Development on the Laravel and Yii2 frameworks

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PHP is one of the most popular scripting programming languages, which is the basis of many software platforms. It allows to significantly simplify the process of Internet resources developing, including on the account on php-frameworks.

Framework – is a platform, that defines the architecture of the software system. It is a set of tools and basic software modules, that allow the developer to create complex and technically loaded solutions in the shortest timeframes. Modules serve as a basis for the individual components implementation for a particular project.

Laravel Application Development

In other words, frameworks optimize the programming of web resources and applications, minimizing repetition of code. The most popular development variants are yii2 programming and laravelapps development. Sometimes it is not quite easy to choose the best suitable option, we will try to have a closer look at it.

Why Laravel and Yii2?

Let's start with laravel web development— one of the best php-frameworks for programming webresources and mobile applications. The modern and always functioning framework with open source code, which has an distinctive syntax for the ease of programming.

The main advantages of the platform are:

  • Excellent documentation — A detailed design description and platform operating principles is written in an easy- comprehendible format both for beginners and advanced programmers;
  • Excellent performance — the use of the latest PHP functions, such as: namespaces, closure, etc.;
  • The ability to create different types of applications — corporate, SPA (under any JS framework), portals, services (REST API);
  • Integration with popular technologies — Memcached, Redis and ElasticSearch;
  • A high level of security — the larval framework provides reliable protection against attacks (SQL injections) and eliminates the time for developing a security code.

Laravel App Development

Yii2 is a software platform with an open source code, that provides the fastest and the easiest productive applications development of any complexity level.

Special features of the framework are:

  1. Speed — the platform does not include objects and classes as long as there is no particular need in them, which makes the application loading much faster;
  2. The speed of writing code — thanks to yii2 development tools, which includes Gii (a tool for code generation), time, needed for development, is significantly reduced;
  3. Ready-made widgets — extend the framework’s functional of and make it possible, to use them to create completely different web resources and applications;
  4. Reliability and security — the use of OOP standards guarantees complete protection against hacker attacks.

Laravel Fast Development

The main advantages of using frameworks

  • The standardized structure of component creation — during laravel web development on frameworks, the process of creating a structure of a web resource is definatevely simplified.
  • The capacity of any business processes implementation - laravel and yii2 fast development allows you to make any author's ideas come true and create a website of any complexity level.
  • Scalability and modernization — the ability to create both small informational websites, and major online stores or portals; In addition, projects based on frameworks can be easily upgraded and updated;
  • High speed and performance —yii and laravel development takes a little time, and ready-made solutions run much faster than with the use of templates CMS; many popular online stores work on php-frameworks.
  • Maximum security — according to security level, the laravel website developed or using any other php framework significantly outperforms automitized systems and CMS. The highest level of security guarantees reliable protection against SQL injection, such attacks as XSS and CSRF.

Laravel Frontend Development

Development and programming on Laravel and Yii2 from KATASIS

Creating your own website or an application on the frameworks is not so much difficult, but requires special skills and knowledge. In order not to waste your time, it is a better idea to look for highly skilled laravel and Yii2 app development specialists or a laravel and Yii2 development agency to do it for you.

The KATASIS development agency will make the website of any complexity level in a shortest period of time.

The price on the Laravel and Yii2 website development depends on:

  • Type of Internet resource;
  • Complexity of design and elements;
  • Functional richness;
  • Integration with external services.

Laravel Development Agency

To order a Laravel and Yii2 website or application development on fill out the requeston our website. Specialists of KATASIS will provide you with a consultation and will happily answer all the questions you might have.


Мы весьма радужно проводим наши корпоративы. Особенно, если это годовщина существования нашей любимой студии! Мы весьма радужно проводим наши корпоративы.
Мы весьма радужно проводим наши корпоративы. Особенно, если это годовщина существования нашей любимой студии!

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Tell us about your project

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