Joomla website development

Why choose Joomla for web application development?

Joomla! is a content management system distributed under the GNU GPL license. It is a free engine that allows you to create any websites. Joomla has many functions and is relatively easy to manage. Joomla ranks second place in popularity after WordPress. A website is a container of terabytes of information. Developers create attractive and vivid websites with user-friendly interface and navigation. After all, websites are created primarily for the visitor and should be intuitive in navigation and easy to manage. Joomla! is a popular platform that is in demand among 75% of developers and website owners. The website is written in PHP, JavaScript and uses the MySql databases to store information.

Joomla Website Development

Joomla features:

  • high availability;
  • Joomla web development solutions allow you to create simple business cards and online stores with the integrated payment system, multi-level catalogs, filters and other functions;
  • anyone with basic computer skills can manage the website;
  • it is very reliable;
  • constant replenishment of ready-made templates for website design;
  • open source codes for personalizing and adding additional components.

Joomla Website Development Cost

The following dynamic websites can be created with Joomla!:

  • blogs
  • corporate websites
  • business card websites,
  • communities,
  • forums,
  • galleries
  • news resources
  • online stores and other types of websites.

Joomla Web Development

Website owners choose this CMS due to these advantages:

  • It is easy to use and it allows you to work in the field of programming and website design without relevant knowledge.
  • Joomla! has enough functions to create websites of any size and purpose. On this engine, you can make resources of different types: from a business card website or blog to a large online store or information portal.
  • You can adapt the website to the audience’s needs with the help of paid and free templates and extensions.
  • Due to convenient menu and navigation management, Joomla is considered one of the best engines for online stores. Website development in Joomla allows you to quickly create websites with complex architecture, large number of categories and subcategories, as well as organize page hierarchies.
  • Adaptation to the requirements of search engines. Joomla! engine considered SEO-friendly by default. With the help of SEO extensions, you can quickly deal with all the technical aspects of optimization.

Still do not trust the free engines or think that search engines do not like them? Nonsense! Search engines do not like poor-quality websites, and the functionality of Joomla! allows you to make the resource unique and useful to the audience. Order the Joomla web development services from KATASIS.

Joomla Web Development Company

Creating websites in Joomla: functions

This platform impresses with its functionality:

  • It gives a lot of tools to programmers, allowing them to implement serious and modern projects. A huge number of large-scale web resources with a multi-level structure made on the basis of this particular CMS.
  • It allows you to provide the user with a huge number of options. A web resource based on this CMS gives you the opportunity to plan your work in a convenient format. You have numerous features: ad unit support, adding content, connecting news feeds, etc.
  • Professional Joomla web development is also convenient for implementing user-friendly interfaces. The customer always receives a web resource with a high degree of usability. It is very easy to fill the website with content and to administer it, because the user only needs to perform logical and intuitive operations.

Joomla Web Development Services

Website development with Joomla from KATASIS

The KATASIS company have been developing websites based on Joomla! for years. We upgrade, optimize, promote, fill with content and transfer from one platform to another. We create websites with Joomla!, WordPress, Yii Framework, Drupal. We also use self-developed CMSs.

If there is no possibility to maintain the website in the future, our specialists are ready to make it for you. This includes: adding new content — images, videos or text; making adjustments to the web project design; creating mail on the company's domain, etc.

Our work on the project

  1. We make sure the visitor obtains the information for which he came
  2. We develop useful features and services.
  3. We set priorities.
  4. We thoroughly work on the structure
  5. We adapt websites to mobile phones and tablets
  6. We find out the desires and priorities of your target audience.
  7. We analyze the websites of your competitors and determine their advantages.
  8. We minimize the number of clicks of the user to achieve the result that we have planned.
  9. Формируем техническое задание на основе всех собранных материалов. We form technical specifications on the basis of all collected materials.
  10. We become friends with your user, which makes him return to your website.

Joomla Web Development Solutions

Do you need a reliable web resource that is able to solve any problem? In this case, based on our professional experience, we recommend ordering the Joomla website development. This CMS that will make your web resource convenient, multifunctional and able to handle tasks of any complexity.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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