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Why do you need high-quality website features?

After going to the website from a search engine, the user, first of all, draws his attention to the thematic design and content of the page. After the first impression, the visitor points out the website’s structure and features: whether it is easy to navigate through the internal pages and find the necessary information through the menu, map or internal search. The visitor also pays attention to the sections of news, similar products, contacts, profiles in social networks, etc.

A simple and convenient website characterizes its owner as a competent specialist and reliable partner, and it is due to its features the customer feels a desire to start cooperation and make a features list

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The high-quality website features list

Website features are tasks that can be solved using the website. In commercial business projects, solving problems on the website has one main goal — making a profit.

  1. Publication of news, articles, text materials. News is created on the basis of a standard page with the opportunity of posting texts, photos, and videos. Such features are implemented on any website configuration.

  2. Feedback. Comments are important for online stores, news websites, and blogs. They can be published automatically or after manual moderation. The commenting form can allow you to leave a rating.

  3. Surveys. It is a form with a question and multiple-choice answers posted on the website. Usually, there is the opportunity to see the results of these surveys.

website features and functionality

  1. Contact form. Usually contains several fields in which the client can introduce himself, leave contacts and ask a question.

  2. Questions and answers. The visitor asks a question online and publishes it on the website. The specialist answers the question and publishes his answer. The result is a sequence of questions and answers.

  3. Photo Gallery. Photos are placed as a catalog or slider on the selected page of the website.

  4. Video publishing. The opportunity to post videos on the website. These can be commercials, presentations, reviews or video instructions.

  5. Document download. Allows users to download documents from the website. This could be a price list, a development brief, a model contract, a catalog or anything else.

website features and benefits

  1. Registration. It is needed to access the closed sections of the website: personal account, basket, etc.

  2. Mailouts. Usually implemented by third-party services. The website performs only the function of collecting subscriptions for the mailouts.

  3. Online consultant. As a rule, it is also implemented by a third-party service. The online consultant allows visitors to chat in real time with a company representative.

  4. Filtering and searching. This feature is required if you have a large number of products and brands. Filtering facilitates the search of products and, if properly configured, helps to promote the website.

  5. Personal account and basket. They are primarily used in online stores and make it easier for customers to manage orders and track statuses.

You can implement other website features as well to achieve your goal. Trying to determine what features your website should perform? Contact us.

website advanced features

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Basic and advanced features

What is a service for the development of a successful and functional website? This is not only a custom design and informative articles, but also a definition of the necessary features for the visitor and administrator.

Basic website features

The basic features, as a rule, are defined by the CMS developer. These are the features that are necessary for every project.

Features for unregistered visitors:

  • Menu

  • Sidebars

  • Page navigation

  • Contact forms

  • RSS feed subscription

  • News feed

  • Emoticons

  • Website search, etc.

website basic features

Features for administrators and registered visitors:

  • Opportunity to register and login to the administrative panel

  • Convenient text editor with standard features

  • Standard profile settings

  • Standard post types

  • URL configuration

  • The opportunity of updating and adding modules, plugins and themes

  • Work with media files

  • Basic website statistics

website company features

Advanced website features

The advanced features are based on various add-ons, scripts and plugins that extend the basic features of the website and CMS.

Features for unregistered visitors:

  • Gallery, sliders, accordions, tabs

  • Advanced menu and sidebar options

  • The content of the posts

  • The opportunity of sharing or subscribing on social networks

  • Advanced commenting system

  • The rating system of posts and commentators

  • Forum, online store

  • Online chat, calculator, counter, calendar

  • Website map

  • Polls and quizzes

  • Online consultant, etc.

website custom features

Features for administrators and registered visitors:

  • Extended website statistics

  • Advanced editor (you can add shortcodes, tables, etc.)

  • Improved communication among users

  • Website protection (firewall, restriction of user role, the creation of backups, etc.)

  • Convenient editing of metadata records

  • Custom post types

website features design

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Website elements that affect its features

  • Menu – navigation bar.

  • Breadcrumb trail that shows direction (“forward”, “backward”, etc.) and navigation content.

  • Materials on the topic — links inside the text (hypertext links).

  • Icon panel — a panel that contains buttons for saving an address and a website page, as well as those leading to the main page, the website map, etc.

  • Body of the page is the main (for the audience) part of the page, possibly with advertising material.

website features for business

The website features design from KATASIS

The website development process in the professional web design studio KATASIS starts from a very thorough analysis of the features required for each website. Based on the description of the future project and technical specifications received from the customer, as well as on the current trends in web design, our web development specialists select only the most useful and profitable features. As a result, the customer gains the website with the maximum efficiency for the reasonable cost. Our studio, in turn, receives another interesting project in the portfolio.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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