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In case there is a necessity to program web apps or the variety of software using PHP / Laravel technology, our skilled programmers will create excellent solutions basing on PHP / Laravel. We are rather experienced in e-commerce apps development, retail, business services, customer service, education, IT, advertising, marketing and other different fields.

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What is PHP website development and reasons for its usage

PHP is a widespread Web programming language. Web-applications of various levels of complexity are written with its help (from simple information sites, to online stores and social networks).

Nothing is impossible when on uses PHP. PHP’s most widespread field of application is writing scripts working from the point of the server; thus, it can perform every feature that other CGI programs possess, for example, formulate information, organize dynamic pages, or work with cookies. However, this technology has much more fields of application.

PHP Website Development

PHP web development

  • Forming scripts to be used at the server. The following will be required: PHP interpreter (as a CGI program or server module), a web server, and a browser. In order to evaluate the results of, working web server and PHP is required. You can monitor an output of the PHP-program in the browser, after receiving the PHP-page generated by the server. Home computer can be used for doing this. To get more data, please read Installation Tips field.
  • Forming scripts to run on the command line.It is possible to program PHP script without using server and browser. It can be done on a specific parser. Above-mentioned approach towards using PHP is suitable for scripts, which need to be run on a regular basis, for example, using cron (on platforms * nix or Linux) or be the use of the Task Scheduler on Windows platforms. This approach can be applied to easy tasks concerning processing of a text. For further information, see PHP use for the environment in command line.PHP Web Development
  • Forming window apps running for a user. Perhaps PHP isn't the optimal choice for creating such apps, but with some knowledge of the way it operates it is possible to make use of PHP-GTK for the following apps. Similarly, you can create and change the platform of applications. PHP-GTK is a PHP extension and does not come with the main PHP distribution. For more information, please go to the PHP-GTK site.

PHP’s abilities

PHP can be applied in the majority of operating systems, along with Linux, lots of Unix modifications (among them are HP-UX, Solaris and OpenBSD), Microsoft Windows, macOS, RISC OS and a lot more. Also, PHP supports the majority of modern internet servers, for example Apache, IIS and a lot more. In principle, FastCGI binary PHP file can be used on every server, for example, lighttpd or nginx would do. PHP can work as a module or function as a CGI processor.

Thus,the choice of platforms when you work with PHP is rather generous. Moreover, you can choose between using procedural or object-oriented programming (OOP) or match them.

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PHP for application development

PHP can generate a lot more than only HTML. One has a chance to create images, PDF files and even Flash movies (using Ming), created in the process of making it. PHP has a feature of formulating any text data, such as XHTML and other XML files. PHP can automatically generate those files and use them in your server's file system instead of giving it to the client in this way making a server cache rather organized.

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Perhaps the main feature of PHP is an ability to use huge quantity of databases. The creation of script which uses database is not difficult at all. You can use an extension specific to a particular database (such as mysql) or use an abstraction layer from a database, such as a PDO, or link to any database that supports the Open Database Connectivity Standard using the same ODBC extension. When you encounter different cases, for example CouchDB, it is possible to make use of cURL or sockets.

PHP also supports interaction with other services by using LDAP, IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, HTTP, COM (on Windows platforms) protocols and a lot more. Moreover, there is a possibility for a direct work with network sockets. PHP supports the exchange of complex WDDX data structures between basically every language of programming. Paying attention to the interaction between different languages, we should mention the support of Java objects and the possibility of using them as PHP objects.

PHP Api Development

PHP services

PHP possesses many text processing possibilities, including Perl regular expressions (PRE) and and much more other instruments for processing and accessing XML documents. In PHP, the processing of XML documents is standardized and relies on the powerful library libxml2, extending the processing capabilities of XML by adding new extensions to SimpleXML, XMLReader and XMLWriter.

There are many more PECL extensions that can (and may not) be documented in this manual, such as "XDebug."

Feel free to contact our specialists in order to get a specific advice concerning your case. We have all the expertise to develop any digital product or software. We give recommendations concerning development for start-ups, businesses and large enterprises.

PHP Application Development

PHP development Android app: flexible approach

We apply methodology that is handy especially for you: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile.

We are not afraid of changes along the way and are ready to give timely feedback concerning the project timeline.

Upon request, Git version control system and the task-tracker can be accessed.

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Each client gets a project manager who is able to answer all the questions. In case of necessity, a meeting with the specialists is an option.

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