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AngularJS development

AngularJS is a rather popular set of tools for web apps development. Owing to technical capabilities and open source code, this JavaScript framework allows the programmer to develop a browser app with the most minor details considered and simplified system of testing enables getting fast results.


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AngularJS is designed to make the process of creation and management of JS applications simpler. The basis is the structure of MVC, it increases the frame’s usability for creating a site on one page. The library is based on regular JS and HTML, so AngularJS automatically works with DOM and AJAX requests, and there is no need to write them separately. This approach offers modular structure parts of JS code, you can combine and test them. AngularJS can be quickly added to any HTML page using a simple tag.

AngularJs Development

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Why Angular development method is crucial for your goals?

  • Mobile traffic attraction
  • Increased numbers of orders on the Internet
  • Ability to form loyal basis
  • Potentially, the project can start bringing money

AngularJs Development

Advantages of development on Angular.Js

  • Supports the majority of libraries
  • Extension set
  • Simplified procedure of finished product
  • Unique scenarios are created inside appendices

Developing web applications on AngularJS might become a turning point for you. The growth of app popularity relies on their ease of use and ability to meet customers’ needs rather fast. You need to stay on top of the competition and be ready to communicate with your clients in an appropriate way

Angular Development

Angular development from the very beginning: what are your benefits

A customer will get from us the following:

  1. Ready and fast web app
  2. Whatever the traffic volume, it is not an issue
  3. High website usability
  4. Fast results, considering the above declarative programming paradigm and apps are rather easy to test.

The UI (user interface) of such a huge news sitel ike “The Guardian” was created using the Angular JS framework. Also some PayPal pages, the YouTube application for the PS3 console, and much more were made using Angular JS.

Angular Development From Scratch

We listed below the reasons for choosing AngularJS.

1. Large community

Firstly, Angular.js unites lots of people. There are people who develop it on a regular basis and those who want to help the project develop. Angular.js hosts a lot of conferences, it is extensively discussed in Hakaton and disputes in the thematic IT community.Lots of inofrmation about Angular.js are available for customers. By choosing Angular.js, you will be trendy and have the ability to find the required angularJS developer.

2. Declarative code style

When creating templates in Angular.js, a declarative programming paradigm is used. Due to this, the code becomes lighter, as instead of all the endless stages of writing only the final part requires description.

Angular Frontend Development

3. Directives Using

HTML is is applied as a template in Angular.js. It is expanded with directives that add information about the required behavior to the code (for example, about the need to download a specific module immediately after the page is loaded). Directives allow you to concentrate on developing logic and develop the product in a more efficient manner. They can be used lots of times, which increases ability to read and understand the code.

4. High speed development

Using Angular.js, you can quickly develop apps regardless of their size.

5. MVC from the box

AngularJS uses an MVC schema that separates the logic, presentation, and application data:

Angular Web Development Framework

This allows you to create single page Web applications (Single Page Application). There is a $ http service in Angular.js that provides interaction with remote HTTP servers using XMLHttpRequest or JSONP. When you pass a JavaScript object to the server, it will automatically be converted to a JSON string. After getting the reply, the service will also try to convert the received JSON string to JavaScript. Using the $ http service, you can create your own service with complete control over the processing of URLs and data.

6. Useful features for SPA

Angular.js for web applications is like water for fish. It is hard to imagine that they could exist without each other. For example, Angular.js provides the ability to work with validation form. If forms are used on the page, FormController records their state. Using this information, we can specify the behavior of HTML elements in the UI (for example, hide the "Clear form" button if the user has not yet started to enter data into the form). To handle errors in Angular.js, there are built-in validators (required, ng-required, ng-minlength, ng-pattern and others), in case of necessity we can make one more. Error messages can be output both for the entire form and for its individual fields.

AngularJs Developer

Patterns or templates in Angular.js are HTML code, supplemented with elements and attributes of Angular.js. The framework complements the template with information from the model to show the user a dynamic page. To process data and format values obtained from the model, filters are used. They allow you to display the necessary data to the user without having to make changes to the original data.

7. Modularity

You can organize applications from individual modules in Angular.js. Such modules can both depend on each other, and be autonomous. For example, in the latter case, the Facebook login module can be used right away in several parts of the application, for example, on the login page and on the order registration page. And thanks to the built-in dependency injection engine, Angular.js itself recognizes the situation when it is necessary to provide auxiliary objects, provide them and connect objects to each other.

AngularJs Experts

8. Availability of ready-made solutions

What is important, there is a huge number of ready solutions for Angular.js which makes the solution process for the variety of modules rather easy. For example, there are several modules for routing, the most popular of which is ui-router, there are also various modules for working with ui-grid tables, ng-table and many others.

Because of the lack of a rigid project structure in AngularJS, it is possible to develop apps which possess rather varied structure. Also you can use AngularJS for mobile development (of course, we are talking concerning the development of hybrid apps).

AngularJs Development Service

9. Two-way data binding

Angular.js uses two-way binding: any changes to the user interface are immediately reflected in the application objects and vice versa. The framework itself monitors browser events, model changes and user actions on the page to immediately update the required templates. In this case, JavaScript does not need to store references to DOM elements and obviously manipulate them. We simply describe the desired result in terms of the state of the model, and we do not need to use low-level designs.

10. Simplicity of testing

Application parts are located inside the Angular.js modules, which can be altered rather easy. This breakdown into modules allows you to download only the required services and perform automatic testing. However, if you adhere to the principle of "one file — one module", there will be no need to remember the sequence of modules uploading.

Angular.js is an excellent multifunctional framework that allows you to create today's one-page web applications with data separation and presentation in accordance with the MVC scheme.

Angular Development

AngularJS development service: flexible approach

We work on a methodology that is convenient for you: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile.

We are always open towards any change at any given stage of product development. We also provide regular feedback and we can give you feedback upon request

Our company also grants access to the Git version control system and the task-tracker.

Angular Application Development

Every customer gets a project manager who is competent and can answer all your questions. In case of necessity, you can meet a team and discuss the progress of development.

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