React Development

What is React.js development?

React.js — JavaScript library,it rethinks the method of development for the project’s front part. Making and editing a page gets so clear that user can do it relatively easy.

React JS is one quite popular JavaScript library right now. Its popularide gradually became widespread and companies, such as Instagram, Yahoo!, Airbnb, and Sony, even though it was created for Facebook products.

React JS Development

Facebook and Instagram constantly support ReactJS development, independent developers do it as well.

Why exactly React JS?

  • Productivity — We achieve maximum productivity through reaction.
  • Interaction — Excellent work with complex systems using API.
  • Systematic approach — Modular system and separate testing.

This method helps you easily divide site page into different parts and use its separate parts in other places. It means that web development represents a combination of small parts from different parts linked together.

React JS Development Company

React js development services: its main benefits

This unique ability to divide pages into separate parts is an extremely valuable asset for development of a website.Consequently, it means the ability to divide site development among separate teams, ease of changing its content and increased speed of development process. That this technology becomes more and more widespread, we also use it increasingly often due to its unique features.This new approach shortens the time of development and makes it much more easier as well.

React JS Development Services

React is one of the fastest growing technologies. It offers some specific advantages:

  • React enables the creation of high-performance websites
  • React creates apps which can be adapted to needs of search engines
  • Site in this approach consists of a variety of reusable parts, which helps organize work with it on a better level
  • React Native enables ease of transition between different platforms without spending too much time on the process of redesigning
  • Reach functionality expands continuously

React JS Development Experts

Why do you need to think about using React JS for the development of your site?

React can be applied to the variety of businesses, regardless of its size. Its ability to divide site in the variety of smaller parts and ease of correcting mistakes increase its popularity.

Technical specifications

Rendering using virtual-DOM allows to achieve maximum performance, it minimizes all the possible inconvenience for a site user.

Rendering is tilted to the side of the customer, which eliminates the need for its adaptation towards search websites.

React JS Mobile App Development

React Native for mobile apps does not differ a lot from React, which leads to greater simplicity of development transitions.

What does the customer get?

  • Beautiful and functional web application — It is easy to create great design and captivate the user with site’s look and functionality.
  • Stable product on the popular framework — The fact that React is used for development of such huge platforms as Facebook and Instagram means its high reliability and trust in it.
  • High-performance program — It is especially a great idea to use React js for large projects, as the use of it increases the speed of development dramatically.

React JS Web App Development

React js development company: flexible approach

Our company each time chooses the optimal approach towards each order: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile.

Changes can be implemented at any given stage of the project, provided that the required deadline will be provided.

React JS Ios App Development

Clients can access our tracking system and check progress for themselves.

Every our project has a competent project manager who is open to communication throughout all project stages. In cases of necessity he can organize a meeting between a customer and a team, responsible for the project preparation.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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