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Python web development

We have programmers who are experts in Python, the programming language. We focus, to begin with, on the needs of our customers, high quality of code and timely execution. Each of our Python expertsis very responsive and always strives to work in close cooperation with our customers. The services we provide are transparent throughout all stages of web development and subsequent support.

Python Web Development


KATASIS is the official partner of Odoo, and we have been working on the Odoo system for the last 2 years. We have a unit who are professional Odoo developers that will create and customize the necessary modules which will meet all the needs your business has.


The framework of Django is our specialization since we considered it for being conveniently fast which makes the development simple as well as comprehensible. It contains multiple characteristics and is well suited for designing online stores.

Python For Web Development


We use Flask because it allows us to create individual systems. We utilize only the finest practices, standalone apps. We spend much less time on the setup, thanks to the effectiveness of Flask. Our chief specialization is complex web development, that is social media, portals and other projects with high demands on security and workloads.

Web Development With Python

Advantages of Python:

1. Fast high-quality development

Python, as a modern language, lets you quickly develop if you compare it other available programming languages, Java or PHP for instance. It leads to the fact that development is more time- and money-efficient. The Python language has an intuitive syntax and a good class library, allowing you to focus directly on your task, rather than typing lots of different abstractions. A lot of necessary abstractions, tested and stable, are already included in the language libraries database. The product is thus of higher quality, and the time required for development is not that long.

Python Expert

2. Python-written product support is never a problem

This is thanks to the purity and conciseness of the code base, provided by the language’s syntax.

3. Stable language; large community

Python website development means a stable language as well as a stable code. In addition, Python’s community of followers is large and further developments are ongoing.

Python Back End Development

4. Speed and load

The speed of the Python-written code, like in most cases, relies both on its quality and on the tasks that the code needs to solve. Single-threaded applications are where Python works best: it is much speedy compared to some other interpreted languages such as PHP or Ruby. However, it is naturally less fast than the compiled C language. Cython was explicitly designed to solve this problem though. When it comes to complex computations that require high load and speed resistance, there is a way to achieve the required performance by using the Python + NumPy bundle or by migrating the code to the C module. We can simply opt for the multiprocessing module for multithreaded applications, which allows for multi-threaded applications to be speedy than those coded in other scripting languages. Overall, it is much speedy and simpler to write highly loaded projects in Python.

Python Web Application Development

5. Popularity.

Both Python and the Django framework we implement are quite young, but they are now utilized by Google, Yandex, Reddit, Dropbox, Pinterest, and other giants.

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6. Documentation

Python / Django has excellent and detailed documentation. This reduces the cost of training developers, the development itself and project support. We have been doing web development for a while and have naturally settled on Python / Django. Having tested most known programming languages and we ultimately picked Python to be our main development languages. The developers like to write in Python and everybody is pleased with our work, which, of course, positively affects the projects of our clients. We believe that only when working with the soul, can you get a truly amazing result.

Python is usually coded in countries with a developed IT sector, and it has only started to gain momentum in the Commonwealth of Independent States. We can present our portfolio of Python / Django, show some code as an example and discuss our work in more detail in a face-to-face meeting if desired.

Python Web Api Development

Projects developed in Python, Django Framework

Our company will gladly take up any task related to developing Internet projects. Our resources allow us to create web applications of the highest complexity quickly and without any loss of quality. The past experience and achievements of the company will greatly facilitate your project development process.

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Website Development With Python

These technologies can be used in 99% of Internet projects, including:

  • Business automation systems are individually developed for your business, using the latest technical development of production control, management and web and desktop applications of the CRM / ERP class.
  • Development of Internet services means creating digital projects, products, start-ups. Comprehensively it is the assistance in developing terms of reference; a clear explanation of what, how and in what order to do; implementation; marketing.
  • Development of large sites, portals and large online stores with the introduction of services to interact with visitors and with business automation elements to reduce the costs of routine functions.
  • Development of personal offices for websites with any type of functionality on the instructions of the customer to attract or retain customers, increase the time spent on the site without compromising quality.Python Web Development
  • Data collection and processing systems — design and implementation of information collection, storage and processing systems. Creation of systems that replace or exclude routine manual tasks, and transfer them to the processing machine.
  • Mobile applications development — creating applications for the Android and iOS platforms. Integration with web applications. 

Python web development agency: why you should choose us?

  1. Exceptional management during project development. This means the work of programmers, designers, and other project participants are professional, and project management is consistent.
  2. Practice and even more practice — our company has thousands of hours of practice working on a variety of projects, which obviously influences our approach and methods of web development.
  3. Modernity — we study, test and apply only the best solutions considering the emergence of new technologies to solve problems in the development field. Since we are using constantly improving technologies we can develop modern projects in less time.Python Web Development Company
  4. Reserves — the company is focused on several areas of development and it cooperates with a lot of professional employees. This allows, if necessary, to quickly complement the development team to accelerate the process.
  5. Flexibility and dynamism — there is never a "bad" client for us, every client is important and sets tasks in a unique way. From our side, we will do our best to work on your wave, and use just the right methodology for you.

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Python for web development: a flexible approach

We work with Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile methodology, depending on what is more convenient for you. We intend to implement well-timed changes and communicate with you on all steps of the project. You will be given access to the Git version control system and the task-tracker if you want that.

Python Web Development Companies

We assign a personal, competent project manager to every client, who is responsible for answering your questions. You will have a rendezvous with our professional team in case that is necessary.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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