Porting to other platforms

Software porting definition

In programming, porting refers to the adaptation of a program or its part to make it work in a different environment, not the one for which it was originally written. It is done with the maximum preservation of user properties. This is the main difference between a port and a fork — in the first case, all user properties of the package are preserved, and in the second, it is an independent development based on a common basis with new useful properties.

software porting techniques

The main task during porting is to preserve the interface familiar to the user and the methods of working with the package and its properties. When porting software products, it is not allowed to add new properties or delete the existing ones.

Where porting is used most often?

In the gaming industry, there is an interesting opportunity: if you want to benefit from one video game several times, port it. For example, if a company is dominating the game market with their product, it can update and launch the game on a different platform later, which will make it the market leader again.

software porting definition

Software porting services: opportunities

Expand your audience

In the US, Australia and Canada, Android is less popular than iOS. The opposite situation is observed in China, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, India, Brazil, etc. Just think how huge this market is. You can double or even triple your audience. According to IDC, Android dominates the smartphone market with 87.6% of smartphone sales, while Apple has only 11.7%.

Because of the huge number of users, it makes sense to initially develop an application for several platforms. However, it is still better to publish the app for one platform and test it with users. If everything went well, you may port it to another platform after.

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Android development has become easier

Designers do not need to suffer anymore, drawing icons for all OS versions and dozens of resolutions, as you can safely port the application.

The solution of these problems also affected the pricing policy of the native Android application development. Now it costs about the same as iOS development. Moreover, in the latest versions of devices, the number of resolutions has been significantly reduced in favor of the big screen. Porting software to Android makes work easier.

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Be unique

Each platform has a lot of features and unique functions that are not available on other devices. For example, on Android, these are widgets on the main screen, push notifications, a physical Home button, etc. Therefore, creating a ported version does not mean taking a ready-made application and simply transferring it to another OS — you need to adapt it, use all the interesting things that are embedded in the devices and create a similar, but at the same time unique user experience.

Nowadays, when Android development has ceased to be a nightmare for developers and project sponsors, creating a port of your application allows you to multiply the success that you have found among the iOS audience.

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Porting video games to order

KATASIS is one of the few companies that deals with porting orders. We understand that it is important to preserve the game features and delicately conduct functional and gameplay adaptation on the new platform. We work with both private customers and video game publishers. We provide comprehensive services of porting games.

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Software porting agency: what KATASIS focuses on when porting video games?

When porting gaming products, our goal is to ensure the popularity and good sales of the developed game, and also make it as successful as its prequel. Therefore, the KATASIS game development experts pay special attention to the following points, which, in our view, are the main porting success factors:

  • new ideas: We understand that a video game has to be convenient for the user, but we do not forget about the new platform possibilities: originality and convenience can be achieved through an innovative approach to graphic design and / or gameplay, as well as through the new functions and development environment.
  • involvement: You will get a video game that will breathe a new life into both your project and the title direction in general. The new platform opportunities open up before you — let’s use them together. The game will once again involve and enthrall gamers, who will finish it and ask for a sequel.

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  • playability: You will receive a video game that is convenient to play. For each platform and game genre, we adopt the management system, functionality, game interface, and graphics as much as possible.
  • gameplay: We are ready to rework or expand the gameplay component of your project. Perhaps you wanted to test new ideas, but were afraid to ruin the harmony of the original game? Now you have an additional opportunity for experiments and a new test environment. In any case, we will develop a gameplay component that keeps the user immersed from start to finish.
  • testing: KATASIS pays special attention to testing since it allows to eliminate all errors (when developing large-scale projects, they are simply unavoidable). You get a product that is fully ready for publication and distribution.
  • the release of add-ons (optional): We are ready to develop and release various add-ons to the ported game: new characters, missions, easter eggs, levels, maps and functional extensions.

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