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What is React Native?

Generally, the JS library that is common to develop user interfaces for web-based applications is React. Their developers are from Facebook and since 2013 it is issued under the open source license. Being popular, and contrary to larger MVC frameworks, React solves interface rendering obstacle, which is a very specific one. There are several points why React is popular due to its compactness and having a high level of production, specifically when it comes to working with quickly varying information. Thanks to the component structure of React, the compilation of modular, reusable code is promoted. React Native is equivalent to React, sans React Native app development.

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React Native perspectives

A tiny trip to history:

  • React Native (RN) appeared as a parallel project while Facebook was processing React.js;
  • The official release of React Native was held in May 2015;
  • Initially, the only support was given to iOS, while support for Android was supplemented in September 2015.

Presently (meaning at least three years later) React Native’s rank is 13 with respect to stars number on GitHub. It is possible to comprehend this that the framework lives, develops and demanded by developers.

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The survey results for Developer Survey Results 2018, where 100k developers took part this year, show that JavaScript has been named the most frequently used programming language for the sixth year in a row, while React is the second most favorite framework, library and developer toolkit and leads the category of tools that developers want to work with.

React Native is the most well-paid framework for developing hybrid applications with an average yearly wage of 112,006 US dollars (compare with 101k dollars for Cordova, the most known framework for hybrid apps nowadays).

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Why is React Native worth choosing?

React Native possesses a lot more perks versus conventional iOS & Android development. As JavaScript is the foundation of the application the clients develop, it is possible to get an opportunity to undergo a great deal of web development advantages. As an example of this, to detect alterations in the code, it is possible to promptly “update” the application as opposed to traditional Rebuild to complete that requires a hefty timespan. It is seen as a present from “heaven”. Moreover, React Native implements a smart error reporting method and standard JavaScript debugging tools, furthermore, they considerably promote the means of React Native app development.

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When is React Native worth choosing?

Despite everything discussed earlier, it is important to save economically. No doubt some situations are available in which React Native is better than the others. But in some situations, it is not possible to replace Native development. React Native is perfect when it is intended to code applications that present data processing: textual information, tables. For such services, particular strategies for every separate platform is not needed, the development process is not going to consume significant time and won’t create difficulties.

Applications for travelers offering search and booking, applications for shops, blogs, chats — all of them are the products developed using RN and can considerably lessen React Native development costs, work and time.

There exists a successful experience of using React Native in creating services like Uber, which are distinguished by a certain structure and algorithm of interaction among app users. The framework greatly eases the process of creating native controls, thereby decreasing the time required for the development.

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How do React Native development company KATASIS developers work with RN?

Work with React Native maybe organized in 2 ways:

  • It is coded only via JS using Expo. Xcode and Android Studio is not used. If so, the Expo layer is not as flexible as the native code, and the configuration options are going to be lower. This procedure is efficient in a case when it is required to work with complicated graphics.
  • Primary modules for iOS & Android are applied. React Native lets you to code the entire interface, the entire visual part, considerably saving development time. Provided that you need a different method to a particular platform, it is possible to code individually for all platforms.

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How to form a React Native mobile development from KATASIS?

  1. To ensure that the application performs the functions with maximum efficiency, we coordinate its development with the customer. As soon as the application's tasks have become clear, we proceed to the next stage — the analysis of similar competitors' products. In order for your applications to be interested in users, they must be different from others: be more functional, aesthetic and easy to understand.React Native Game Development
  2. The next stage is design, interactive prototyping and creating of mobile application design. You can “practice on cats” by clicking on links, images, moving a web page scroll — performing actions that a user would perform.
  3. After the designer has visualized the appearance of the application and all the animation, the work goes to the technologists. Depending on the method of manufacture, applications can be divided into native (written in the native language of the application) and cross-platform (one code for all applications). Our company has specialists who can do React Native development for iOSor React Native development Android. Technically, the code will be different, but it is better to first create an application for 1 platform, and then do it for the second one.
  4. If you have a small budget, you should consider developing a cross-platform application. Our company uses React Native for this.

React Native Development Ios

5. The design is pleasant, the functionality is satisfactory, and the application is sent for testing: the correctness of the display is checked, the validity of operation, the parts of which it consists are integrated. But after it, the agency continues to work. Will we throw your application into the ocean of unawareness? No, it will take its place in the App Store or Google Play Market, and our marketers will collect statistics, analyze demand, and if necessary, make adjustments to enhance the product.

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