What is BigCommerce e-commerce?

BigCommerce was created in 2009. Today, more than 55,000 online stores operate on this platform. BigCommerce occupies a significant place among the software developers in the field of e-commerce. This platform is suitable for both small and large online stores. Due to many additions, this is an ideal solution for those who do not want to code for a long time.

Bigcommerce Ecommerce

BigCommerce includes features such as email marketing, discount coupons, delivery, analytics, etc. Unlike Shopify, the BigCommerce e-commerce platforms do not charge additional fees for transactions. All paid and free design templates are supported by mobile devices so that buyers will not have problems when buying from a phone or tablet. You can integrate your online store with Google shopping, eBay and Facebook, as well as with other websites. BigCommerce has an installation wizard and video tutorials.

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This platform has a lot of paid themes that can be customized to create a unique design. BigCommerce is suitable for those who want to get a full-scale online store and do not want to integrate plugins and edit HTML/CSS or other codes. BigCommerce is a worthy competitor to Shopify for almost the same cost with no additional fees.

Why does your business need BigCommerce?

The main goal of BigCommerce is to provide the tools necessary for the development of your business. It is highly convertible and has impressive features for achieving this goal. The platform allows you to create various promotions and coupons to increase sales, which allows you to sale your products in third-party markets directly from your BigCommerce store.

bigcommerce ecommerce benefits

Each BigCommerce client gets AdWords credits to start advertising their store, as well as the opportunity to use the built-in social network applications and receive email addresses of their customers.

As for inventory management, you can assign different categories to your products and process all incoming orders. Due to the integration with third-party vendors such as ShipperHQ, you can manage tracking and product search.

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Finally, BigCommerce integrates with other applications and software that will facilitate the management of daily store operations: QuickBooks, Olark LiveChat, Optimizely, etc.

BigCommerce e-commerce benefits

BigCommerce is a web-based platform, which is great for developing small businesses that are just starting out and cannot allocate large amounts of money to e-commerce. BigCommerce gives them the opportunity to start selling their products on the Internet.

Bigcommerce Ecommerce Platforms

  • Low development cost. Since Bigcommerce is a web-based platform and does not require programming, the BigCommerce e-commerce development cost is significantly lower compared to other e-commerce platforms.

  • Versatile selection of design templates. You can use ready-made design templates.

  • Online store speed and reliability. BigCommerce e-commerce websites are faster compared to other websites. BigCommerce also provides an excellent level of reliability and protection against DDoS.

  • Free and paid themes that are easy to set up.

  • Safe shopping cart

  • Integration with major payment services such as Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay and others

  • Many marketing tools that allow you to sell your products on multiple platforms, such as Amazon Marketplace, Facebook, eBay, Pinterest, email provider integration, etc.

  • Inventory management, delivery, and return systems

  • Multi-currency support

  • Integration of dropshipping and warehouses

This online store platform provides all the functions needed for the development of your business. It offers plans that are suitable for large, well-established companies and fast-growing brands.

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Who needs BigCommerce?

BigCommerce has all the necessary functions from the start. With this platform, you can create an online store from scratch and expand it.

Bigcommerce Ecommerce Store

Tools for online marketing

If you want to successfully manage your online store, you need a few tools.

The most basic and popular ones are:

  • Tools for managing the availability of products

  • Product catalog

  • Costing and setting special prices

  • Shopping cart

  • Taxes

  • Information about delivery

  • Order tracking

  • The payment system, etc.

Contact KATASIS and we will develop for you a high-quality BigCommerce e-commerce store. We have all the necessary tools for creating and expanding your online store.

bigcommerce ecommerce for web development

Additional Shopify tools

This platform provides users with a set of basic tools for creating and managing an online store. You may need more advanced tools over time, such as:

  • Customer feedback

  • Wishlist

  • Product recommendations

Although the tools will certainly help your business to reach a new level, they cost extra money and are unlikely to be required for your online store right away.

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But if you order the development of custom applications and extensions from the experts of this field, these problems will be solved. If you need this kind of development, you can hire the KATASIS e-commerce agency. We guarantee you the best user experience.

Bigcommerce Ecommerce Cost

Themes and options for a BigCommerce design

BigCommerce currently offers 91 themes to choose from, they are both free and paid. Prices are divided into several categories for a variety of niches.

There are many great third-party BigCommcere themes in the market for different purposes. They have great features to help you quickly create an attractive store. All themes are optimized for mobile devices and are equipped with different settings for your website’s color scheme, font, logo, icon, etc. There are features of the mega menu and excellent product carousel, as well as the opportunity to create wish lists and quickly view the product.

BigCommerce e-commerce web development from KATASIS will help you to:

  • Increase sales. Every day, more and more people prefer to shop in online stores because of their convenience, reasonable prices, etc.

  • Expand the market. You can sell products to customers online, regardless of their location.

  • Sell around the clock. Since 100% of the online store functionality is automated, it can work in the standard mode at any time.

using bigcommerce ecommerce for web development

  • Reduce expenses. Online trading requires fewer employees and the rental and maintenance expenses are much lower.

  • Collect customer feedback. The collection and analysis of information via feedback channels allow you to more accurately determine the customer’s portrait, his interests, desires and needs.

  • Attract partners. Online stores provide opportunities to attract partners for product promotion through the creation of affiliate programs, which are very effective tools for advertising and sales.

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