Now the Internet is a real and stable sales channel, which can be expansive by introducing a quality marketing strategy. In order to make your product successful, the best KATASIS strategists analyze the market segment, niche, competitors and make up a portrait of your target customer. It is these data that provide the basis for creating a working strategy and a unique selling proposal development.
KATASIS marketers know how important the customer’s visual contact with the product is, so we pay special attention to the design that will emotionally connect promoting brand with the person and distinguish it from the competitors. Creating a brand with a unique character and its correct positioning in the market will undoubtedly bring you new customers. KATASIS will make your marketing investment pay off at the speed of light!



Page layout is an important element, because the visitor of the page forms the first impression of the company due to the page layout and web design of the information provided, namely the design of the Internet project.


Infographics are representations of information with graphic elements (diagrams, graphs, images). In other words, infographics visualize complex information. The applicability of infographics is huge: from history to technology and from journalism to medicine.


Video and graphics are needed for both advertising and presentation. We develop scripts, draw, shoot, mount. Also we do what is called a motion design — graphic design, but in action.

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