Django web development

What is Django?

Django CMS is an open-source platform for developing and managing websites. Django CMS is written in Python, a programming language syntax that is much simpler and easier to understand than PHP. The Django CMS system has high-quality documentation and the high level of system security. The architecture of Django CMS includes three components: the data model, the interface and the management tools. Due to the fact that the system is written in Python, the development of websites on Django CMS takes much less time than on other platforms.

The Django CMS system is used throughout the world, and therefore it supports a large number of languages. Django CMS guarantees the high operation speed of the websites written on this platform. Django CMS also reduces server load. Web development in Django CMS is a very profitable investment, because the process itself is not as laborious as on other similar systems.

Django Website Development

Django web development and optimization

The intuitive interface of the administrative panel allows people to manage websites without any knowledge of programming. As with other platforms, you can develop your own modules on Django CMS, etc.

Using Django for web development, you can create websites of any format and level of complexity, as the development does not take much time and resources. Administration of websites on Django CMS allows you to control all aspects of working with the website. If you use Django for web development, you can connect and refine various functions, which makes it possible for you to implement your every wish. As a result, the customer will receive a unique website in the shortest time possible.

Django Website Development Services

Django web development benefits

Nowadays, the Django web application development is inexpensive. This is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to create different types of applications.

Here are the most important features of Django:

  • Affordable cost.
  • Wide functionality.
  • Great choice of web tools.
  • Operation based on multiple platforms.

Django web development python

The main part of the Django framework contains its own web server to make the Django development even faster. Due to this, web applications are created in a special single-threaded offline mode and are fully suitable for the process of debugging. In addition, it is worth noting that developing an application on the Django framework is quite affordable and relatively fast.

Due to the fact that it is written in Python, you can develop applications on the Django framework very easy and fast, since using Python is most convenient for selecting the necessary formats for the application.

Django Web Development

Django features

Here are some features of Django:

  • ORM, database access API with transaction support
  • built-in administrator interface with translations in many languages
  • URL manager based on regular expressions
  • extensible template system with tags
  • caching system
  • internationalization
  • pluggable application architecture that can be installed on any Django website
  • generic views
  • authorization and authentication, external authentication modules’ connection: LDAP, OpenID, etc.
  • library for working with forms (building forms on the existing database model)
  • automatic built-in documentation with template tags and data models, accessible through the administrative application

Some framework components are weakly interconnected, so they can be simply replaced with similar ones. For example, you can use Mako or Jinja instead of the built-in templates. At the same time, it is quite difficult to replace a number of components (for example, ORM). In addition to the features built into the framework core, there are packages that extend its capabilities.

Django Web Development Company

Stages of the Django web development with KATASIS

Here is the step-by-step analysis of our usual work process:

  1. Competitor analysis. We create the best strategy in the market. The basis of any development is a detailed study of the pros and cons of your competitors. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses, you can quickly determine what to focus on in your work.
  2. Prototyping. Development of a prototype and creation of technical specifications. We will create a website layout that will determine its structure and give the customer an understanding of how the finished result will look.
  3. Creating a design. The first impression has a key role. Our designers draw all visual elements from scratch without using templates.The result is a unique and memorable design.
  4. Adaptive layout. We write the code of your website for it to look equally good on a PC, tablet or mobile phone due to the responsive website development for all devices.Web development in django
  5. Integration with a CMS system. Due to the integration with a CMS system, you will be able to manage the website on your own.
  6. Website testing. We bring the project to perfection. Even after the development is completed, our specialists continue to improve it by testing and identifying problem areas.
  7. Website launch. When all work is completed, the website is prepared for launch, connected to hosting and domain name.
  8. Search engine optimization. It is the process of making your website appear in search engine results. SEO specialists promote your website to the top search results.
  9. Website marketing. Monetize your traffic. The final stage is the launch of your website for your target audience, which, thanks to modern sales techniques, will bring you a lot of loyal customers.

Django Web Development Services Company

Our main advantages

  • Any kind of development. We provide a range of services for the development of any type of websites. We also complete separate stages, for example, web design or prototyping. The Django website development cost from KATASIS will be a pleasant surprise for you.
  • Extensive work experience. We have hundreds of completed projects, which makes it possible to avoid many mistakes and work more efficiently. We are among the best Django web development companies.
  • All experts are in one place. KATASIS employs specialists of all website development fields: programmers, designers, front end developers, copywriters and many others.
  • In step with the times. We follow all trends related to web development, which makes our websites look fresh and bright.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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