Additional options. Each template is equipped with a full search form, as well as a contact form and a booking form. You will find the instructions for using and editing forms in your template package.

  2. PSD files. All PSD files are included in the landing page templates. You can work and edit them at your discretion. You will get the best landing page templates from KATASIS!

Elements of the quality landing page template from KATASIS

If a landing page is used to collect contacts (as a rule, in exchange for some free utility), then the subscription form is its most important element. All other elements should encourage the visitor to fill it.

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Therefore, landing page development is based on the following rules:

  • Subscription form availability. The visitor should be able to easily find it. The form itself can be located directly on the page, in the side menu or in a pop-up window;

  • Minimum fields to fill. Ask the user only the most necessary information. In most cases, the subscription form contains just two fields: name and email. This data is enough for the customer database;

  • Additional information for segmentation. If you have several thematic mailouts, you can, using the subscription form, immediately segment the users’ addresses in order to provide them only with the information they are interested in. To do this, you add additional fields to the form, which allows you to learn about the subscriber’s preferences. For example, in the drop-down menu under the line «How do you use the Internet» you can offer several options that correspond to the topics of your mailouts.


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